MODEL CARS Magazine Oct99 58 mc MODEL CARS Magazine first issue October 1999  (followed on Plastic Fanatic - see MC #144 for history) Subs #88-96J/J04 + #97-105M/J05 + #106-114M/J06 + #115-123M/J07 + 124-132 M/J08 + #133-141 M/J09 + #142-150 M/J10 + #151-159 M/J11 + #160-168.    I don't have #58, 61, 63-66, 68,71, 73-74, 76. (Rec'd Dec2007: #60, 62, 80-82) Gregg Hutchings & Jairus Watson
Nov-Dec 1999 59 MC Ayoshima Lexus GS400 (V300 aristo) with American SATCO resin LH dash; Hasegawa 1/24 1997 GP Yamaha YZR Team Rainey Norick Abe; LetsGetSmall 1/12 So-Cal Belly Tanker advert; R&MCofM 1932 Ford firewall/footwells, 1948 Ford wheels w/Beauty rings.
Resin Talk:  1/25 59 MC Freeman; AAM; King's; F&F Altered States; Modelhaus bodies with intended donor kits Mike Carroll
Ford Bonneville Altered Coupe 1932 1/1 59 MC Photos of Altered Deuce Coupe & Sedan Class racer Chuck Walbridge
Chrysler 300C diecast comparison 1957 1/25 59 MC Franklin Mint vs Danbury Mint (Danbury wins)
Dyno Don Nicholson's Chevy c1999 1962 1/25 59 MC Detailed builtup; detailed engine & chassis D Mauldin
Dan Gurney Lotus-Ford #93 1965 1/43 59 MC white metal building how-to; polishing suspension arms Wayne Moyer
Nova scripts detailing 1966 1/25 59 MC photoetch how-to (part 1)
Chevelle Hot Wheels detailing 1970 1/64 59 MC Foil & Paint Detailing J Koch
Mercedes CLK-GTR naked lady 1998 1/24 59 MC Tamiya builtup; highly detailed; large decal placement Bil Attridge
Pro Stock Dodge Dakota Pickup 1999 1/1 59 MC Color photospread; interior, front chassis & engine detail photos Roy Simmons
Machined Aluminum Specialties lathe 1990s 59 MC Shop tour photos-rim machineing Mark Smakal owner/operator
Clear coat 59 MC Acrylic (Future floor wax) Clear Coat How To brush-on using big cosmetic brush
Jan-Feb 2000 60 MC Polar Lights Big John Mazmanian Barracuda Funny Car; Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger 2 'n 1, 1941 Chevy Pickup, 1999 Chevy Silverado CK pickup; Scale Equipment Ltd Snowmobile resin p6; MCG McLaren M8B detail set p9; Mooneyes Funny Car by Del Paone; Behind the scenes at R&R Vacuum Craft Mold-Making p69.
McLaren M1B  Can-Am 1966 1/43 60 MC Building Marsh Models' kit # MM49 of resin, white metal & photoetch parts; Good hopw-to for resin kit assembly, painting & polishing Wayne Moyer
Mustang  1967 1/25 60 MC Incredibly well detailed model of his own record-holding car from AMT kit Larry Boothe
Posies' Extremeliner 1998 1/1 60 MC Photo reference for AMT/Ertl die-cast & plastic CustomShop kit
JJ Lehto Visteon Reynard/Ford Indy 1999 1/1 60 MC Up Close segment - engine, suspension underbody detail photo reference Wayne Moyer
Silverado CK Chevy PickUp  1999 1/25 60 MC Quick Build of the new Revell kit
TAF Hydro Drag Boat IHBA 2000 1/1 60 MC Photo reference for Drag Boat Photo Fest contest
Front Engine SlingShot Dragsters 1961-1971 60 MC Compilation of typical specifications in use by year; shows the rapid development and demise of FEDs. Chuck Mier
Jaguar XK120 1/24 60 MC Highly detailed build of a Revell Germany kit Carl Schenke
Mattel Vac-u-Form Machine 60 MC a Look Back at the Past
Modeler Profile 60 MC 1956 BMW 507, 1956 Austin Healey 100-6; 1957 Maserati 3500 CT; 1930 Packard Boattail; 1959 Aston Martin DB4;  David Morton
Painting Woodgrain onto Styrene 1/25 60 MC works for large exterior body panels: towel on model Master Acrylic "Wood" color; then lightly brush on 600% thinned "Earth Red" color all in a woodgrain wavy fashion. Clyde Alexander
Resin Trans-Kits  60 MC Introduction to Resin Modelling Mike Carroll
Mar-Apr 2000 61 mc
May-June 2000 62 MC Revell 1950 Austin Coupe, 1964 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider 2n1 (new kit #85-2574 is much better than the old AMT 64 Impala);    NEW STUFF: Machined Aluminum Specialties skinny front wheel kits and Willys grille; Lightning Model Detail ProStop hood scoop & white metal chromed brake calipers; Benchmark Models Spirit of America Land speed record car; Scale Equipment Ltd Resin Forklift p17
Ford Woody 1941 1/25 62 MC Use real wood and a donor kit (also works with Revell 1948 Wood Wagon) Jairus Watson
VW 200GT1 Blue Coral  2000 1/25 62 MC Kitbash from Tamiya New Beetle, Tamiya Mobil One NSX & Revell Porsche GT1 Greg Nichols
NNL East  Mar 2000 62 MC 1969 Dodge Daytona (Tom Pepe), 1996 Porsche 911 GT1 LeMans winner (Diego Perri) & Lotus 107B F1, Ferrari 310B F1 (Paul Smith), Goldenrod (Tory Mucaro) & Spirit of America, 
Jul/Aug 2000 63 mc
sep/Oct 2000 64 mc
Nov/Dec2000 65 mc
Jan-01 66 mc
Feb-Mar 2001 67 MC LANE Auto Modelers Club; AmerSatco predecorrated real rubber tires M/T, Hoosier, Goodyear; MicroBrush & UltraBrush; SMTS Lotus 33 65 Indy winner Jim Clark p61; PartsbyParks Street Rod headlights p8
'32 Ford Flathead Hi-Boy circa 1958 1932 67 MC glimpse at Larry Booth's project Toledo NNL 2000
'34 Ford 5-window Lo-Boy 1934 1/25 67 MC Bit of kitbashing with the AMT 1934 Ford 5-window Coupe Jairus Watson
Z28 Camaro ProStock 1968 1/12 67 MC Monogram body on scratchbuilt brass frame/suspension. Tommy Laster
21st Toledo NNL 2000 67 MC double engined FE dragster built from Jim Keeler Aug 1969 Car Model article Dodge Fever; Nissan R390 GT1 build; nice 1932 3-window hi-boy (similar to Milners coupe); nice 1932 5-window deuce w/Prowler front bicycle fenders
Clint Freeman Profile 2000 67 MC
Ryder Cube Van 1990s 1/25 67 MC Built from AMT Ford Econoline Van kit #421 with scratchbuilt box Tom Ellifritt
Body Shop 101: The Basics Lesson 1 67 MC cut, chop, putty & glue cars of 1955-62 vintage. Robert L. Burns
Copperstate Gasser Nats model car show 67 MC Altered States Models sponsored- Counce, Schulz, Maudlin, Fahrni
Dry Paint in Food Dehydrator 67 MC
GSL 28 Class Rules 67 MC p23
Iwata Eclipse Airbrushes & Silentaire Quiet Compressor 67 MC Airbrush review
Kenny Reeves interview 67 MC 1997 GSL winner Dyno Don/CCMag 1969 giveaway car; NNL Salt Lake Best Interior Willy Borsche Winged Express Altered
Operating Hood Latches and Hinges 67 MC Jairus Watson
Apr-01 68 mc
May-01 1/25 69 MC Herb Deeks wire wheel centers kit; 4 Your Ride billet wheels; Model Car Garage Baldwin Motion 70-1/2 detail set; Revell 1937 Ford Coupe Street Rod, Ford Limited Edition Harley-Davidson F-150 pickup with trailer and H-D FXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport bike motorcycle.
History of Scalextric slot cars 1/25 69 MC
Shaving body parts - Body Shop 101 lesson 2 2000 1/25 69 MC AMT/Ertl Dodge Copperhead body shaved doorhandles, grills, headlights and turn signal lights license plates, gas door Robert Burns
Hubless wheels - ask Gregg & Jairus 1/25 69 MC
Deuce rat rod 1932 1/25 69 MC Revell kit, caddy engine, scratchbuilt intake ram tubes How-To James Warkinton
John MacGowen - modeller interview 1/25 69 MC Jack Coggins
1st Seattle Nationals Contest 2000 1/25 69 MC some nice rails FED & RED, FCs and AA/Fuel Altereds; 1934 Ford ramp truck; Steve Montooth's Black Willys
L.I.A.R.S Shgow - New York 1/25 69 MC Barry Dukes 1933 Ford Augie Hiscano style
Corvette C5-R Goodwrench 1999 1/25 69 MC Revell prefinished diecast build review Mike Stucker
Slope Back Ford kitbash 1937 1/25 69 MC resin talk Mike Carroll
How To textured engine parts 1/25 69 MC using Scale MotorSports Faux Fabrix spray paint Marc Havicon
International Paystar 5000 - part 1 1/25 69 MC How to detail a Fuller RTO-14608LL truck transmission Ken Smith
Mack R-Model water truck 1970s? 1/25 69 MC engine detailing and scratchbuilt water tank
Jul-01 1/25 70 MC Scaleworks Spirit of America - Craig Breedlove; AMT 1957 thunderbird kit -mystery of; Johan 1962 Chrysler 300H and AMT/Ertl 1957 Chrysler 300C kits comparo 300 cars by Bill Bellew & Bill Coulter
vintage style flathead power dragster 1960s 1/1 70 MC photo spread; B&M Hydro transmission; engine and aftermarket heads sources.
Ford Galaxie police car 1963 1/25 70 MC Andy Griffiths show Sheriffs car - ask Gregg & Jairus
Birmingham Classic 2001 1/25 70 MC Green Monster 2001 Allison V12 powered FED-John Larkin & Art Arfons 1956 Green Monster #6-Trae Larkin; Studebaker in a gold fish bowl-Ricky Couch; 1999 Panoz LMP Visteon
Cincinnati Challenge 5 2000 1/25 70 MC 1964 Petty Plymouth NASCAR; 1969 Penske Camaro TransAm
International Paystar 5000 - part 2 1/25 70 MC Truck detailing with aftermarket power steering pump, Sheppard M-592 steering gearbox and reservoir Ken Smith
Shadow DN-4 Can Am Champion 1974 1/43 70 MC build Marsh Models better resin, white metal & photoetch kit; two-step white metal polishing with Dremel brush and Simichrome polish Wayne Moyer
Aug/Sep2001 71 mc
Oct-01 1/25 72 MC Franklin Mint 1961 Ford Country Squire; R&MCoM S.C.O.T. Blower; Revell 1941 Willys Gasser Big John Mazmanian; DIECAST: EaglesRace 1966 Shelby GT350; Kyosho 1993 Toyota Supra; Carousel 1 1956 Kurtis KK500, 17972 Corvette L-88 Greenwood; CMC 1938 Auto Union Type D
Working Steering How To 1/25 72 MC Jairus Watson
Gluing windshields and other "glass" 1/25 72 MC ask Gregg & Jairus
VW New Beetle 2000 1/25 72 MC Convert a Hardtop into a Targa Top or Convertible Robert Burns
CONTEST: TamiyaCon 2001 1/25 72 MC
CONTEST: Lower Left Coast San Diago 4Mar 2001 1/25 72 MC
VW New Beetle Beach Diorama Win NNL East 2001 Theme Award 2000s 1/25 72 MC The Three Amigos collaberate on a team build - Rick - car; Ric - beach accessories; Geo - base Rick Hanmore, Ric Golding George Bojaciuk
GFD Auto Sales Diorama for GSL 2001 2001 1/25 72 MC Team effort from Denver - was "display only" at GSL GFD Modeler'd Alliance
Logging trailer 1/25 72 MC Convert Italeri's container trailer into a logging trailer Ken Smith
Thunderbird  1962 1/25 72 MC Super-Detail the AMT kit with MCG Photoetch set # MCG-2187 author not identified
Ford Coupe custom 1940 1/25 72 MC The builder restores a Revell-Pactra Champion contest award winner from 1963 in 2001 Rick Harris
Hemelgarn Reynard-Ford INDY 500 winner 1996 1/25 72 MC Formula Model's kit #FM09 of Buddy Lazier's inaugural IRL Indy 500 winning car. Multi-media kit includes cast resin body, 27 white metal castings; 58 photo-etched brass parts; 24 photo-etched SS parts; brass hubs; wheels/tires/decals Wayne Moyer
Nov-01 73 mc
Dec-01 74 mc
January-02 75 MC hubless wheels p14; RSC Sox & Martin Duster ProStock 1/18, Exoto Dan Gurney GT40 1/18, AutoArt Mercedes CLK-GTR 1/12.
Ford F-8 Big Job 1950 1/25 75 MC Ford's first big rig truck; Rev-Monog 1950 Ford pickup donor; Dec 2001 SAE reference article. Evan Hermel
Copperstate 2001 75 MC Dave Cummins scratchbuilt 1936-39 Bugatti Aerolante
Southern California Classic model car show 2001 75 MC 66 Nova Jungle Jim Funny car; best of show 1/12 McLaren MP4/6; GMP Garlits Swamp Rat III
Dart based Drag Cars 1963-66 1/25 75 MC photos of various Dart drag cars: Vern Sholz Garlits Dart 2 roadster & Flying Dutchman; Tom Counce imaginary Landy FC; Dave Edward Ramchargers; Steve Prideaux second Landy Dart AWB (wrong 1964 body??).
Body Shop 101: Lesson 4 75 MC fill windows of a Dodge Caravan, and alter wheel wells of a dually pickup to match front end added Robert L. Burns
Bruce Treadwell tribute 75 MC
History of Don Garlits Swamp Rats 75 MC mostly a review of GMP Swamp Rat III George S. Bojaciuk
Model Reviews 75 MC Revell Mini Cooper (R53), 1941 Willys Street Rod, 1929 Ford ModelA Rat Rod; AMT/Ertl Dodge Deora Show Car
Photoetch Subwoofer Speakers 1/25 75 MC Forming cone-shaped objects from photoetch
Feb/Mar2002 76 mc
Apr-02      Model Kit & Part Reviews 77 Tamiya 2001 Opel Astra V8 Coupe DTM Manuel Reuter; AMT/Ertl 1969-72 Buick Opel GT, 1958 Plymouth Belvedere; Revell 1968 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air 400 2n1, Jungle Jim 1975 Monza Funny Car with Resin Jim&Pam figures; Testors Ford Super Crewzer F-650 die-cast; AutoArt Chaparral 2 1/18 die-cast; Kyosho Austin Healey 3000 1/18 die-cast; Exoto 1971 Ferrari 312B So Africa win Mario Andretti 1/18 die-cast.
Hobby Trade Show - Listing new & re-issue kits from New York & Nuremburg Toy Shows - p17-22 incl; ex-MPC 1972 Chevelle from AMT/Ertl; AMT/Ertl 1955 Chevy StepSide Pickup Larry Greenberg
Ford HighBoy pickup roadster 1929 1/25 77 MC How to build an extended cab pickup. Starting with Rev-Monog 1932 Ford Deuce/ parts from R_M 1929 Ford Model A Pickup Rat Rod kit, AMT/Ertl 1932 Ford Vicky, Revell parts pack Ford 427 wedge engine Tim Boyd
Ford Deuce Roadster 1932 1/25 77 MC Look back at AMT's first Trophy series model kit #132 Dennis Doty
Model Car Garage 10th Anniversary Ford  Deuce detailing 1932 1/25 77 MC Reveiw of all detail parts for 32 Ford Deuces and flathead engines (Aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts) Bob Kuronow & Lyle Willits
Neil Bonnett's Chevelle NASCAR Part 2 1964 1/25 77 MC Resin kit conversion; remove tire sidewall lettering; interior engine detailing Randy Derr
Chapparal 2 1966 1/18 77 MC AutoArt die cast  p74
Hemi Under Glass 1966 1/18 77 MC Highway 61 Diecast (headed by Fred Ertl III)
Ford GT40 Mark IV 1967 1/12 77 MC A brief history; Photos available; GMP die cast George Bojaciuk
Mario Andretti Ferrari 312B F1 1970 1/18 77 MC Exoto die cast p78
Colin McCrae Ford Focus WRC Rally car detailing 2001 1/24 77 MC Everything needed to build: Pit Pass type 1/1 photos; Tamiya, Hasegawa & Revell-Germany kits reviews; detail parts Studio 27 & Scale MotorSport; books and decals (Aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts)
Rat Rods 2002 1/25 77 MC discussion of the trend and kits to use parts from:Bodies; Engines; Wheels Jairus Watson & John Quale
Plymouth Fury 1956-8 77 MC Review of prototype and kits & diecasts available 1:43 to 1:18 Bill Coulter
Austin Healey 3000 1960's 1/18 77 MC Kyosho die cast p76
Body Shop 101 - #5 1/25 77 MC Shortening an extended cab pickup; Narrowing a custom Mustang roadster Robert Burns
May/Jun2002   Model Kit & Part Reviews 78 MC  
Ford Deuce big kit resin/pewter parts 1932 1/8 78 MC Perry's Resin new Aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts: wheels/tires/hub caps/ trim rings/ Buick finned brake drums windshields
Monogram Midget racer 1954 1/20 78 MC Dennis Doty
Chevrolet Impala Best of Show Toledo  1958 1/25 78 MC working windows and doors Bill Geary
Dyno Don Eliminator II AWB 1966 1/25 78 MC R&R vacuum Craft resin body & Rat Packer chassis photo p49
Calsonic Nissan Skyline R32 Japanese Touring Car Racer 1990 1/43 78 MC Building the Rosso styrene & white metal kit
Toyota GT-One TS020 1998 1/24 78 MC Convertion from tamiya 1999 version, highly detailed build how-to using Scale MotorSport Super Detail kit and Renaissance trans-kit David Durst
Mercedes Original-Teile CLK DTM 2000 (drivers Peter Dumbrek & Marcel Tieman) 2000 1/24 78 MC Highly detailed kit build; uses Faux fabric paint & detail sets from Scale MotorSport; carbon fiber decals; exhaust pipe heat stains; Alclad II chrome; difficult large decal application with heat; PPG Clear coat used could damge some decals Marc Havican
Bentey Speed 8 LeMans winner 2001 1/43 78 MC Provence Moulage resin multi-media kit
Ferrari F2001  2001 1/20 78 MC tamiya p47
Porsche 917 - The Ultimate Weapon 1970-71 78 MC History and models-all scales p65-68
Crocadile Dundee Audi R8R (driver Alan McNish in Australia ALMS Jan 2000) 1999-00 1/24 78 MC Building the LeMans Miniatures resin kit-paint prep and very large decals; wheel install problems Marc Havican
Embossing interior panels 1/25 78 MC Make custom door panels using Embossing Jairus Watson
Foil Casting 1/25 78 MC Make tail lights and other small parts Jairus Watson
SuperCal Water Slide Decal System 78 MC Make your own decals using a PC and this kit Gregg Hutchings
Jul2002   Model Kit & Part Reviews 79 MC  
Watson-Offenhauser Indy Roadster Simonize Special 1959 1/1 79 MC PIT PASS and model sources
Body preparation AMT Starliner 1960 1/25 79 MC Removing unwanted molded-on body side trim
Chrysler New Yorker 1961 1/25 79 MC Curbside Detailing with Paint Tim Boyd
Don Fahrni's six cylinder Top Fuel Dragster 1962 1/25 79 MC Super scratchbuilt; American Graffiti FED body used Don Fahrni
McLaren M8B 1969 1/18 79 MC GMP CanAm diecast p70   - Iss 79 is July2002
AMC Hornet SC360 1970 1/25 79 MC converted from a promo
Milano Model kit & Toy Museum-Chicago 2002 79 MC history p16
Drag boat photo contest 1/25 79 MC
Aug/Sept 2002   Model Kit & Part Reviews 80 MC Revell 70 Datsun 510; Monogram 59 Corvette, 58 Thunderbird; AutoArt 68 Bullitt Mustang GT;  Studio27 Rothmans Porsche decals; 1320 Keeling-Clayton digger; 
Ford Ranchero 1957 1/25 80 MC Kit History Dave Darby
Hurst Oldsmobile 1973 1/25 80 MC Improve the SEL curbside resin kit
Dale Jarrett #88 Ford Taurus 2000 1/25 80 MC Daytona 500 winner from R-M skill level 2 kit; plumbing & electrical diagrams; driver figures;  aftermarket parts Bill Coulter
Apply carbon fiber to a tuner hood 1/25 80 MC
Detail a Blower 80 MC
Ferrari 250 GTO 80 MC big contest photo p55 Bill Cunningham
Johan Models 1/25 80 MC company history
Police car  1/25 80 MC In depth look at options Tom Sheehy
Restoring DieCast cars 1/43 80 MC
VW Wonder Bug 80 MC scratchbuilt Baja-style tube frame, opened panels Kamail Alameda
Oct 2002   Model Kit & Part Reviews 81 MC Revell 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop, 1969 Baldwin-Motion Corvette 427; PolarLights Back to the Future DeLorean;  AMT/Ertl 1983 Camaro Z/28, Milner American Graffiti Deuce Coupe announced p48;  IXO 57 Jaguar D-Type 1/43; GMP McLaren M8A 1/43; AutoArt 2001 Corvette C5R Daytona 1/18; QuikSkin 2000 Cadillac LMP; Scxale-Master Decals for Hot Wheels etc; Black Gold HOK paint p7; 
Willys Street Rod 1941 1/25 81 MC Detailed review & buildup Revell kit; improve stance and change wheels Tim Boyd
COPO Camaro 1969 1/25 81 MC Improving an AMT/Ertl diecast.
Lotus 7 Caterham Super 7 1993 1/12 81 MC Mark Jones
Ferrari F2001 Formula One super detail build 2001 1/20 81 MC Superdetailing a Tamiya kit with all available parts from AfterMarket;  Mr Craft aluminum wheels from
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 1/24 81 MC Superdetailing a Tamiya kit with all available parts from AfterMarket;  Removing the hood & Installing the Studio27 cast metal engine. Gregg Hutchings
Build a Truck Diorama 81 MC Guenter Boenisch
Model Kit Collecting / collector kits 81 MC 67 Charger, Ford Victoria, 70 Cyclone Spoiler, Mecedes Benz 190 SL; Dennis Doty
Paint Primer Rattlecan review 81 MC six compared
Nov 2002   Model Kit & Part Reviews 82 MC ITC model kits 1940 Mercury, 1951 Ford, Model T; Prototype Paper Car Models Sauber C9, Jaguar XRJ-11, Toyota Eagle MkIII, Courage C60; Polar Lights Ghostbusters ECTO-1; Fujimi 2002 Acura RSX [Honda Integra Tyoe R]; AMT 1970 AMT Chevelle SS 454; IXO 2000 Audi R8 Crocodile car 1/43; Midlantic 1964 Scarab; Doug Haynes resin slot bodies McLaren M8B, Lola T70, Lotus 40 & Ferrari 206 Dino; parts & Decals for Altereds, Gasser & Coupes (Pure Hell, 10.5x15 wrinkle wall slicks; 
Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 1/24 82 MC Installing the Rennaisance transkit #TK24/115 - opening doors Gregg Hutchings
Polish Paint 82 MC Gregg Hutchings
VW Carman Ghia 82 MC Put on a  hood lip Gregg Hutchings
Dec-02 83 MC  
Ford Country Squire conversion 1957 1/25 83 MC converting Ranchero into wagon; wood paneling; tailgate J Watson
Ford Thunderbolt 1964 1/1 83 MC color photos & article; painting guide
Thunderbolt Super-Stock drag car 1964 1/25 83 MC build & detail the Revell kit; fuel system plumbing; door handles Bill Coulter
Pure Hell Altered - restored version 2002 1/1 83 MC color detailed photos
Altered frame from Willie Borsch Winged Express model 1960s 1/25 83 MC Kitbash an Altered drag car Iss #83 is Dec2002
Build the Awesome Altered 1960s 1/25 83 MC Aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts summary -Bodies; decals; scoops; wheels; tires; engines. Building Pure Hell FA with Wild Willie Borsch "Winged Express" chassis and Perry's Resin components.
Chrome Plate trailer with Alclad II 83 MC
Ed Big Daddy Roth Kits and Rat Fink 1/25 83 MC Looking back at old, and new releases by Revell
Painting Hot Wheels cars & trucks 1/43 83 MC drawing & painting SKULLs
Jan-03 84 MC  
Big John Mazmanian Austin Coupe 1950 84 MC Gregg Hutchings
Auto World catalogue Part 1 1959 84 MC
Chevy Impala Nomad Phantom 1961 1/25 84 MC add Revells 1956 Chevy Nomad roof to Lindbergs Impala John Piotrowski
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 1/24 84 MC Gunze Sangyo Hi-Tech kit build; paint & polish; chassis details; engine details; interior details; scratchbuilt battery Alex Kustov
Chevy Nova ProStreet 1966 1/25 84 MC Lightening Model Detail aftermarket company closes
Dan Gurney Mystery Eagle 1972 1/18 84 MC Carousel kit review and Eagle history
Bodyshop 101 #7 Roof Swapping 2002 1/24 84 MC Replace new beetle roof with 1993 Mustang roof Robert Burns
Dunn Reath funny car 84 MC Clear Coat die casts Gregg Hutchings
Formation on the NNL 84 MC Tim Boyd
Resin Roundup 84 MC 1933 Willys 4 door sedan; 1967 Mercury Cougar TransAm; 1961 Corvair Lakewood wagon;; 1/16 1933 Willys coupe; LongNose funny cars; Competition Resins drag race injection parts; vintage Ferraris; 1941 Willys gasser chassis kit;
Feb-Mar2003 85 MC  
Contest Special 85 MC Dale Paone's Road Runner Best Engine 626 Hemi pg 13; Glidden Mustang pg29; Bob Kester Wild Willie Borsche Winged Express Altered pg40; Dwayne Benoits Jungle Jim Monza pg 57; Orange Crate & Grave Digger pg 59;
Apr-03 86 MC  
Mercedes W25 Grand Prix 1934 1/18 86 MC CMC fifth inthe Silver Arrows series   Outstanding! p70
Ford 427 SOHC engine 1965 1/16 86 MC Altered States resin parts p8
Ford GT40 Mk II Sebring #2 Dan Gurney & Grant 1966 1/43 86 MC Marsh Models resin kit - stock Mustang colours used: Rangoon red roadster; Guardsman blue #2. Wayne Moyer
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 1999 1/24 86 MC tamiya buildup with Studio 27 grade-up kit Alex Kustov
Mr Norm's Charger & Hawaiian Funny Cars 1967-9 1/25 86 MC Extensive article on building and detailing Polar Lights vintage funny car kits Kenny and Andy Collins
Body Shop 101 - #8 1/25 86 MC Apply a woodie side panels on a new VW Beetle Robert Burns
Flame paimt jobs 1/25 86 MC how to paint flames Tim Phelps
May/June 2003 87 MC HRM GT40 Engine kit & Corvette C5R kit p7;  MCG Edelbrock engine dress-up kits p6;  Studio27 Enzo, Lancer Evo WRC & 962C upgrade detail set p8; R&MCoM Milners Coupe body, wheels, radiator parts p9-10;  
Cotton Owens #6 Pontiac NASCAR 1960 1/25 87 MC short-wheelbase Catalina version used in NASCAR (not the long-WB Bonneville); MCW Resin kit detailing & build Bill Coulter
Auto World Catalogue 1961 87 MC Looking Back Dennis Doty
Ferrari F40 build - Part I 1987 1/8 87 MC Building a Pocher pre-assembled kit (not the expected quality; lots of aftermarket parts available); Front suspension & Chassis upgrades. Jairus Watson
Hirohata Mercury diecast review 87 MC history and information; 1/43 to 1/18 scales Dennis Doty
Interior Carpet 87 MC How to Flock carpets Alex Kustov
Model Reviews 87 MC Monogram 1950 Austin Drag Coupe; AMT/Ertl 1967 Pontiac GTO from xXx Movie; GMP Greer-Black-Prudhomme dragster 1/43; Highway 61 Hurst Hairy Olds
Polished Aluminum 3D Track T-Nose Grille 87 MC scratchbuilding by stacking aluminum/brass sheet Doug Whyte
truck dashes 1/25 87 MC detailing truck dashes; different techniques and 1:1 photo references Tim Ahlborn
Jul/Aug 2003 88 MC AMT/Ertl 1995 Toyota Supra "The Fast and the Furious"; removing photoetched parts from fret pg15; Galaxie Ltd trailers start first subscription
Mickey Thompson Challenger I 1950 1/25 88 MC Photo at NNL East 2003 p33 Brian Makosky
Hudson Hornet 1952 1/18 88 MC Highway 61 diecast - stock (NASCAR coming) p69
Ford GT40 Targa Florio 1967 1/24 88 MC Fujimi short build review with Studio 27, Sakatsu and Acu-Stion detail parts (Aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts) Jeremy Mahovlich
Plymouth GTX 440 1967 1/24 88 MC Replica stock build by contract; getting details exactly correct; engine pulleys and belts modification; Magnum wheels from 69 Charger kit look best. Mike Hanson
TransAm Cougar #98 Dan Gurney 1967 1/43 88 MC MicroSport Engineering multi media kit build; resin Wayne Moyer
Porsche 917K (Daytona #2 - Rodriguez/Kinnunen) 1970 1/18 88 MC AutoArt diecast p69
Ferrari F40 build - Part II 1989 1/8 88 MC Interior Jairus Watson
Honda S2000 1998 1/24 88 MC Tamiya kit build and detail; Detail Master photo etched windshield wipers Alex Kustov
Contests 88 MC NNL East Parsippany, NJ 3-2003 (Corvette C5R Daytona)
import tuners 1/24 88 MC body modifications and detail parts and conversion kits for bodysides Gregg Hutchins
Rocketeer - Design Study in Art Deco 88 MC Converting an old stamped steel toy into art-deco style car hauler
Scratch Building 101 1/25 88 MC Build a camper shell Robert Burns  (Subscription #1 starts)
Sept/Oct 2003 89 MC Revell 1999 Corvette C5-R; Provence Moulage Audi R8R 1/43; Renaissance 1/43 detail parts: fire extinguisher, hose and ducting material; Seimitsuya center-lok hubs 1/24; Scale Auto Style drilled & slotted brake rotor kits 1/24 pg 47(best seen to date); Fujimi Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII GSR, Toyota Levin early 70s (Corrola); AMT/Ertl 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse (the Fast and the Furious); Ixo 1967 Ford GT40 Mk41/43
Hayes Clipper Canadian truck COEs 1975 1/25 89 MC kit-bashing Tim Ahlborn
Ferrari F40 by POCHER Part III 1987 1/8 89 MC Engine & Drivetrain Jairus Watson
Batmobile 1950s 89 MC detailing a Playing Mantis diecast kit Mark Hosaflook
Tear-Drop Trailer scratchbuild 1950s 1/25 89 MC Robert Burns
Batmobile 1960s 89 MC detailing a Playing Mantis diecast kit Mark Hosaflook
GSL 2003 89 MC Jim Drew's 1/12 Corvette GS; Bruce Owens Virtue RSX (yuk); Bill Cunningham's Ferrari 250 GTO; Greg Nichol's scratchbuilt 1/24 Flathead engine; Bob Glidden Ford Probe PS; Grumpy's Toy Monza PS
Nov/Dec 2003 90 MC HRM Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe resin wheels kit; Studio27 Dodge Viper resin multimedia kit; Cavalier 1976 Mad Max Interceptor kit; Model Factory Hiro 1958 Ferrari Testarossa (~$200); Motor City Resin 1967 Mustang body kit; GMP 1966 Mark Donohue Sunoco Camaro.
Chevy Impala Hardtop 1959 1/25 90 MC  Revell's Custom 2 'n 1 kit review - excellent kit.
Ferrari 328 GTS 1985 1/24 90 MC older Hasegawa kit building impressions Alex Kustov
Subaru Impreza WRC 2000 1/43 90 MC Airfix kit building impressions Jeremy Mahovlich
Champion Audi R8 2001 1/43 90 MC detailed Provence Moulage kit buildup Jeremy Mahovlich
Number 28 Ford NASCAR racers history 1960-02 1/24 90 MC Fred Lorenzen's career thru car models 1961-69; AJ Foyt 1976 Laguna; Buddy Baker 1980 (77 Olds); Bobby Allison 1981; Cale Yarborough 1983-85; Davey Allison 1987-93; Ernie Irvan 1996; Ricky Rudd 2000-02.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution WRC & Tuner 1999-03 1/24 90 MC kit sources Gregg Hutchins
Toledo 2003 90 MC 1968 Javelin; Rob Mepham Porsche 908/03; 1966 Yenko Stinger Corvair; Gary McNutt 1/24 Ford GT40 X-1 Can Am (Mini-Exotics transkit on Fujimi GT40)
tubed exhaust header how-to 90 MC Fred Bell
Virtue RSX 90 MC Bruce Owen's GSL 14 Master Award winner
Dec2003-Jan2004 91 MC  
91 MC
Jan-Feb2004 92 MC
Feb-Mar2004 93 MC
Ford Deuce trunk louvers 1932 1/25 93 MC Louvered trunk lid; steal them from 1940 Ford Pickup hood Doug Whyte
Gober Sosebee Standard Ford Tudor NASCAR 1939 1/25 93 MC Vintage NASCAR beach course car; "Cherokee" Conversion from AMT 1940 Ford. (see MC#153)
Chopped Mercury - Kit History & Model Review 1949 all 93 MC 1/64 to 1:1 discussion w/photos    Kit History Tim Phelps (his book extracts)
Ford GT40 Mk IV by EXOTO 1967 1/18? 93 MC new diecast $170.00 p69
Ferrari F40 by POCHER Part IV 1987 1/8 93 MC Front end/hood details Jairus Watson
Celsior C-Type VIP Police car (Lexus LS430) 1993 1/24 93 MC Dash conversion from lefthand to Righthand; custom decals Bill Coulter
First Racing Ferrari 550 GT 1992? 1/24 93 MC Craft S kit build/review (expensive inaccurate curbside resin); custom decals Alex Kustov
March/April 2004 94 MC Painting with Nailpolish Q&A; John Force diecast funny cars; Provence Moulage 2003 Brumos Porsche Fabcar RedBull Daytona Prototype 1/43; Scale Designs 1995 Brummel F-40LM transkit; Renaissance Silk Cut Jaguar XJK-9LM transkit for Tamiya kit; Revell 1969 Camaro Yenko/SC; AMT/Ertl 1975 Plymouth Duster Hardtop (actually a Dodge Dart ex-Demon); Exoto H-M Ford GT40 Mk II 3rd 1966.
Resin Roundup 94 MC Working with Resin; Current status from Kitchen Table Resins (Ford OHV 6cyl for 52-64 models), Model Factory Hiro (Ferrari 166LM), F&F Resin (72 Pontiac Ventura conversionkit for Nova), Island Collectibles (Sunoco Porsche 911 RSR) George Bojaciuk
English Double Decker Bus 1952 1/8 94 MC scratchbuilt wood & glass Mark Gordon
Shelby GT 350R  Tommy Hamilto 1967 1/24 94 MC Monogram GT 350R kit with required modifications Phil Dauphinee (from BC)
Ferrari F40 by POCHER Part VI 1987 1/8 94 MC Wheels, Tires, Hood prop rod, Completion of Project Jairus Watson
Toyota 88C IMSA GTP AAR #98 1989 1/43 94 MC Dan Gurney's Daytona car Jeremy Mahovlich
John Force Mustang Funny Car diecast 2002 1/24 94 MC Action Performance die cast in-depth review Bill Coulter
John Force Mustang Funny Car diecast 2002 1/16 94 MC Action Performance die cast in-depth review Bill Coulter
Models in Rod & Custom Magazine Pt 1 1953-9 94 MC review of model articles Dennis Doty
Big Deuce Model Info and Resources 1960-04 1/8 94 MC Monogram V8, BigT, Big Deuce, BigRod, BigTub and accessory packs reviewed Dave Pye & Bob Hayes
Diamond Reo C90 Conventional truck build Part 2 94 MC Road Building Diamond Reo truck Tim Ahlborn
Diorama planning-Plausibility 94 MC Dave Pye
Machining parts on a lathe 94 MC
May-Jun2004 95 MC  
Roach Coach coffee truck 1958 1/25 95 MC Conversion from 58 Dodge pickup with Little Red Wagon drivetrain and AMT/Ertl 57 Chevy chassis & suspension Kenny Collins
Petty Barracuda drag #43Jr 1965 1/25 95 MC REFERENCES: see Grand National Illustrated Mar 1985 p47; 200th Win Commemorative book; Circle Track Oct 84 p24 (carreer to 200th win); 1965-67 Barracuda Perterson's Musclecar Classics Collectors Edition p114-123 Andy Kallen built photo
Ferrari ENZO Detail build-up (Part 1 of 2) 2003 1/24 95 MC Building and Detailing the Tamiya kit with Acu-Stion full-detail kit (chassis and interior) Alex Kustov
Dragster & Altered Nationals 2003 Copperstate 1950-60 1/25 95 MC lotsa vintage drag cars
Looking Back PtII- Models in Rod & Custom Magazine 1950-60s 95 MC Dennis Doty
F&F Resin Casting - American Classics 1950-80 1/25 95 MC Product Review
Dioramas and Figures 95 MC Figure Painting Dave Pye
Fiat altered drag car Pisano-Matsubara 95 MC p52 photo well detailed Drew Martin
Perfect Paint 95 MC How to Lay Down a Perfect Paint Job (prep to 800 grit/Tamiya surface primer/2-3 mist coats @ 20min interv/ after 1hr wet-sand 3200 grit if req'd/ after 3-24hrs thicken paint slightly and wet-coat/ after 1-3 days wet-sand 3600+ grit/ second wet coat/ after 5-10 days polish kit Alex Kustov
June-July 2004 Reviews 96 MC GMP 1969 Mercury Cyclone II; Model King Camper&Wedge, Pinto Modified; Trumpeter 1963 Nova SS Convertible; M&S Hobbies Porsche 962C BBS wheels1/24; Marsh Models GT40 1/43; Racing 43 2003 Peugeot 206 WRC; VRM decal Shelby GT350R LeMans; Monogram Green Hornet roadster; Italeri Mercedes-Benz 600S; RSC 1968 Camaro Grumpy's Toy 1/24 pg62.
Ford GT40 Can-Am X-1 (5th @ Riverside) 1965 1/43 96 MC Marsh Models quick review  Wayne Moyer
Ford XB Falcon MadMax Interceptor 1970 1/25 96 MC Aoshima rare kit - Mad Max film 1974 Terry Jesse
L&M Porsche 917/10 1972 1/24 96 MC Formula Canada kit Jeremy Mahovlich
Ford F150 Pickup 2000 1/25 96 MC BodyShop 101 - Chopping the top of Revell's Ford Limited Edition Harley-Davidson F-150 Robert Burns
Ferrari ENZO Detail build-up (Part 2 of 2) 2003 1/24 96 MC Building and Detailing the Tamiya kit with Acu-Stion full-detail kit (chassis and interior) Alex Kustov
"Nifty Racer" 1950s 96 MC Vacuformed Midget-style body on wooden chassis with wooden wheels Dennis Doty
Red River live bottom asphalt bottom-dump trailer 1980s 1/25 96 MC scratch-built; 8-axle/32 tire trailer Tim Ahlborn
Black India Ink Grill/Wheels detailing 96 MC Higgins 'Black Magic' ink of choice Steve Culpepper
Garage Diorama details 96 MC Dave Pye
Make your own Diamond Plate FAST 96 MC burnish alum foil over a plastic part Jairus Watson
Making Door Handles and Window Cranks 96 MC Alex Kustov
July/August 2004 97 MC Polar Lights 1965 Dodge Coronet diecast; AMT/Ertl 1969 Corvair Monza Coupe; Revell Cadillac Escalade, Ford Focus SVT, 1999 Mitsubichi Eclipse tuner; Acu-Stion photoetch 917K, Skyline GT-R, 962C; SMTS 1967 Dutch GP Lotus 49, 1955 Mecedes-Benz 300 SLR; Carousel 1 Dan Gurney 1967 Spa AAR Eagle 1/18 pg61; CMC Mercedes W196 Streamliner. start 2nd subscription
AMT Ford Double-T kit review & kit history 1925 1/25 97 MC Kit History Dennis Doty
Nova SS 1963 1/1 97 MC body; engine; chassis; trunk; interior details photo spread Gregg Hutchings
Ferrari 333SP (Daytona 24hr) 1995 1/43 97 MC build impressions; nice wheels/tires brake rotors added Jeremy Mahovlich
Diorama road surfaces 97 MC Dave Pye
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth kits review & kit history 97 MC Revell kit line & Kit History
Machining aluminum exhaust parts on a lathe 97 MC Terrence Miyasato
Making flathead Zoomy headers 97 MC
scratchbuilt Big Rig Sleeper 97 MC Tim Ahlborn
August/September 2004 98 MC Cammett  0.10mm ID-2.5mm ID hard & soft SS tubing; Perrys Resin Torqueflite tranny, in-line six cylinder and turbochargers; Altered States Salt Flat Coupe, 1966 Dart roadster Garlits body; AMT/Ertl 1971 Mustang Boss 302 (warmed over MPC 73 351 kit), 1965 Mustang GT Fastback (ex-Monogram kit-very good), 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Hardtop; MSM Creations F40 transkit; Model Factory Hiro 1970s prototype tires; Renaiissance Nissan R390 transkit; Porsche 956/962 book; Aoshima Tuner wheel rims, JZA80 Supra (repackaged AMT Fast&Furious Toyota Supra); AUTOart 2003 Bentley EXP Speed 8; GMP Pierson Brother's Bonneville Coupe.
Early Altered building ideas 1960 1/25 98 MC kit bashing tips and ideas for early 60s altereds Dave Pye
Auto World Catalogue 1962 98 MC
Corvette Grand Sport 1963 1/24 98 MC Accurate Miniatures kit super-detailed Terry Marcum
Porsche 911 GT1 1996 1/24 98 MC Tamiya kit build with Acu-Stion PE Jeremy Mahovlich
Petty Dodge Intrepid 2001 1/25 98 MC Revell-Monogram skill level 2 NASCAR kit building impressions Bill Coulter
Peterbuilt 357 2005 1/25 98 MC Tim Ahlbornm
musical instruments scratchbuilt 1/25 98 MC Jim Fernandez
scratchbuilding billet mufflers 98 MC Steve Culpepper
October-04 99 MC Scale Race Cars detail PE frets Tamiya 911 GT2 & Nissan R89/90 kits; MCG diamond plate & custom grill material;Mission Models Multi-Tool photoetch bender & Grab-Handler bends PE or wire to precise 90deg angles;Scale Craft Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagota resin body (for Aurora DB4 donor - has nice engine); R&MCoM 1/8 resin skull shifters, quick-release dzus fasteners PE; iHobby Expo 2004; 1963 Nova & 1965 Coronet Sketchpad; Perfect Parts seat belts p43; Revell 1/32 Porsche 935 & AutoUnion TypeD; CanAm book; IMSA Porsche 962 Decals; GMP SoCal Coupe; Hot Wheels Ferrari Tipo166 MM Barchetta.
Big-T Kit History 1962 1/8 99 MC Roger Harney kit designer
Cheetah 1964 1/43 99 MC quick review of Marsh Models kit pg58 Wayne Moyer
Hurst Hemi-Under-Glass 1968 1/1 99 MC Photos of 1992 restoration of HUG#8 (1967 body with 68 trim-looks like a 69 to me); Model-King 66 HUG kit review
Miller Porsche 962 1987 1/24 99 MC Combining M&S Hobbies Lowenbrau transkit with Tamiya 962 kit Jeremy Mahovlich
Diorama stone walls 99 MC Dave Pye
International Car Builders Museum 99 MC Dave Pye
Kit Reviews 99 MC Fujimi BMW Mini Cooper; AMT/Ertl Gravedigger & TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle monster trucks, Rat Trap Vega modified
National Corvette Museum 99 MC Len Carsner
Nissan Skyline GT-R 99 MC Japan's muscle car top of the heap; kits history; includes (2003-4?) Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34 and Calsonic 93 Skyline GT-R.
Peterbilt 357 heavy-duty trucks 99 MC Tim Ahlborn
Watkins Glen International Motor Racing Research Center 99 MC Research tips and techniques; bookstore; computer; car lot; someone's garage; magazines; city library Jairus Watson & Jim Kupstas
November-04 100 MC  
Linebaugh Timber Company Prescott Forge Truck 1926 1/24 100 MC combine Monogram Mack frame with Union 1907 Italaria front end and MPC Stutz Bearcat engine; scratchbuilt forge body; weathering Bill Borgen
Weathering 101 - Part I 1932 1/25 100 MC heavey weathering classic cars (Deuce Ford Phaeton Rat Rod); Rustal; black wash; road grime; dirt; rust holes) Jeremy Mahovlich
Auto World Catalogue 1963 100 MC Looking Back Dennis Doty
Craftsman Truck Mopar Dodge 2001 1/25 100 MC Revell kit - mildly detailed to update; relocate rear wheels; Ford 9" rear axle conversion Mike Madlinger
Cadillac Escalade tuner 2004 1/25 100 MC Revell kit
Peterbilt Wrecker 1970's 1/25 100 MC AMT reissue - narrowing the too-wide wrecker body
Figure Painting 100 MC painting faces Dave Pye
MCR's BEST OF plastic kit parts 100 MC Help for kitbashers: engines (Ford 427 SOHC); transmissions; Intake/carburetors; Suspension/chassis; Wheels/tires; miscellaneous
Tale of Two Deoras 1/25 100 MC One a backwards 1975 Matador; other a backwards 1966 Riviera. Stretched front ends are converted to tonnau covered beds with surf-boards custom painted Steve Hinson & Randy Meyers
December-04 101 MC  
Bugatti AeroLantique 1938 101 MC Scratchbuilt; awesome Dave Cummins
Ford 427 (SOHC) 1966 1/6 101 MC short review of new Engine Kits released 
GT40 LeMans #9 Chassis 1075 1969 1/24 101 MC Fujimi; Historic Racing Miniatures HRM (Harold Bradford) engine; Thunder Valley trans-kit; RB Motion shocks; etc highly detailed build project Mick Szirmay - see also Internet article w/more & bigger pictures.
LT-1 350 Engine (Camaro) 1970 1/6 101 MC short review of new Engine Kits released 
Jeff Gordon Dupont Lumina 1994 1/24 101 MC Detail Master Gallery; built up; highly detailed w/aftermarket Cottage Industry Parts  D Thibodeau
HotRod Art 101 MC masking; overlays; airbrushing car art Rohan Day
Vacu-Form Tool 101 MC building & using
Jan-Feb2005 102 MC  
Weathering 101 - Part II 1932 1/25 102 MC heavey weathering classic cars (DeuceFord Phaeton Rat Rod); Rustal; black wash; road grime; dirt Jeremy Mahovlich
AMT Double Dragster Kit  History 1961 1/25 102 MC Looking Backdetail vintage kit review & Kit History
Fireball Roberts #22 Galaxie-Young Ford 1964 1/25 102 MC Resin kit build; suspension & interior detailing; hood hinges: scratchbuilt shocks & towers; rear end oil cooler; resin engine kit; oil & electrical schematics; roll cage Bill Coulter
Fujimi Ferrari 330 P4 & F40 kit reissues 1966 1/25 102 MC reissue kit review-short p42
Subaru Impreza WRC 1999 1/24 102 MC Tamiya kit builtup; opened doors, trunk, hood Terrence Miyasato
AMT/ERTL Bantam Blast kit (Wild Willie Borsch Winged Express Update) 1960's 1/25 102 MC new kit review-short p37
Feb-Mar2005      Contest Special 103 MC Frank Luque original kit Hemi Under Glass pg27; Del Paone Firebird ProStock 1st Drag Class pg40; Frank Ramos 1985 Camaro ProStock motor detail pg 56; Frank Ramos Malco Gasser 67 Mustang pg58
Model Photography - How to take Contest Pictures for the Magazine 103 MC F-Stop blues Darryl Gassaway & Gregg Hutchings
Apr-05 104 MC  
Model T sketchpad 1927 1/25 104 MC Convert a Rev 1927 Ford sedan/Delivery to a Model T Coupe Jairus Watson
Bantam Blast kit review and Altered Scrapbook 1932 1/25 104 MC retooled Borsche kit from 1973, issued 1974; bantam body; new front wheels and new injection working butterflies
Peterbilt 282 Truck - single drive axle 1977 1/25 104 MC Tim Ahlborn
Tom Counce tribute Racers Group Porsche 911 GT3RS 2002 1/43 104 MC Provence Moulage resin kit buildup Jeremy Mahovlich
Hobby Shop & Dealer Directory 2005 104 MC GSL 05 Contest photos Len Woodruff Ohio Geortge Montgomery Mr Gasket gasser 69 Mustang blown pg 19;
May-Jun2005 105 MC  
Joe Weatherleys Pontiac Catalina NASCAR Grand National stock car 1962 1/25 105 MC AMT/Ertl kit detailed Bill Coulter
Pontiac Catalina  1962 1/25 105 MC AMT/Ertl kit painted with fingernail polish Kurt Kessinger
Ohio George Montgomery MALCO Gasser 1968 1/18 105 MC GMP die cast review SOHC
Ferrari 312 T3 Retro Mod 1978 1/20 105 MC Tamiya kit with modern upgrades, Scratchbuilt air boxes; carbon-fiber templates & decals; engine detailing & wiring; Don Oystryk
Honda S2000 2000 1/24 105 MC Fitting a Scale Auto Style body kit to the Tamiya kit Gregg Hutchings
Pontiac GTO 2004 1/1 105 MC bit of comparison to 2005 GTO
Augie Hiscano tribute 105 MC Jan 18, 1934 - Apr 21, 2005 Mark S Gustavson
Mini CutOff Saw $19.95 105 MC pg9 Gregg Hutchings
Palmer kits review 105 MC 1963-1971 Dennis Doty
Jul-05 1/25 106 MC Fujimi old Mini Cooper 1.3i; AMT/Ertl 1969 Buick Riviera, 1932 Ford Coupe, Pirana, 1969 Plymouth Barracuda (Formula S decal-383 wedge-hemi scoop!); Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicaon Tomb Raider - painted metal body, 1968 Dodge Dart GTS Dick Landy, 1969 Dodge Daytona - street (ProModeller kit without hemi or NASCAR parts), 1960 Chevy Impala Hardtop lowrider; Scale Race Cars: photoetch detail kit for Tamiya Nissan R89 & R90 Race Cars, photoetch detail kit for Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1; Scale MotorSport detail set for Revell of Germany 1/12 Ferrari F2002 F1 kit. start 3rd subscription
Ford pickup club builds 1929 1/25 106 MC San Diego club builds Revell 1929 3in1 Rat rods kit 
Ford 554 5 window drag coupe 1934 1/25 106 MC contest photo by Mike Flynn Mike Flynn
Desert Motors Ford Galaxie drag car 1964 1/25 106 MC combine AMT/Ertl rare promo reissue "body?" with AMT prestige 63 Galaxie and Revell Tasca Ford Thunderbolt (next time, use AMTs recent 1960 Ford new tool issue-spearate frame/floorpan; good suspension detail) Bud Lefevre
James Garners A.I.R. Corvette L88 1968 1/43 106 MC photos at;  Wayne E Moyer
Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR - Moss/Fangio LeMans 1955 1/43 106 MC built-up review of SMTS kit Jeremy Mahovlich
Porsche 917K Engine Transkit 1970 1/24 106 MC Harold Bradfords Historic Racing Miniatures kit for Fujimi 917K kits
Honda S2000 2000 1/24 106 MC Fitting Scale Speed Works intercooler kit, Aoshima Volk Rays wheelsStudio27 disc rotors, Aoshima GT Spoiler rear wing & Arrowhead Aluminum NOs kit to the Tamiya Honda S2000 kit with the Scale Auto Style body kit already installed. Gregg Hutchings
Models of Augie Hiscano 1/25 106 MC Revell-Pactra I; Revell-Pactra II; Red Racer; 32 Victoria; 34 Ford roadster GSL XVI Best of Show; 1932 Ford Deuce roadster GSL XVII Mark S Gustavson
Aug-Sep2005     reviews 107 MC Rev Viper SRT/10; Fujimi Nissan V35 Skyline 350GT; AMT 76 Chevy Nova, 64 Mercury Marauder, 55 Chevy Nomad, 77 Mustang, 51 Chevy Fleetline Sedan; Rev 92 Thunderbird Lowrider; Stevens Intl & RC2/Ertl: 1939/40 Ford Tudor #38484, Hemi-Sphere ex-Garlits WynnsJammer #38483, Twister Vega ProStock #38482
AMT Ala Kart 1929 Ford Roadster  1929 1/25 107 MC Ala Kart Kit History Dennis Doty
Ford Falcon Ranchero 1960 107 MC sketchpad - Gregg Hutchings' 1/1 car Jairus Watson
Ford Galaxie Ranchero phantom 1961 1/25 107 MC Get started with an Easy Resin Kit conversion; Pegasus low profile tire/wheels & rotor discs; micro-balloons filler; Shabo dry transfer license plate set;  Bill Coulter
Ferrari 312-T4 1979 1/12 107 MC Italian award winner;  Nicola Mellusa
Lotus 102B Formula 1 1991 107 MC Tamiya kit build Jeremy Mahovlich
Oct 2005  reviews 108 MC Model King-AMT 64 Mercury Comet Caliente; AMT Barris T Buggy; 32 Ford 5-window Deuce Coupe; Rev New Beetle snap, 78 El Camino, MiamiVice Daytona Spyder, 04 Corvette snap; 1961 Airstream trailor; Ford Shelby GR-1
Willys 1941 1/25 108 MC fill the hood hole on Rev kit hood without ghost lines appearing Gregg Hutchings
Sunray DX Oil Co Corvette 1968 1/25 108 MC Don Yenko L88 Coupe; built from Stars & Stripes 68 Vette with Vintage Racing Miniatures Sunray DX decals Jeremy Mahovlich
AMC Ambassador 1969 1/25 108 MC Johan kit build Greg Steinmayer
Corvette C3 fastback 1977 1/25 108 MC Body Shop 101: Grafting a 1963-67 Corvette Stingray rear deck onto a 1968-77 Corvette Robert Burns
Project Venom 2004 1/25 108 MC Kitbash Rev Dodge Sidewinder with Viper GTS Dan McLaughlin, Calgary
contest photos 108 MC GT40 prototype; Ferrari 330 P4 engine; Corvette Grand Sport engine detail; crumpled fenders/hood
Dioramas for ATVs 108 MC Methods for building terrain Dave Pye
Perfect Parts F1 details 108 MC 1/12 & 1/20 hose clamps, wheel enhancement sets; 1/12 electrical connector sets pg 43
Peterbilt COE stake truck 108 MC
Piano Hinges 108 MC How to use Model Car Garage's piano hinges (also in McLaren M8B upgrade photo-etch kit) John OsnazcaGregg Hutchings
stripping paint 108 MC Easy-Off; Castrol SuperClean; 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.
(Nov2005)  Kit & Aftermarket reviews 1/25 109 MC Revell 69 Camaro SS396, 69 Shelby GT500 Mustang, 65 Shelby GT350, 68 Mustang GT390 (Bullitt reissue), 56 Chevy Del Ray First Issue by ### only (not given an official "DATE")
Willys resin body 1940 1/25 109 MC Altered States new resin bits ; Olds & Cadillac script valve covers
Ardun flathead model engine 1953 1/6 109 MC GMP model review
Thunderbird  1957 1/25 109 MC AMT Trophy Series Kit History & review Dennis Doty
Dan Gurney's RexMays 300 Eagle Indy 1967 1/43 109 MC Metal kit buildup - glue, finish & details Wayne Moyer
Ford Police Interceptor 1970 1/25 109 MC SneakPeak at StephensInt'l 
Acura Integra 2003 1/24 109 MC Details the engine, body kit hints Dave Thibodeau
CenterSpread SketchPad 109 MC 32Ford roadster; 53 Corvette coupe; Chopper Jairus Watson
Dealer Directory 109 MC USA & Canada & Australia
Hot Dog Stand Drive In  1/25 109 MC Diorama HowTo - details sources, etc
NASCAR #35 Race Cars Review 109 MC History & Models of #35 Stock Cars. Bill Coulter
Trucking Diorama 1/25 109 MC animated hoods that drop on hands & heads! Dan Czar
Dec-05 110 MC AMT/Ertl RC2 "RestoRods" series 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I, 1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop, 1966 Chevy Nova SS Hardtop, revfiew of new kits' parts Final issue with Oval (woodgrain) Logo
Shelby Mustang GT 350H 1966 1/1 110 MC Detail Photo spread of rental cars
Dale Earnhardt Jr #8 Bud Monte Carlo "World Series" 2004 1/24 110 MC AMT vs Revell-Monogram Stock Car kit comparo Bill Coulter
Pruett Rocketsports Jaguar XKR TransAm 2004 1/43 110 MC Provence-Moulage Kit (K1896) build  Wayne E Moyer
AMT RestoRods kit reviews 1/25 110 MC 1969 Chevelle; 1969 Mustang Mach 1; 1966 Mustang Hardtop; 1966 Nova SS Hardtop; parts discussion Larry Greenberg
Customs with a Twist 110 MC 49 merc; VW New Beetle; 49 Ford; 65 Lincoln; 39 Chevy Sedan Delivery; 55 Chevy ProStreet Pickup Models of FerMiguel
LIARS Club detailing tips 110 MC Engine compartment fuel line & fuel filter, windshield washer bottle, overflow reservoirs; interior turn signal stalk, door locks, dash gauges, dash vents, headliner & visors; Chassis bolt heads, coil springs; license plates; twin-mast antenna; quick glass; various lights from MV lenses; Fingernail art decals; chrome headlight lenses; tail light details; steel wheels; valve stems; wheel weights; spare tire; recessed antenna; real wood panels for woodies; painting door & trunk panel lines; sitting on all fours; spray-on undercoating; . Rich "Charlie" Manson
Jan-06 111 MC ProTech braided lines and AN fittings; 1997 AllSport TransAm Mustang transkit; red-line tire painting and sidewall lettering; Monogram BigT; Studio27 1/20 Sauber Petronas C24 2005 F1 kit; NNL West 2005; CMC Ferrari 250GT  SWB; GMP 1/18 Swamp Rat VI; art deco-style car hauler from 41 Chevy P/U w/1940 Willys on back.
MC logo 111
Jalopy Racer 1932 1/8 111 MC attention to detail; Deuce?? Bill Burtnett
White Western Star Stake truck 1977 1/25 111 MC AMT Ford C600 stake body + AMT White Western Star conventional kitbash Tim Ahlborn
Miller Lite Larry Dixon Top Fuel RE dragster Pt1 2005 1/25 111 MC Super detailed photo build; Top Fuel engine detailing; full plumbing & electrical detailing methods; explosion blankets & tiedown straps; photoetch buckles; see MCM downloded photos at C:/Modelling/ MCM; excellent article; uses Revell #7680 Tony Schumacher Army or #7694 Kenny Bernstein Bud kits. Kenny Collins & Bill Coulter
Dioramas 111 MC Turkish Body Shop garage scene; large "photo studio" the CanAm Garage Korkut Verol & John K. Dezan dioramas
Feb-Mar2006 112 MC  
Chevy Pro Mod 1955 112 MC Best Engine Del Paone
Pontiac GTO Arnie Beswick Pro Mod 1964 112 MC The Big Four-Oh marques winner Del Paone
Ford Torino 1969 1/25 112 MC Best of Show NNL Nationals #25 Mark Batson
Ferrari 312T 1975 112 MC Best of Show Jack Oliver
February-March 2006   (2004 Contest Issue) 2004 112 MC NNL West, NNL East, Strictly 43, NNL Nationals and lots more.
April 2006 113 MC Bill Coulter's Directory of Model Car Kits; Reviewed: AMT/Ertl 1970s TransAm Blackbird (reissue Smokey&Bandit car with 78 kit's decals, no gold chrome); General Lee 1969 Charger, Daisy's Jeep CJ-5, 69 Camaro convertible (ex-MPC - not as good as Revells version); Revell Hummer H2, 69 Corvette Coupe (ex-Baldwin-Motion), Subaru Impreza WRX, 70 Boss 429 Mustang (ex-Monog); Precision Miniatures 1/18 Ohio George Montgomery's 1933 Malco Willys AA/Gasser; Ixo 1/43 Ferrari 250P; MiniChamps 1/43 2006 Aston Martin Vantage V-8; Franklin Mint 1970 Camaro Z28  1/18; Hot Wheels 1/18 2005 Mustang GT convert;  Trucker's Corner Tamiya masking tape, Underhood photos 2005 Peterbilt with Caterpillar C15 motor (as in Italeri 377 & 378 kits).
Miller Lite Larry Dixon Top Fuel RE dragster Pt2 2005 1/25 113 MC Super detailed photo build; wheels & tires, chassis, electronics, body modifications; uses Revell #7680 Tony Schumacher Army or #7694 Kenny Bernstein Bud kits (similar to my 1999 Amato TF car). Kenny Collins & Bill Coulter
Mustang GT 2005 1/1 113 MC Photos of 4.6 V8 pg23 (same as in Revell 2006 Mustang kit)
Mustang SketchPad 2005 113 MC Gasser; Bullitt & Tuner/TransAm variations Jairus Watson
Mustang GT 2006 1/25 113 MC Out of the Box Buildup of Revells new 2006 Mustang GT - a BenchMark Kit Sam Tate
Diorama Still Life 1940s 1/24 113 MC Gundy's Moonshine Still by SELtd Michael Winkler-Germany
Dual exhaust cross-over X-pipe 113 MC How-to James Warkentin
Ford Crown Victoria "Interceptor R" 113 MC Detailing and a bit of parts-swapping on Lindberg Police Crown Victoria kit Mark D. Jones
Sauber Petronas C24 Formula 1 1/20 113 MC Building and Painting the Studio27 multimedia kit Gregg Hutchings
Tool Tips 113 MC 4" disc sander; Variable-Speed power tool foot pedal; Micro-Mark Glue Applicators (sewing needle hoop) & Mini-Loop;  Micro-Mark Gripster (pickle-tongs); Battery powered paint mixer; Fing'rs tri-grit polishing stick (good for alum & white-metal polishing); straightening warped resin bodies. Gregg Hutchings
Visit to Fred Cady's decal shop 113 MC Tips for applying Cady decals. Bill Coulter
May-June 2006 114 MC TF Blower w/blanket resin; & white metal supercharger pulleys/belt set pg6; NNL East 06; MPC Trikes contest & sketchpad; Reveiwed: Tamiya Peugeot 307WRC, Ferrari F40 Competizione 1993 Monte Shell, Ducati GP4, Yamaha YZR500, Raybrig NSX 2005 Super GT (new body Carto decals, metal chassis plate); DieCasts: GMP 1967 Shelby GT500 1/24, RSC 1968 ProStock Camaro 
Chrysler Imperial model kit sources 1959-63 1/25 114 MC Photos & discussion of built-ups Bill Coulter
Miller Lite Top Fuel Dragster 2004? 1/25 114 MC Progress photos - see also Fotki link; Similar to recent Kenny Collins buildup David Thibodeau
Sauber Petronas C24 Formula 1 Part III 1/20 114 MC Building and Painting the Studio27 multimedia kit Gregg Hutchings
July-06 115 MC R&MCofM 1962 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle (from AMT 63 Chevy P/U kit), diorama parts (surfing, SCUBA, Wally the Waxer, figures, logging tools, vices, guns & rifles, Ed Roth; VRM Cobra Daytona Coupe decals; MCW 65 AWB Barracuda drag resin transkit for HUG. start 4th subscription
Richard Petty Barracuda Drag car 1965 1/25 115 MC History & building hints; review MCW 65 AWB resin transkit for HUG with K-Dog Graphix decals. Bill Coulter & Andy Kallen models
White-Freightliner SD 1970 1/25 115 MC Building Stevens International re-issue of an old AMT kit Tim Ahlborn
Porsche 993 1994 1/8 115 MC Rebuild a previous built kit to add a (www.modelautotechnik) transkit by Manfred Bruggemann. Reviews: AMT/Ertl 2005 Chrysler 300C "Rides"; Testors 2006 Dodge Charger
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa LeMans    Part 1 1959/60 1/24 115 MC Building Model Factory Hiro kit; car similar chassis as 1957/58 pontoon fendered versiuon; Detail the engine, chassis, suspension, brakes. Alex Kustov
Revell-Testors Contest Winners 1965-66 115 MC 1930 Ford Phaeton and 1957 Chevrolet BelAir Dennis Doty
August-Sept 2006    Model Reviews 116 MC CMC Maseratti Birdcage Moss/Gurney Spa 1960 1/18; Fine Ferrari 550 1/43; Yat Ming inaccurate 1965 Penske Grand Sport roadster 1/18; REVELL: 86 Monte Carlo, 69 Camaro Z28, 98 Firebird Ram Air, 35th Anniv Camaro SS 98-99; AMT/Ertl: Deora show car, 61 Ranchero., Ford GT90, 04 Pontiac GTO; Trumpeter 1978 Monte Carlo Landau Coupe.
Hudson Hornet U-Joints; Paint Rack 116 MC HAWK Weird-Ohs; 1951-52 Hudson Hornet; 1/24 U-joints; build a wooden paint rack; Contest: white Enzo, GT350R, Dodge Tomahawk, 
Corvette custom - Looking Back 1965 1/8 116 MC Car Model August 1965 Article Dennis Doty
Camaro SketchPad 1967 116 MC Jairus Watson
Mr Gasket Mustang gasser 1969 1/25 116 MC Ohio George Montgomery Len Woodruff
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa LeMans    Part 2 1959/60 1/24 116 MC The Body; Resin + white metal body part problems resolution Alex Kustov
Camp Ground Club Diorama - Part 1 116 MC Camping theme - Hawiian Model Club
Scratch-builging Seminar: Getting Started 116 MC Tools & Materials Mike Lawrence
Then & Now 1/25 116 MC Vintage Mag Articles IRA DAHM
October-06 117 MC Western Scale Classic 05 (Pro-Street Henry J winner); NNL Nationals #26; GMP Fairlane GT; Spark Jaguar XJ220; AUTOart 2006 Dodge Viper Competition; Brooklin 1958 Olds Fiesta wagon; CMC Ferrari 250GT SWB; Yat Ming 1941 Willys Coupe;
Model Reviews 117 MC Straight Line Modelers Diorama Donated Car Models; Revell 1/12 Custom Choppers (Crusader Rigid & Aces Wild SofTail, still to come Bone Digger & Fireball ST; and & Torch & Gambler R); Trumpeter Amer LaFrance Fire Truck, 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 
Ford Galaxie Skyliner 1961 1/25 117 MC Transplant the roof from a AMT 1960 Ford Skyliner onto a AMT 1961 two-door coupe; MCG '60 Ford Detail set optional Jairus Watson
Pontiac GTO Pro-Stock 1972 1/25 117 MC Overhaulin' a previously built GTO Mark D. Jones
AJ Foyt USAC Short Track Camaro 1978 1/25 117 MC Scratch-built chassis with Monogram 78 Camaro body; beaded aluminum with rolled padding door panels; see C-drive for larger photos Randy Derr
Peterbuilt 377 A/E (advanced engineering) 1987 1/24 117 MC Italeri kit (re-issued by Revell)
Hertz Subaru STi 2004 1/24 117 MC Converted from Tamiya WRX STi; headlight & tailight detailing tips Alex Kustov
Chevrolet Coupe Part 2 1946-48 1/25 117 MC Kitbashing a Revell 39 Chevy and Galaxie Ltd 48 Aerosedan Jairus Watson
Americamn LaFrance Eagle Pumper 1/25 117 MC Trumpeter's new kit build Chris Mobley
Camp Ground Club Diorama - Part 2 117 MC Camping theme - Hawiian Model Club Chris Delfico and Rich Robertson
Make a Micro-Nut Driver 117 MC Gregg Hutchings
Motorcycle Chopper Sketchpad 1/12 117 MC Jairus Watson
Revell Chopper 1/12 117 MC Extended forks on Aces Wild, minor detailing Dave Thibodeau
November 2006 (rec'd 15Jan, 2007!) 118 MC iHOBBY EXPO Chicago (Lindberg reissues-Dodge L-700 tilt cab, AMT/RC2 2007 Camaro: Rev 49 Merc, Cadillac STS, Charger, 06 Dodge Magnum SRT8; Kustom Kolor paint; 1/8 scale resin parts Ardun head&blower kit.
Blower Bentley 4.5 Liter 1930 1/10 118 MC scratchbuilt metal Francisco Pulido Luque
Rayson-Craft Ski Drag Boat & Trailor 1962 1/25 118 MC building a vintage AMT kit (Hall-Craft V-Drive, 390 Ford interceptor FE engine Tim Boyd
Peterbilt 359 Conventional 1968 1/25 118 MC box stock build of an original California Hauler kit; (same as AMT/Ertl reissue Peterbilt 359 or Peterbilt Wrecker plus "Little Window" resin conversion cab from Spaulding Trading & Shipping.) Phil Ahlborn
Dodge Magnum SRT8 2006 1/25 118 MC kit review quick-look Gregg Hutchings
Chevrolet Coupe Part 3 1946-48 1/25 118 MC Kitbashing a Revell 39 Chevy and Galaxie Ltd 48 Aerosedan Jairus Watson
Camp Ground Club Diorama - Part 3 1/25 118 MC Camping theme - Hawiian Model Club Chris Delfico and Rich Robertson
Preparing plastic for paint primer 118 MC plastic primer how-to Alex Kustov
December-06 119 MC Crazy Modeler detail sets; Rat Rod inspiration centerspread; NNL pics: 55-56-57 Jaguar D-types, 05 Aston Martin DBR9, Chaparral Diorama, Aerotech, Double dragster digger,McLaren M6A, Jim Keeler.
Napp-Darrow 5-Ton Truck 1924 1/25 119 MC prison-break gettaway vehicle fell thru a bridge Bill Borgen
Petty Plymouth Belvedere 1961 1/25 119 MC pics of model built from a parts-box Fury built kit Bill Coulter
Plymouth Fury 2-dr hardtop, Plaza 2&4-dr Sedans & Fury convertible 1961 1/25 119 MC Promolite 2000 Resin kits of Johan repops for 64 Dodge Bill Coulter
Dodge Magnum SRT8 2006 1/1 119 MC photos interior - exterior-engine
Ford LN-800 Short Haul Truck 1/1 119 MC photo ideas for AMT/Ertl Ford Short Hauler truck kit, around since 1971 Tim Ahlborn
Frenching headlights 1/25 119 MC How-To Darryl Gassaway
Kit Collecting vs Building -A Look Back 119 MC Lists of kits for sale from the past Dennis Doty
Model Reviews 119 MC AMT Li'L Yeller School Bus, Li'L Mixer
January-07 120 MC Jimmy Flintstone factory tour; 
Chevrolet BelAir Custom Cruiser 1953 1/24 120 MC Correcting the Monogram trunk & hood areas, John Dell'Osa
IROC Camaro 1989 1/8 120 MC Monogram kit photos
Pontiac GrandAm Pro Stock - Warren Johnson 2003 1/25 120 MC Super-detailing a Revell Summit Pontiac PS using Slixx body, AMparts: ProTech, MCG, DM RB Motion, Machined Aluminum Specialties - outstanding work! Dave Thibodeau
Dodge Charger 2006 1/1 120 MC Comparing Testots and Lindbergs (same tooling) releases  Darryl Gassaway
Baja Buggies photo spread 1/25 120 MC VW Bugs and a Kubelwagen Doug Rogers
Customizing planning with computer printouts 120 MC Sectioning, top chops, pancaking, wheel well revisions Darryl Gassaway
Hot Wheels conversions 1/87 120 MC Jack Mitchell
Model Reviews 120 MC
Photographing Bi Rig Trucks 120 MC photo tips for backdrops
Sketchpad - the New Dodge Charger 120 MC Bo Zolland
Feb/Mar 2007 121 MC Annual Model Car Contest Issue - Sept 2005 thru November 2006
Ferrari Enzo 2004 1/24 121 MC p51 - TAMS 2006 Big Winner; 10 sheets CF decals. Scott Bregi
Hovering Corvette of the Future 2063 1/12 121 MC p25
Cherry Bomb custom with Chopper 1960s 1/25 121 MC p50 Dan Barton
AJ Foyt USAC Short Track Camaro 121 MC p54 - Atlanta Southern NNL Big Winner Randy Derr
Apr-06 122 MC ProTech resin ignition components; GMP Shelby Wheel/tire sets; the DETAILER products and ProTech resin drag race parts in "What's New";
Model Reviews 122 MC AMT/Ertl "Tokyo Drift" Cars: 1967 Mustang, 1995 VeilSide Toyota Supra, 2006 Nissan 350Z, 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Pontiac GTO 1965 1/25 122 MC Missing Link Resin body together with (bad) AMT 1965 Pontiac GTO donor kit; added Modelhaus Hurst-style wheels and R&MCofMaryland resin red-line tires. Bill Coulter
Mustang convertible 2006 1/25 122 MC extremely weathered convertible of future time (re-created 1985 SAE article by Dave Hill) James Warkinton
32 Ford Sedan / 1940 Willys Coupe Double Kit 1/25 122 MC Kit #2532 history Dennis Doty
ASTON MARTIN DBR-9 122 MC NNL West 2007; Rennaisance kit p39 Brendan Howden
Panoz LMP red 122 MC LeMans Miniatures kit Thomas Minamara
Psychodelic Paint 122 MC swirl-a-delic method updated. Jairus Watson
Ricky Couch tribute 122 MC p8
NNL West  3Feb 2007 122 MC Aston Martin DBR9 (Brendan Howden); JEGs 2005 ProMod Mustang (Wayne Stevens Jr); Datsun 510 (Brad Diemer); Belly Tank Lahester (Steve Travis); Panoz LMP (Thomas Minamara).
Dick Landy Drag cars 1965-66 122 MC NNL West 2007 coverage p40 Two 65 Coronets plus 66 Dart; Ron Ramsay leved near Landy, got details correct. Ron Ramsay
V8 John Deere Lawn Tractor/Mower 122 MC Larry Henley
May/June 2007 123 MC Arrowhead Aluminum wheels & tires parts; TearDrop Trailers; Oscar Koveleski interview; Dave's Hobby Shop in Freeport NY; Eldon Titus bio; ,
Model Reviews 123 MC Tamiya 2005 Enzo FXX; Lindberg/Model King Vintage Dirt Modifieds White Lightning & Kustom Koffin
Ford C-600 Truck and Stuart Model 107 Car Carrier Trailer 1955 1/25 123 MC scratchbuilt car carrier trailer John Witney
Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT 2004 1/25 123 MC Dave Thibodeau
Aston Martin DBR-9 2005 1/43 123 MC building Provence Miniature Automobiles multi-media kit Wayne Moyer
Corvette C6 2005 1/25 123 MC Revell kit built 3 different ways
Lola T-70 1960s 1/25 123 MC IMC Lola T-70 at NNL East 2007 Gary Lawson
Honda Civic Tuner Drag car 123 MC scratchbuilt front wheel drive drag car at NNL East 2007 Renato Silva
Ford Model T Custom 1923 1/25 124 MC Scratchbuilt Brass Models Jerry Cardinal
Hilltop Motorcars Diorama 1932 1/25 124 MC NNL East winner, full of 1932 Fords of all kinds - scratchbuilt Joe Yuran
Kurtis Kraft 500C Zink Special Indy Car #6 1955 1/24 124 MC Only Pink IndyCar driven by Bob Swiekert to win the race. Built from Monogram kits of 1956 & 1965. Bill Coulter
Chevrolet Bel Aire 1957 1/25 124 MC kit history Steve wolf
Ferrari Enzo FXX 2006 1/24 124 MC Tamiya kit buildUp Dave Thibodeau
GSL XXI 2007 124 MC 39203
Mack DM600 1970s 1/25 124 MC Model King reissue of MPC Tim Ahlborn
Jul-07 124 MC Scale Motorsports Shelby Cobra Daytona;  start 5th subscription
Caterham Super 7 124 MC GSL XXI Best of Show Mark D. Jones
Heat Shields 1/25 124 MC cigarette foil & white glue Jairus Watson
Model Reviews 124 MC none
Sketchpad - Low Riders 124 MC 1956 Lincoln R&R Resins; 1951 Buick Jimmy Flintstone; 1949 Mercury New Revell kit Jairus Watson
Ford Five-Star Extra Cab Pickup "Sanford & Son" TV show truck 1951 1/25 125 MC detailed info on 1948-52 Ford pickup trucks
Mustang "Panel-Tang 2" 2006 1/25 125 MC updated version of the Nov 1966 Model Car & Science original article by Don Culp Randy Derr
Aug/Sept 2007 125 MC Brazil's MrModel 21" wheel/tire/brakes kits - excellent detail (avail from DetailMaster); VGS Resin flathead FI unit; DetailMaster 1977 Chevette body kit, Optima battery
Clean Up panel lines 125 MC HowTo Ismael Gonzalez
Diorama Basics - Pt 1 1/25 125 MC garage shop - base, block wall covering Mike Napoleon
Heavy Metal 1/24 125 MC Stripping and Repainting diecast models Bill Coulter & Tom Miller
Mid-Atlantic NNL - MAMA show May 2007 125 MC Best of winner Jeff Sauber 1953 Buick 
Model Photo Tips 125 MC Doug Whyte
Model Reviews 125 MC AMT/Ertl 34 Ford 5-window coupe #38405, 32 Ford "Vicky", 29 Ford Woody/Pickup
Model trucks 1/1 125 MC reference photos - axles, 5th wheel, tanker, battery box/step, 
Photo Booth 125 MC foam board & flouresent lights Alex Kustov
Ford T Phaeton 1927 126 MC LookinBack on AMT 1927 Ford T Phaeton & (Tex Smith's) XR-6 Double Kit Dennis Doty
Mercury Custom Coupe 1949 1/25 126 MC Revell new kit - full review Sam Tate
New Volkswagon Beetle 2002 1/25 126 MC Buildup of the Tamiya curbside kit Alex Kustov
Stacy Compton Pontiac "Black Pearl" - Pepsi 400 2003 1/25 126 MC Superdetailed NASCAR racer with Pirates of the Carribean paint scheme with decals by Clay Kemp-Machine Works Indy; see also Model Cars  Forum; built from Rev-Mono 2003 Monte Carlo Nascar Stock Car kit; aftermarket parts include: ProTech, Model Car Garage, Detail Master, RB Motion; Dave Thibodeau
Harley-Davidson FXDC dyna Glide Super Sport 2007 1/25 126 MC Building Late model Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in 1/25 Scale; Accessory bike in Rev-Mono 2000 Ford F150 H-D Pickup kit #85-7685; used to build a 2007 version stock AND custom;  Tim Boyd
IPMS Nationals, Anaheim CA 2007 126 MC Andy Kellock's AM McLaren 8B body panels; Richard Engar's Li'l Coffin; Robert Jacobson's Jag XJR-9LM detail;
Model Reviews 126 MC BHP Jag TransAm transkit; MCW 64 Chevy II Fastback longnose FC Resin (Bill Thomas RaceCars); Revell: 66 Pontiac GTO #2873, 70 Buick GSX #2079, 70 Ford Torino Cobra #2018, 67 Dodge Coronet #2017, 93 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra #2025, 69 Baldwin-Motion Camaro #2061, 69 Pontiac GTO Judge #2072, 70 Pontiac Firebird TA #2026; Jimmy Flintstone 1/25 Resin bodies (49 Mercury Coupe 4" chop, Bantam coupe, 51 Buick chop, 34 Ford Bonneville racer, 25 Ford Tall-T, 32 Ford Vicky, 36 Ford Flat-Back, 34 Ford Pickup cab)
Motorcycles Availability Review 126 MC Sidebar article: Revell 1963 Triumph Show Cycle (also in Triumph/BSA "Grease II" kit) & 1963 Harley Custom (also in Honda/Harley "Grease II" kit); MPC Honda Chopper (MPC 1979&80 Chevy Monte Carlo kits); Mono Tom Daniel "Cherry Bomb"; AMT 1962/63 Triumph Bonneville (AMT complete kit in 1963 Chevrolet Apache pickup kit - in stock, custom & Bonneville bike versions); MPC 1972 Tiki-Trike (re-issued 2005 by Retro Hobbies)
Oct 2007   (issue rec'd ~ Dec 7, 2007) 126 MC Minichamps Audi R10 TDI promo 1/43; IXO 1956 LeMans D-Type Jaguar; AUTOart 2005 Ford GT "LeMans Spec II" 1/18 issue rec'd ~ Dec 7
Peterbilt 378 sleeper 1/25 126 MC correcting an Italeria supplied sleeper Tim Ahlborn
Plymouth Belvedere Bonneville racer "Suddenly its 1960" 1957 1/25 127 MC Backdate a AMT 1958 Belveder kit, Modelhaus grille, vintage AMT 53 Ford Pickup Desoto Hemi, clone photos Carl Rees
Marlboro Penske PC-20 Rick Mears Indy winner 1991 1/43 127 MC Formula Models detailed kit ~$70 build Wayne E. Moyer
Bugatti Model Exhibit in Canandaiga, NY 127 MC
Chevy Yankee Challenge Baja Racer 1/25 127 MC Kit-bash & scratchbuilt Baja buggy and VW Baja Bug Mark Hadley
Diorama Basics - Pt 2 1/25 127 MC garage shop - floor, doors, windows, electric outlets, general dust&dirt grime Mike Napoleon
iHobby Expo Oct 2007 127 MC Revell, Lindberg/Hawk, Accurate Miniatures, Stevens International/Trumpeter, Airfix, Italeri only remaining companies.
Kustom Kemps of America 27th Annual Leadsled & custom car show July 2007 1/25 127 MC Nice customs - Best of Show Bruce Owens 2003 GSL winner
Model Reviews 127 MC Revell Aerovette #2067, 91 Pontiac Firebird #2068, HotWheels 57 Chev Bel Air #1946, HotWheels Corvette Coupe #1947, Sting Ray III #0851, Ferrari 308 GTB (RevGermany) #07316, 69 Ford Talladega #2080; Fuji,mi Amemiya MU RX-8 ENKEI by Greddy #18868.
Nov 2007 - rec'd 20 Dec, 2007 127 MC Testors One-Coat Lacquer system review
Ski/Drag Boat & Watercraft Kit History 1/25 127 MC approx release dates:  AMT 59 ChrisCraft, 63 ReysonCraft V-drive, 68 Hull Raiser, 64 Westcraft one-person; Revell 63 Go&Show Drag Boat, 71 Hemi-Hydro, 82 Datsun 4X4 w/Wetbikes, 90 Yamaha F1 team, 91 ElCamino or Ramcharger pu w/Ranger Comanche Bass Boat, 99 & 02 Silverado w/Waverider & figure; Testors 79 Unlimited Hydroplane. Tim Boyd
Ford Sedan Street Rod 1932 1/25 128 MC Detailed buildup & Review of newest Revell 32  Ford kit; five building tricks/tips on improving Rev-Mono deuce kits Tim Boyd
Mercury buildups 1949 1/25 128 MC three variations of the new Revell kit Gregory Hansel
Super II Chevy II Nova Fastback 1964 1/25 128 MC Bill Thomas' stretched fastback Chevy II drag car; Body from Dave Dodge of Model Car World on a Rat Packer donor kit. Dave Thibodeau
Chaparral 2H 1969 1/43 128 MC the weird one; lots of detail added Wayne E. Moyer
December-07 128 MC Lindberg Tall-T, Dodge L-700 & 1940 Ford Coupe, 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee, Dodge Rammunition and Ramminator monster trucks; Italeri Land Rover; Modified Stocker/AMT 1953 Ford Pickup (has all extra bits) w/4 wheel trailer; AMT Autocar A64B tractor; Tamiya Fairlady Z version NISMO (based on recent 350Z); Danbury Mint 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee; Cirtrack Racecars/MPC Switchers 1932 Ford Sedan/Phaeton.    1949 Mercury sketchpad
AMT Trophy Series Collector Cards 1/25 128 MC Dennis Doty
Model Photo Tips 1/25 128 MC details of his mag setup; also using cheap adjustable digital cameras - a Canon IS3 Gregg Hutchings
Mercury aftermarket parts 1949 1/25 129 MC R&MCM parts to enhance the Rev 49 Merc
Sectioning a '50 Ford 1950 1/25 129 MC Darryl Gassaway
Last AMT double kit 1965 1/25 129 MC Wilhelm's Wild Dream and King T and their decendants (Night Crawler, Fire Truck, Outkast, Paddy Wagon from King T; Ice Cream Truck, Street Beast from Wild Dream Dennis Doty
Dodge Dart Swinger 1970 1/25 129 MC Detailed buildup/review of Scale Coachwork Dart body kit, plus Revell 68 Dart and AMT 71 Demon kits Mike Dowd
Tommy Ivo Streamliner RE Dragster 1971 1/25 129 MC combining glue-bombs from eBay, AMT sand dragon kit (same chassis/suspension as IVO kit) and replacement decals from eBay seller "fiber_glass_trends" Tim Boyd
C6 Corvette Convertible 2005 1/25 129 MC combine parts from full detail coupe and snap-kit convertible. Ismail Gonzalez
Daytona Charger Pro-Street wheelwells 1980s 1/25 129 MC copy the Grumpy's Toy Vega wheel arches onto a late model MPC Charger body and adding a lip surround Gregg Hutchings
January-08 1/25 129 MC Model King/AMT 1969 Camaro Funny Car; Revell Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano             Scale Hardware bolts&rivets
Ferrari 275 GTB/2 short nose 1/24 129 MC restoration of a (poor) EX Models multi-media kit Alex Kustov
Short Track Racers of JR Burggren 1/25 129 MC highly detailed Sprint cars and Super Stock 37 Chevy Modified, 67 Mustang Fastback, Monte Carlo, IMCA Rick Stout Modified cars JR "Junior" Burggren
White Freightliner COE Fleet tractor 1/25 129 MC Lance Gregory
Anthony Rios Models 2007 1/25 130 MC ScCal's Modelling Menace Darryl Gassaway
Classic Plastic Lawrence, Mass 2007 1/25 130 MC Christine Pro-Mod Del Paone; Chaparral 2D John Cole; 
Feb/Mar 2008 - Contest Issue, all in 2007 2007 1/25 130 MC PACM Sitdown;  MASSCAR;  St Joseph's Pony Express NNL;  Hobby Company Show; Pegassus Hobby Shop Show; LIARS Show; Southern NNL
First Annual Arizona NNL - Phoenix 2007 1/25 130 MC 67 STP Indy turbine (Jorgenson kit) & Cadillac LMP Bernie Kankiewicz
Good-Guys Mid-West Nats - Kansas City, Ks 2007 1/25 130 MC VW Bug Funny Car Jose Delgado Jimenez; 
Heartland Nationals - Kansas City, Missouri 2007 1/25 130 MC VW Bug Funny Car Jose Delgado Jimenez; Ferrari 250 TR w/ tissue tarp Terry Love
Mid-America Summer Nationals - Iowa 2007 1/25 130 MC 70 Plymouth Petty NASCAR Jaryn Ringler; Shirley Muldowney FC Dwayne Bressem (Model Car List); 
Model Car Sunday - Seattle Washington 2007 1/25 130 MC 32 Ford Best of Show by legally blind Bruce Stallard!; 1/12 Ferrari 312T & 312 T2 & 1/8 Ferrari Boxer engine Fred Fritz; Modified Lil Coffin Steve Hilby; 29  Ford Monogram "Blue Beetle" restoration John Bissinger
TAMS 2007 - Norfolk, Va 2007 1/25 130 MC 1/24 Corvai Engine Andy Behrens; 70 Plymouth Superbird #40 Chuck Satterwhite
Texas Showdown - Irving, Texas 2007 1/25 130 MC 66 Chevelle flamed Len Woodruff; Austin Healey Charles Feuerbourn;
Toledo NNL  2007 1/25 130 MC 69 Dodge Daytona #88 Mark Batson; 49 Hirohata Merc Tom Nungester; Audi R10 Jim Drew; 2003 Greg Anderson Grand Am PS Clay Kemp
Western Scale Classic - Fullerton, California 2007 1/25 130 MC Pro-Mod Henry J Drew Martin; Fiat Topolino Altered Drew Miller; Don Garlits Dart 2 John Teresi; 
Mack Bulldog trucks 1927 1/25 131 MC enthusiast group ATEAM build the life of a truck 1927 - present day; good weathering techniques Charles Rowley
Prock & Howell Willys 1933 1/25 131 MC mostly scratch-built; featured in December 1968 Car Craft magazine Steve Perry
Chevy Fleetline Top Chop 1951 1/25 131 MC AMT kit body Darryl Gassaway
NASCAR Laguna curb side 1970s 1/25 131 MC Lenny Pond #54 Pepsi car and Cale Yarborough's 1975 #11 Holley Farms car Dave Thibodeau
Porsche Carrera GT 2006? 1/24 131 MC Tamiya kit with Scale Motorsport's upgrade kit Dave Thibodeau
April-08 131 MC Revell 1955 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop, 1930 Ford Woody Street Rod, 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda, Camaro Concept 2009 Car.    Contests: NNL West 2008 (Garlits Dart 2; HRM Cheetah
Diorama Basics 3 1/25 131 MC shelving units; workbench; storage boxes; tools; odds N ends; Photo Reducing on a computer Mike Napoleon
What is happening at AMT 1/25 131 MC Auto World - Round 2 will produce & market AMT, MPC & Polar Lights kits and Diecast.
Volkswagon Beetle 1966 1/25 132 MC mid-engine from 1967 Porsche 911R; Boxster chassis Gary Kulchok
Ferrari 250 GTO (part 1) 1/24 132 MC Model Factory Hiro kit #4399GT; brass doors & trunk lid; operating wheel knock-offs Alex Kustov
May/June 2008 - Renewal sent 6MAY2008- says "EXP. MAY '08 ISSUE"; mailing label said "05/08 expiry" 132 MC Hasegawa Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa; Revell 1970 Mustang Mach 1, Audi R8, Volkswagon Golf R32, Subaru WRX STi, 1958 Chevy Impala lowrider ; Jada 2007 Shelby GT500.       Contests: NNL East 2008 (66 Bug best of show, Enzo, 49 Mercs, another HRM Cheetah, Ferrari F40 Engine
Hirohata Mercury 1949 1/25 133 MC scratchbuilding from AMT kit Stan Pinho
Chevy Nova SS 1969 1/25 133 MC Detailed build review of new Revell kit; comparo with old AMT kit.
Restoring a Pressed Steel Toy pickup 1940s 1/25 133 MC Convert an aging tandem axle dump truck toy Morgan Barclay
July-08 1/25 133 MC ModelMartin Cad-Attack FC body (;  Hasegawa Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa detail sets; Revell 1969 Nova SS; AMT Competition Parts Pack engines (T-body, Allison, 421, 283, 392, Corvair 145); Fujimi Toyota TE278 Levin (Corolla), RX-7 RE Amemiya FD35 tuner; CMC 1955 Mercedes 300SLR.            Contests: Cactus Classic 2007; Ferrari Expo 2008 start 6th subscription
Chopper Motorcycle forks 1/12 133 MC Better forks for better bikes Evan Jones
Ferrari 250 GTO (part 2) 1/24 133 MC Model Factory Hiro kit #4399GT; seatbelts; interior and final assembly Alex Kustov
Ric Hicks - Pegasus 1/25 133 MC aug 1947 - Dec 2007; Grapes of Wrath 53 Chevy and Cranberry 63 Impala
Mercury 60th Anniversary 1949 1/25 134 MC short story Ken Kitchen
Buick Limited 225 1958 1/25 134 MC Chrome Clad Colossus; adding curved side trim and bare metal foil; machining plastic wheels in lathe Bill Coulter
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 1964 1/25 134 MC Scale Motorsport curbside kit David Thibodeau
Mustang Mach 1 / Boss 302 1970 1/24 134 MC Revell kit review and car detail info Sam Tate
2008 Rod & Custom model show, Kansas 134 MC
Aug/Sep 2008 134 MC MG Automodelli Ferrari 166 MM Berlinetta; Modelhaus 1967 Mercury Cougar; Scale Coachworks FIA Cobra; Drag City Castings 1965 Chevelle teardrop hood; Fischer pattern Ferrari 312P Spyder; SSB Resins FDNY Ford E-450 Ambulance; Lindberg 1925 Ford 5 window Tall T; Fujimi Lexus LS600hL curbside; Aoshima Toyota Harrier 350G (Lexus RX); 
Drag Chutes 134 MC Scratchbuilding cloth covered drag parachutes, with tether details Raul Perez
Fifth wheel tri-axle car trailer 1/25 134 MC combine two AMT dual-axle trailers. Tim Boyd
Paint Strippers  134 MC 91% Isopropyl Alcohol; CSC; Easy-Off (yellow can, NOT lemon); brake fluid; EasyLiftOff (ELO).
Peterbilt 378 1/25 134 MC Italeri kit review; info and aftermarket conversion parts Tim Ahlborn
Photo Tips 3 134 MC Using Aperture Priority Gregg Hutchings
Olsonite Eagle Indy 500 - Dan Gurney 1968 1/25 135 MC scratchbuilt details for the old MPC kit - add Fred Cady decals. Ismael Gonzalez
Chevrolet Nova 1969 1/25 135 MC winter beater extensively weathered finish techniques Virgil Suarez
October-08 1/25 135 MC Danbury Mint "California Kid" 34 Ford; M-R Hiro Porsche 550 "James Dean" resin; Calofornia Model Works Belly Tank Lakester resin; Italeri Mecedes Benz 540K, Rolls-Royce Phantom II, Bugatti Royal Coupe Napoleon; Ixo Audi R10-TDI 1/43; AUTOart Aston Martin DBR9 LeMans 2007 1/18,
Contests 1/25 135 MC 5th Annual Carribean Scale Auto Expo Nov 2007
Diorama Landscaping 101 1/25 135 MC grass, trees, leaves ground cover, winter snow
Ferrari F50 twins 1/25 135 MC pair of Tamiya kits expertly built  Alex Kustov
Kawasaki ZX-RR Ninja Power 1/12 135 MC detailing the fine Tamiya kit David Thibodeau
Scratchbuild a custom Peterbilt hood 1/25 135 MC Tim Ahlborn
Chevy Bel-Aire 1955 1/25 136 MC Properly Open and Hinge doors on AMTs 55 Chevy Bill Geary "Mr Obsessive"
VW Bug dune buggy Meyers Manx  1968 1/25 136 MC Building AMTs original Don Emmonds & BAJA (Vic Wilson/Ted Mangels) VW Bug dune buggy Tim Boyd
Chevy Laguna 1975 1/25 136 MC Sketchpad - Harry Pristovnik
Bentley Speed 8 - Le Mans winner 2003 1/43 136 MC IXO review p59 - very good! Wayne Moyer
Corvette Z06 2005 1/25 136 MC BuildUp review of Revell's new coupe Ismael Gonzalez
iHOBBY EXPO 2008 2008 1/25 136 MC First show for Round 2/AMT/Auto World/Tom Lowe (TV Tommy Ivo TF; Double Dragster & 1925 Model T 2n1)
NASCAR Tire details 2008 1/25 136 MC Detailing tires tips - the right way David Thibodeau
Toledo NNL  2008 1/25 136 MC
NASCAR Tire details 1980s 1/25 136 MC Detailing tires tips - the right way David Thibodeau
November-08 1/25 136 MC Revell 69 Camaro Z28 RS hot wheels snap, 2005 Corvette Z06; JADA 2006 Camaro Concept; AMT (SI) Ford Model T Police Car;
Garret steam traction engine 1919 1/16 137 MC Steam Power history and Adding detail to an ENTEX kit Bill Borgen
Volare Road Runner 1977 1/25 137 MC Restoration of a (MPC?) Super Pac kit he previously built at age 12, using AMT 71 Duster donar, wheels AMT 70 Chevelle, tires MPC BFG Radial T/A, Keith Marks decals, and re-chromed parts. Steve Milberry
Southern National NNL - Smyrna, GA 2008 1/25 137 MC Rat Trap AA/FA
December-08 1/25 137 MC Xuron sprue cutters p5; MCW 56 Pontiac 860 sedan full kit; MPC 1932 Gangbusters Chevrolet Panel or Cabriolet; Bob Paeth remembered; Revell 06 Shelby GT-H Mustang, 07 Shelby GT500 Mustang; Fujimi Nissan GT-R; Auto-Art 56 Jaguar XK-SS "Steve McQueen" p57; IXO 2007 Aston Martin DBR9 LeMans p 58.
Ferrari Challenge Stradale (CS)   pt 1 1/25 137 MC converted from Tamiya 360 Modena using MSM Creation transkit (yuck), Renaissance 360N-GT parts, Acu-Stion PE kit and scratchbuilding. Alex Kustov
Ferrari Challenge Stradale (CS)   pt 2 1/25 137 MC converted from Tamiya 360 Modena using MSM Creation transkit (yuck), Renaissance 360N-GT parts, Acu-Stion PE kit and scratchbuilding. Interior, wheels/brakes; engine subassemblies Alex Kustov
Ford Falcon A/FX Daddy Warbucks 1965 1/25 138 MC Oct 65 Super Stock mag pics from Kevin Ellis; variations of Falcons; figures; Xmas tree Bill Coulter
IMSA Corvette GTP 1986 1/25 138 MC Quick Skins Resin (Lola Chevrolet effort, based on upgraded Lola T600 (T610) chasis Ismael Gonzalez
Dodge L-700 tilt cab truck 1966-70 1/25 138 MC Recreation of the Car Model Sept 1969 "Tale of Two Trucks" build of the IMC / later Testors kit Ken Kitchen
January-09 1/25 138 MC Aoshima Toyota JZZ30 Soarer (1991 Lexus SC400); Revell 1963 Corvette snap; AMT 51 Chevy Bel Air convertible; CMC 1961 Ferrari 156 diecast; AUOTart Penske Porsche ALMS RS Spider;    RESINS: Shawn Carpenter 55 Chevy Townsman Nomad, Mason City Miniatures 55 Chevy 4-door, Hendrix Manuf 1956 Ford Mainline Business Coupe & Customline 2-door sedan; 
Bomber seats for rat rods 1/25 138 MC
Ferrari FXX Carbon Fiber 1/25 138 MC How to apply carbon fiber decals and Scale Motorsports FXX Super Kit to the Tamiya FXX David Thibodeau
Peterbilt 376 1/25 138 MC Scratchbuild heavy-duty frame rails for trucks Tim Ahlborn
A&S Model Car Show, Merced, Calif 1/25 139 MC
Best in the West Las Vegas 1/25 139 MC
Cactus Classic, Victorville, Calif 1/25 139 MC
Desert Scale Classic, Glendale, Arizona 1/25 139 MC Snoopy Jaguar XE FC
Drastic Plastics, Omaha, Nebraska 1/25 139 MC
Eagles Lodge, Overland Park, Kansas 1/25 139 MC
Feb/Mar 2009   CONTEST ISSUE - all 2008: 1/25 139 MC
George Barris Back to the 50's 1/25 139 MC
Gold Coast Modelrama, Oxnard, Calif 1/25 139 MC
GoodGuys Midwest Nationals, Kansas City, Ks 1/25 139 MC
Keystone Cards Model Car Concourse, Watkins Glenn, NY 1/25 139 MC
Mid America Summer Nationals, Council Bluffs, Iowa 1/25 139 MC
NNL North, Bloomington, Minnesota 1/25 139 MC 2005 Dodge Stratus FC detailed by Steve Cote
SoCal NNL 1/25 139 MC
TAMS, Norfolk, Virginia 1/25 139 MC
Texas Showdown, Houston Tx 1/25 139 MC
Camaro Sunoco Retro 2007 1/25 140 MC Backdate the new Revell Snap Camaro Concept to Penske Sunoco; new paint "Scalefinishes" has Penske Sunoco Blue & Sunoco Yellow; Perrys Resins Minilite wheels & resin Tires; scratchbuilt brass rollcage
Carribean Scale Auto Contest, Puerto Rico 2008 1/25 140 MC
Dodge Challenger SRT8 2008 1/25 140 MC review of AMTs new promo curbside Bill Coulter
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962-3 1/25 140 MC Detailed review of the Revell-Germany kit David Thibodeau
April-09 1/25 140 MC Aeoshima Vertex FD3S RX-7; Revell 2008 Shelby GT500KR; AMT 1960 Ford Starliner 2 in 1 Deluxe Kit, 1/32 scale "All Stars" kits Indy 500 Winner, 1932 Ford, 1940 Ford, 1963 Corvette, 1965 Mustang 1/18 scale, 1961 Ranchero, 1960 Thunderbird, 1963 Avanti;  GMP 1969 Mr Gasket Mustang red AA/GS; MiniChamps 1/43 2008 Porsche RS Spyder Promo;       RESINS:  Scale Motorsport FXX Superdetail Kit; Bandit Resins 1970 Ford Mustang Grand coupe; Modelhaus 1959 Plymouth upgrade parts for Johan kit
Brake Ducts 1/25 140 MC Scratchbuiold flexible brake cooling ducts Alex Kustov
Ferrari Challenge Stradale (CS)   pt 3 1/25 140 MC converted from Tamiya 360 Modena using MSM Creation transkit (yuck), Renaissance 360N-GT parts, Acu-Stion PE kit and scratchbuilding. Final assembly; sliding panel side windows; polishing and little details like headlites, lenses, WW wipers, headliner etc Alex Kustov
Peterbuilt 359 1/1 140 MC detail photos custom engine, frame sleeve for mounting heavy winches etc; air dryer, remote lube, end of frame glad-hands, beacon mount bracket, loading ramps Tim Ahlborn
Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan Black Widow 1957 1/25 141 MC "New milleniuum" Revell 1957 Chevrolet kit build review; BW info sources; interior & engine details; 6-lug wheels Len Carsner & Bill Coulter
AMT Double Kits Alpine A210/Gordini R8 1970 1/25 141 MC kits made by Heller, packaged & distributed by AMT in 1970. Dennis Doty
Ferrari FXX Carbon Fiber 2008 1/25 141 MC using Scale Motorsport Super Detail kit; Ferrari 60th Anniversary; Jean Todt's Ride?? David Thibodeau
Marion Steam Shovel 1919-26 1/25 141 MC scratchbuilt; with lowboy trailer Jeffrey S Harper
Aluminum full wheel covers 1/25 141 MC made from pop can bottoms Scott Colmer
Article writer's guide 1/25 141 MC
CONTESTS 1/25 141 MC NNL West 2009 7 March 2009; 
May-Jun 2009 1/25 141 MC Trumpeter GT40 Mk II 1/12; Spark Models resin kit 1970 Porsche 917L; MPC-AW 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (AMT 1990s); Aoshima 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86; Revell 2008 Bullitt Mustang
Peterbuilt Factory Display 1/25 141 MC Tim Ahlborn
Corvette C6R   Petit LeMans 2006 1/25 142 MC Correcting the Revell Showcar to represent 2006 race car - see MCM Forum article also Ismael Gonzalez
Impala #88 National Guard-AMP NASCAR 2008 1/25 142 MC detail a die cast  Dale Earnhardt Jr NASCAR Jay Savarese
CONTESTS 2009 1/25 142 MC NNL East 2009 (Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa);
Retro Style Corvette "RetroVette" 2009 1/25 142 MC Combines a 1969 with 2006 C6 Corvette plus 1963 split-window; real leather seats. Dave Susan
History of 1/43 John Day white metal kits 1971-80 1/43 142 MC first widely-distributed mass-produced white metal kits in 1/43 scale; mostly inaccurate, but inexpensive, even today; John quit in 1980 over trade losses, and passed away 2006. Wayne Moyer
July-09 1/25 142 MC Hasegawa 1/20 Ferrari 312T2PE detail set; ProTech valve stems; Kitchen Table Resins Pontiac straight 8 engine; Flashpoint Mototrsports new resin FC& ProMod bodies; Revell 1969 Camaro Z/28 SS snap, 1964 Ford Fairlane street machine 2'n1; MPC 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo Class Action; Midlantic Models 1960 Maserati Birdcage streamliner. start 7th subscription
Li'l Camino custom sketch pad 1/25 142 MC modification suggestion to the Li'l Coffin Brad Leisure
Semi-truck gas tanks 1/25 142 MC Tim Ahlborn
Chevrolet - NHRA Junior Stock Eliminator 1957 1/25 143 MC Building the shoeboix within the rules.
Pescarolo C60-Judd 2006 1/25 143 MC Review of the Lemans Miniatures resin kit (pre-painted or unpainted available) Mike Siegman
CONTESTS 2009 1/25 143 MC GSLXXII Apr30-May3, 2009 (Randy Derr's AJ Foyt ASA Camaro 1/12; Steve Perry's double engine dragster; L'il Coffin; Belly Tanker
Aug/Sep 2009 143 MC Revell '32 Ford Five-Window Coupe, 1968 Mustang GT 2'n1, 1969 Chevy Nova Yenko; Scalekraft 1929 Irving-Napier Golden Arrow; MPC Paddy Wagon snap; Revell/AMT 1956 Buick Century (1/32);  Bizarre 1/43 1965 Goldenrod LSR car; AUTOart 1971 Martini Porshe 917K
Model T Ugly Hot Rod 1/8 143 MC Al Ragsdale
Photo Backdrop 1/25 143 MC Ken Kitchen
remove tire mold seam 1/25 143 MC bolt tool for grinding tire treads Alex Kustov
Resin Casting Basics 1/25 143 MC Alumilite methods & supplies Gregg Hutchings
Revell Funny Car Ride Height Fix 1/25 143 MC B&W version of internet how-to Wayne Stevens Jr
TWH Collectibles emergency vehicles 1/50 143 MC highly detailed diecast reproductions ($190-$200). Oshkosh Striker 3000 airport crash rig; Pierce Quantum; Seagrave TDA (Tractor-Drawn Aerial); Pierce Velocity HAL & PUC.
Ford Galaxie 1963 1/25 144 MC detailing the AMT Buyers Choice or Millenium kit; friendly buildoff challenge Dennis Ezmerlian & Rod Maskiw
Ford Galaxie 1964 1/25 144 MC detailing the AMT promo-style kit; friendly buildoff challenge; opening trunk; scratchbuild car jack & tire iron; battery detailing Dennis Ezmerlian & Rod Maskiw
Swamp Rat XXX Garlits 1986 1/25 144 MC building & detailing the Revell kit for presentation to Don Garlits at his museum Dave Thibodeau
Dodge Challenger R/T 2008 1/25 144 MC building impression of AMT kit; comparison with new Revell Challenger kit; wheels comparo; use of Black Sharpie and silver Pilot markers; adding Pegasus 1093 disk brakes Bill Coulter
Dodge Challenger SRT8 2009 1/25 144 MC building impression of Revell kit; comparison with two new AMT Challenger kits Len Carsner
Dodge Challenger SRT8 2009 1/25 144 MC building impression of AMT kit; comparison with new Revell Challenger kit; pic of Dale Bartley Rod Shop tribute version. Bill Coulter
October-09 1/25 144 MC AMT 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T; Revell 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T or 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A, Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster; Trumpeter Ford GT40 MkII first impressions; MPC 1949 Mercury Police Car,            GREX Airbrushes; Scale Hardware nutdrivers; Max Effort Models turned aluminum fuel fillers pg6; Aardvark 1960 Maserati Type 61 Birdcage
Book Review - Dean Jeffries 1/25 144 MC Dennis Doty
Foiling a truck radiator surround/ grille crown 1/25 144 MC how to bare metal foil curved objects
Model Cars 10th Anniversary celebration 1/25 144 MC first issue #58?? Gregg Hutchings
Precision Miniatures - History 1/43 144 MC IMRA & Precision Miniatures Company history & complete kit listing Wayne Moyer
sketchpad - Beverly Hillbillies truck 1/25 144 MC modern version built from 1994 Dodge Ram 1500. Brad Leisure
USA Fire Apparatus kits review 1/25 144 MC Rob Hade
Hirohata Mercury custom 1949 1/25 145 MC Progress since July 2008 issue #133; Stan visits real car; 1:1 Detail shots. Stan Pinho
Ford 300 two-door post sedan 1959 1/25 145 MC How to build a 1950's style custom: flipper hubcaps, lakespipes, exhaust trumpets, Gibson Les Paul electric guitar & amp. Bill Coulter
Ford model kits summary 1959 1/25 145 MC 1959 Galaxie born from a '58 thunderbird roof on a full-size Failane. 1959 Ford's built by many modellers around the world, using plastic and resin parts. Summary of plastic kits, promo/friction models, diecasts and HO scale Bill Coulter
Porshe Boxster 2000 1/25 145 MC Budget build of a Revell snap kit Ismael Gonzalez
Dodge Stratus Matco Tools Whit Bazemore FC 2005 1/25 145 MC Superdetailing a modern Funny Car David Thibodeau
Contest - Lower Left Coast NNL-Aug 2009 2009 1/25 145 MC Dyno Don Pinto slot car; Durachrome Bug; Lil Coffin; 62 Pontiac SD421; Hasegawa Testa Rossa; Fiat Altered, Audi R10 TDI
Parts Pack Altered 1960s 1/25 145 MC recreate the Revell Double car kit altered from parts packs and re-issued kits Tim Boyd
November-09 1/25 145 MC TDR Innovations 1-8 scale Offy Engine kit & 9" rear axle; Monogram Bathtub Buggy, 1930 Ford Coupe; Tamiya 2009 Nissan 370Z; Aoshima Nissan GT-R LH drive w/Engine; Fujimi Ferrari F430 Scuderia; Lindberg 1967 Oldsmobile 442; Revell 1-8 scale Big Tub; MotorMax 1-18 diecast American Graffiti Milner's 32 Ford Coupe; Marsh 1969-70 Ford (GT40 Mk IV derivative) G7A CanAm; AMT Fruehauf Flatbed Trailer
Kit windsheilds & glass 1/25 145 MC how to make kit clear glass better Bill Geary "Mr Obsessive"
Lil Rocket 88 Oldsmobile Hot Rod 1/25 145 MC Build a '60s style hiot rod from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show truck Brad Leisure
Western Star Day-Cab truck 1/25 145 MC needs a new cab back panel Tim Ahlborn
5-window Little Deuce Coupe East Coast Style 1932 1/25 146 MC 1950's east coast style hot rod; heavily channelled stock-height body; Cadillac engine; steel wheels; wide whitewalls; sectioned interior Drew Hierwarter
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958 1/25 146 MC Highly detailed upgrades to the Hasegawa Ferrari 250TR kit; door hinges cast in nickel-chrome in a dental lab; Model Master Italian Red & Guards Red mixed ~50-50; superb engine detail Felice Ferriello
Buick Electra 225 1962 1/25 146 MC Creating Box Art for the Round 2 reissue of AMT 1962 Buick Brad Leisure
Go-kart 1962 1/25 146 MC AMT bonus parts from 1962 annual kits, and complete in 1963 Ford F100 pickup truck; currently available from Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland Norm Veber. Tim Boyd
Triumph Bonneville motorcycle 1963 1/25 146 MC AMT bonus parts from 1962 annual kits, and complete in 1963 Chevrolet Apache pickup truck; currently available from Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland Norm Veber. Tim Boyd
December-09 1/25 146 MC Revell 1-8 Big Tub expanded build ; Doyusha Milk Truck; Revell 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe, 1965 Chevy Stepside Pickup; Lindberg M-K Triumph GT6+, 1-16 scale 1910 Ford Model T; Monogram Tijuana Taxi; AMT 1962 Buick Electra 225 Hordtop, International Transtar 300 Eagle truck; True Scale Models 1-43 1967 F1 Gurney Eagle.
1930's car door Hinges & Latches 1/25 146 MC how to scratchbuild extenal hinges and door latches Jairus Watson
European Fire Apparatus 1/25 146 MC Revell models of Mercedes-Benz Metz ladder truck, Rescue engine & Water tender; Italeria tanker, Fire Ladder Truck & Fire Jeep reviews Rob Hade
Exterior body emblems and interior dash details 1/25 146 MC how to create accurate high resolution emblems, dash instrument & woodgrain appliques with a computer and printer. Transfer hi-rez jpg images (photographs, scanned dealer brochures, or internet images) into Word (use INSERT to load image, then FORMAT PICTURE>SIZE to precisely resize the image without a reduction in resolution, no matter how small an image required. Will work when printing at BEST printer's resolution onto photo paper or decal sheets. Howard Weinstein
Piston Shifter Knob 1/25 146 MC how to scratchbuild a piston shifter knob Scott Colmer
Chrysler Imperial Roadster - Indy Pace Car 1933 1/25 147 MC converting the AMT/MPC 1932 Chrysler Roadster; scratchbuilt wheels resin copied Ismael Gonzalez
Ford Convertible/Coupe 1936 1/24 147 MC expanded review of the Revell re-issue
Ford - best kit ever? 1940 1/25 147 MC Revell's 1940 Ford kit reviews - Roger Harney favourite Tim Boyd
Corvette   factory stock 1962 1/25 147 MC explains differences between near-identical 1961 & 1962 Corvettes; combines Monogram 59 and AMT 62 Corvette bodies; most details scratchmade masters casrt in nickle-silver
Contest NNL Nats #30      Oct 2009 2009 1/25 147 MC 58 Austin-Healey Sprite; 1-20 Lotus F1 Clark; 1970 Javelin TransAm; Goldenrod LSR; Panoz LMP
Chopping a Top 1950s 1/25 147 MC how to chop a top on a 1953 Ford pickup for a rat rod Chuck Most
January-10 1/25 147 MC Model Factory Hiro Aston Martin DBR9 resin, Type 65 427 Cobra Super Coupe resin; E.Jan/Model Factory Hiro Maserati MC12 resin: AMT 1959-60 Ford Leva Car, White Freightliner Dual Drive truck tractor; Monogram Rommels Rod, Street Fighter; Revell 1936 Ford Convertible/Coupe, 1930 Ford Model A touring street rod; Fujimi Misubishi Lancer Evo IX GSR,, Toyota dB Z Version / Q Version.
Challenger SRT8 sketchpad 1/25 147 MC Tiger Stripes; convertible; Posey's 1970 TransAm Jairus Watson 
Engine Turned Surfaces 1/25 147 MC how to create engine turning effect on aluminum duct tape with a home-built tool Scott Colmer
Cactus Classic Calif  Nov 09 2009 1/25 148 MC
Desert Scale Classic  Apr 09 2009 1/25 148 MC Mickey Thompson Challenger
Drastic Plastics Feb 09 2009 1/25 148 MC Rolls Royce '60s gasser
Feb/Mar 2010  Contest Issue all 2009 2009 1/25 148 MC Scale Motorsport Product price list pg34;
Grand National Roadster Show Feb 09 2009 1/25 148 MC 88 Silk Cut Jag XJR 8
Heartland Nats Kansas Jun 09 2009 1/25 148 MC California Charger FE dragster; Len Woodruff's Eleanor
HMCA Indianopolis Mar 09 2009 1/25 148 MC 62 Pontiac SD ; Mongoose FE dragster
KKOA Salina Kan  Jul 09 2009 1/25 148 MC
MAGS Ocala Fla   Mar 09 2009 1/25 148 MC
Masscar Mar 09 2009 1/25 148 MC
Mid-America Nats Neb  Oct 09 2009 1/25 148 MC
NNL Milwaukie Apr 09 2009 1/25 148 MC Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy Peoples Choice
Route 66 San Bernadino  Sep 09 2009 1/25 148 MC Hot Wheels Camaro; Durachrome Bug
San Diego MCCC   Oct 09 2009 1/25 148 MC Dyna Moe Challenge
SoCal NNL May 09 2009 1/25 148 MC IMC GT40; Plymouth Dealers 65 Hemi drag Barracuda
Tucker convertible 1948 1/25 149 MC sketchpad Brad Leisure
HURST Oldsmobile 442 convertible 1972 1/25 149 MC adding detail to a great new Revell kit Bill Coulter
Oldsmobile 442 convertible 1972 1/25 149 MC adding detail to a great new Revell kit Len Carsner
Porsche 911GT3 2004 1/25 149 MC building a difficult Tamiya curbside kit Alex Kustov
Peterbilt 388 2006 1/25 149 MC how to subtly weather a truck model Tim Ahlborn
Contest:   Western NNL #25       Feb 2010 2010 1/25 149 MC 66 Sunoco Corvette
Mack RB 600 Dump Truck & Dump Trailer 1990s 1/25 149 MC largely scratchbuilt in Holland! Erik Fontein
April-10 1/25 149 MC Model Expo self-contained spray booth; Alpha Abrasives new stuff; Parts by Parks history; AMT TV Tommy Ivo FE Dragster; Revell 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door sedan (new millenium version), 1960 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop, 1972 Hurst Oldsmobile Cutlass 442; MPC 1969 Dodge charger General Lee Dukes of Hazard; 1974 Plymouth Road Runner Daisy Duke;
front engine rail dragster evolution 1/25 149 MC modifying TV Tommys new dragster into several dragsters from the 1960s Drew Hierwarter
Mercury pick-up Mad Max style vehicle 1949 1/25 150 MC Building a futuristic science fiction style vehicle, inspired by Mad Max, Terminator Salvation, Death Race & Fifth Element; rare earth magnets to secure replaceable modules Virgil "Cranky" Suarez
Jaguar D-Type     - Jim Rattenbury 1955 1/25 150 MC Recreating the front row of inugural Westwood Racing Circuit feature race 26 July, 1959. Wheelbase lengthened on Merit kit, with Lindberg nose and added vents/scoops. Phil Dauphinee (from BC)
Corvette          - Tom Luce 1957 1/25 150 MC Recreating the front row of inugural Westwood Racing Circuit feature race 26 July, 1959. Revell Basic Builder kit slightly modified. Phil Dauphinee (from BC)
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa   - George Keck won 1958 1/25 150 MC Recreating the front row of inugural Westwood Racing Circuit feature race 26 July, 1959. Hasegawa kit with optional PE wire wheels Phil Dauphinee (from BC)
Corvette 1964 1/16 150 MC Sketchpad ideas for updating the old MPC kit: Amerivette (styling cues new Camaro and Grand Sport) & Italivette (styling cues from Ferrari) Mike Lomaka
Corvette 427 1967 1/12 150 MC building & detailing a big scale Revell kit
Hurst/Oldsmobile Convertible 1972 1/25 150 MC expanded review of the Revell kit Sam Tate
Cadillac STS-V 2007 1/25 150 MC De-Bling the Revell "Uptown Cadillac STS-V" die-cast origins plastic kit to create a modern gentlemans hot rod Ismael Gonzalez
Contest NNL East   Apr 2010 2010 1/25 150 MC Nanook
Custom Big Rigs at Mid-America Truck Show Louisville, Ky Mar 2010 1/25 150 MC Custom Peterbilt 359, 379; Kenworth K100 COE, W900 Aerodyne; White-Freightliner COE, GMC General; Volvo sleeper Tim Ahlborn
May/June 2010 1/25 150 MC Fisher Model&Pattern 1971 Ferrari 512LM Sunoco; AMT 1925 Model T Ford Double Kit, 1962 Pontiac Catalina 412SD Beswick; Lindberg 1964 Plymouth Belvedere Goldsmith (ex-Petty); Revell 1967 Corvette 427 1-12 scale.
Model Transportation protective case 1/25 150 MC Repli-Cars aluminum case holds 8 models in foam protective egg-crate Henry Trent
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe - first handmade Prototype 1964 1/25 151 MC photos from Simeone Foundation Museum, Philadelphia ( John Oszajca
Chevelle G-Machine 1966 1/25 151 MC scratch built chassis, super detailed Dirk Joseph
Shelby Mustang GT500 2007  1/24 151 MC review of Jada kit build (no stock wheels, tires or suspension parts in kit) Tom Miller
How to Scratchbuild resin cast wheels 1960s 1/25 151 MC ping-pong ball used to create center master; .040" sheet rims Darin Bastedo
July-10 1/25 151 MC WildHare (Ken Hamilton) photoetched diorama detail parts 1/24 Milk Crates & Shopping Carts (pg5); TDR 1967 Mustang fastback resin 1/12 scale; AMT Double DragsterAoshima Lancer EvolutionX RalliArt curbside, Mercedes SL 63AMG; MPC Fire Truck - Chuck Miller's custom rod. start 8th subscription
How to Scratchbuild headliners 1/25 151 MC Johnson&Johnson adhesive bandage tape for 1950s replica-stock; CF decal on underside of roof for >2k race cars. Alex Kustov
Kenworth W900 AeroDyne 1/25 151 MC Tim Ahlborn
Nissan 350Z 1/25 151 MC Slump Buster quick-build  Ismael Gonzalez
Rocket 88 Custom rod 1/25 151 MC creating a model from Sketchpad Hillbillies Truck kit Kern Kitchen
Southern NNL Nov14, 2009 1/25 151 MC SLIXX booth, Winston Mitchell tribute (RIP Nov '09); 64 Petty Bill Coulter; IMSA Jaguar reference; 66 LeMans GT40 winner
Chevrolet AeroSedan 1948 1/25 152 MC Build and detail the Galaxie well detailed and superbly molded model kit Jairus Watson
Pontiac GTO 1967 1/25 152 MC restoring a 20 year old MPC kit; original kit Pontiac 389 tri-power engine replaced with updated 400 ci V8 by MPC in recent reissues. Bill Coulter
Aug-Sep 2010 1/25 152 MC Monogram 1939 Chevy Coupe, Ford F250 Super-Duty PickUp truck; Revell 1962 Chevrolet Impala, 1991 GMC Syclone mini PickUp truck, 1966 Chevrolet SS396 Hardtop; MPC Sheriff Roscoe Police Car 1978 Dodge Monaco / Plymouth Fury
Carribean Scale Auto Expo Nov 2009 1/25 152 MC
Common Items - Uncommon Uses II 1/25 152 MC aluminum flashing interior panels; aluminum tape hose clamps & rivets (w/Pentel mechanical pencil punches 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 & 0.9mm); iron-on rhinestone hub caps; ribbon hold-down straps, beading wire / Fishing line leaders steel cablers; inner tube mud flaps or tierod end dust boots; toothbrush antenna; steel wool in salt water rust wash; chalk dust in tire treads; kleenex tarps, rags & tonneau covers;' faucet screen washer air intake screens; embossed cake wrapping foil heat insulation; chrome mylar bumper repair tape mirror faces & PickUp bed skid rails; solder exhaust pipes & radiator hoses. Randy Derr
Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe  1/25 152 MC Die-cast bashing a neat Harley cruiser Tim Boyd
How to Modify DieCast Vehicles 1/25 152 MC Franklin Mint 1932 Ford 3 window coupe, Model A panel truck, 1932 Deuce highboy, 1933 'Dillingert' Ford Sedan (neat one). Cliff Read
Ice Road Trucker diorama 1/25 152 MC dual tanker broke through ice. Tim Ahlborn
NNL History 1/25 152 MC What makes an NNL? Tim Boyd
Predicta 1/25 152 MC sketch-pad - for Bonneville salt flats or touring split-window coupe Brad Leisure
Ford Standard Coupe NASCAR Gober Sosebee 'Cherokee Chief' 1939 1/25 153 MC Karl Stark's Early Racing Classic resin body & interior kit, plus Revell 1940 Ford Coupe Street Rod Good Guys OR AMT 39/40 Ford Custom Tudor 1940 Ford Coupe 3n1 donor kits. Bill Coulter
Hirohata Mercury model 1950 1/25 153 MC Stan Pinho
Jet vDrive ski boats 1960s 1/25 153 MC AMT Hull Raiser conversion (see PC pics)  (see MC156 for seats how-to) Steve Perry & Tim Boyd
White-Freightliner Dual Drive COE 1970s 1/25 153 MC Cab-Over Engine Tim Ahlborn
Oct-10 1/25 153 MC Revell Kurtis Midget Racer (new w/Drew photos), 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet, 1957 Cadillac Eldorado-Brougham, Custom Ford Expedition; Revell-Germany VW T1 Samba Bus, Volkswagon T1 "Samba Bus; Record Ferrari Daytona resin; AMT Munster Koach & Dragula; Monogram 1966 Shelby GT350; Scale Repros Plus engine & wheel aluminum billet parts.
Car Dealership "Pacific Roadster" Diorama 1/25 153 MC Tim Rickert
Common Items - Uncommon Uses I 1/25 153 MC googly eyes headlight covers; woven ribbon debris screen; athletic taper heat insulation; fishing line fuel lines & cables; adhesive-backed nylon sheet seat belts; surgical tape & fine wire air ducts / cooling ducts; armature wire wiring harness; guitar string hood pins, torsion bar, return springs; ping-pong ball headlight covers, Moon wheel discs; nylon mesh safety nets; chrome nail striping tape 1/64" hose clampsheat shrink over solder radiator hoses; Randy Derr
Korris Kars 1/25 153 MC poor boys promotional models; electric 1967 Indy Turbine; Brad Leisure
Station wagon conversions 1/25 153 MC sketch-pad Mike Lomaka
Hot rod shopping cart 1969 1/25 154 MC inspired by cover of spring 1969 CARtoons comic book Jairus Watson
NASCAR Chevelle #28 Pylon 1973 1/25 154 MC AMT body on AMT more recent 1970 Monte Carlo modified chassis Terry Marcum
NASCAR Chevelle Bobby Allison #12 Coke machine 1973 1/25 154 MC AMT body on AMT more recent 1970 Monte Carlo modified chassis Terry Marcum
NASCAR Chevelle Bobby Allison #12 Coke machine 1974 1/25 154 MC AMT body on AMT more recent 1970 Monte Carlo modified chassis Doug Montgomery
Ferrari F40 1987 1/25 154 MC building the Tamiya kit Alex Kustov
Ford F350 lifted Dually 2005 1/25 154 MC SSB resins crew cab, diecast box, Rev-Mono Ford dually chassis, scratchbuilt suspensionRPP Hobbies aluminum wheels and 49" mudder tires, Ross Gibson Ford Big Boss 815 Mountain Motor, Tichy Train Group HO scale nex nuts & washers, working LED lights. Rommel Robinson
iHOBBY EXPO 2010 2010 1/25 154 MC Revell 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 1/12 scale, 1/25 Jungle Jim Vega funny car, Ferrari 458 Italia; MPC 1/16 Richard Petty Charger NASCAR; Moebius Hudson Hornet.
Peterbuilt 379-119" 2000's 1/25 154 MC Converting the Italeri Peterbuilt 378 long hauler into the most common short-hood 379-119" Tim Ahlborn
Nov-10 1/25 154 MC Stick-It Graphics flame templates; Quick Skins Ford Maxum GTP IMSA racer resin; IMCBM detailing tips e-book; Opening louvers and vents; rat rod tractor nose; Revell Kurtis Midget Racer specials; Tom McEwan 1975 Duster FC, 1967 Dodge Charger, Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR; AMT 2009 Corvette Coupe, 2010 Corvette convertible; Penske Racing Museum.
Ed Sexn bio 1/25 154 MC
Black Widow 1927 1/25 155 MC a look at an original kit #PC60 Dennis Doty
Black Widow 1927 full 155 MC a full size replica of the scale model - built by Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods for Michael Feinstein. 1927 Ford Model T pickup - 1956 Chev V8 - 1940 Ford front suspension. Has been sold to Bruce Wanta. Troy Ladd
Shelby Cobra 427 1965 1/43 155 MC building Marsh Models resin & white metal kit
International Model Car Builders Museum 2010 1/25 155 MC a Tour; Jim Keeler's Dodge Fever I (reproduction) (DF II orig is there also) Tim Boyd
International Lonestar 2011 1/25 155 MC the new Moebius kit Tim Ahlborn
Dec-10 1/25 155 MC TopStudio motorcycle upgrade kits; Revell Offy Kurtis Midget Racer, 2010 Corvette ZR1, 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme Custom 2n1; Monogram Black Widow, Kurtis Kraft Indy Racer, 1948 Ford Woody, 2010 Dale Earnhardt Jr Impala NASCAR Snap-It; AMT 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic
Models of John Teresi 1/25 155 MC Snooppy Jaguar funny car; TV Tommy Ivo Showboat; Mr CalAutomotive Allison Mustang FC; Don Garlits 1970 Winternats explosion diorama; Easyriders LSR John Teresi
NASCAR kits Scale Debate 1/25 155 MC Bill Coulter
Rat Rods full 155 MC one guys idea of what a rat rod is; Rat Rod definition Jairus Watson
1/25 155 MC How to Make Machine Turned Finish Brian Makosky
1/25 155 MC How to Pour Concrete for Dioramas Mike Napoleon
1/25 155 MC How to Vacuform Peter Lombardo
Stutz Blackhawk LeMans Racer 1924 1/43 156 MC MCM (France) white metal kit build Wayne Moyer
Chev Impala "Old Reliable" III 409ci B/FX Drag 1962 1/25 156 MC Revell's new kit built two ways Bill Coulter
Chev Impala 409ci street 1962 1/25 156 MC Revell's new kit built two ways (includes Impala & Impala SS short history) Len Carsner
Ford GT40 1966 1/12 156 MC Building, Modifying & Detailing Trumpeter kit Charlie Amodeo
IPMS Nationals - Phoenix, Ariz Aug 4-7, 2010 2010 1/25 156 MC Porsche 935; Goldenrod; 1/43 McLaren MP4/6 !!;Chopped 1940 Mercury; Ferrari FXX
Model Display Case 2010 1/25 156 MC How to build a Glass Display Case (Desktop) Charlie Amodeo
Scratchbuilt Seats 1960s 1/25 156 MC How to Make tuck 'n Roll seats for Jet vDrive ski boats (MC153 Oct 2010) Steve Perry
Aero-Style truck Muffler Shields 2010s 1/25 156 MC MCM (France) white metal kit build Tim Ahlborn
Jan-11                   (arrived Apr8, 2011) 1/25 156 MC ScaleAutoDetails Rev Offy Midget decals;IconAutomotiveMiniatures rain tires for Tamiya 1/20 F1 models; Revell Ed "big Daddy" Roth OUTLAW, Ed "big Daddy" Roth Beatnik Bandit, 1968 Dodge Dart Hemi 2n1, 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner Retractable; AMT 1971 Dodge Charger R/T; Monogram 1959 Cadillac ElDorado Biarritz; MiniChamps 1936 Auto Union Type C pg60
Feb-11 1/25 157 MC Revell Stacy David model contest Jan-May 2011; Tamiya Lexus LFA
CONTESTS 2010 1/25 157 MC
Fordson tractor diecast 1927 1/16 158 MC upgrading and weathering a Danbury Mint model chuck doan
So-Cal Lakester 1927 1/25 158 MC all aftermarket parts!! William Just
Chevrolet Canopy Express huckster produce truck 1931 1/25 158 MC scratchbuilt body Ken Kitchen
Hudson Hornet Sketchpad 1953 1/25 158 MC Jairus Watson
Looking Back: Hubley Plastic Kits - Part 1 1960-62 1/25 158 MC 1960 Ford Fairlane sedan, 1960 Ford Country Sedan station wagon, 1961 Ford Fairlane 500, 1961 Ford Country Sedan station wagon, 1962 Ford Country Sedan station wagon customizing kits reviewed in detail Dennis Doty
Jammer Streamliner LSR motorcycle 1/25 158 MC Lower Left Coast NNL Aug 2010 - scratchbuilt John Teresi
Mar/Apr-11 1/25 158 MC Revell Chi-Town Hustler Funny Car, Roland Leong's Hawaiian Funny Car; Monogram T'rantula, Steve Scott's Uncertain T, Ice "T", 2002 Camaro 2 'n 1; MPC 1976 Chevy Caprice; Chrome In A Jar Kosutte Gin-San powder (p48); George Toteff obituary 1925-2011 by Jim Keeler.
Ford Thunderbird  1962 1/25 159 MC creating AMT box art Brad Leisure
Chevy Titan 90 cabover truck 1970 1/25 159 MC AMT kit Tim Ahlborn
Chi-Town & Hawaiian Funny Car detailing 1972 1/25 159 MC Tom Creeger & Len Carsner
CONTEST NNL West Feb 2011 1/25 159 MC 1963 Mercury Colony Park station wagon (looks like a 1963 Country Squire!) pg43
How to add aluminum & pop rivets Patch Panels 1/25 159 MC Chuck Most
How to Z a chassis 1/25 159 MC Covers both 1928-31 "straight" frame rails and 1932-48 Jairus Watson 
making hot wheels into accurate models 1/64 159 MC refinished 1970 Plymouth Superbird, 1969 Camaro, 1966 Nova Datsun 510, Nissan 350Z using Johnny Lightning wheels and decals and Warbird Hobbies/Warbird Decals Mark Jones
May/June-11  1/25 159 MC Time Machine Resin  Pinto Pro Stock; Bandit Resin 1971 Gremlin; R&R Vacuum Craft 1970 Chrysler 300; ModelHaus 1965 Ford Falcon; So-Cal Speed Shop HiBoy pg51; 
Sunbeam Tiger Mk II 1/43 159 MC building the K&R Replica kit Wayne Moyer
Munster Koach 1964 1/25 160 MC Details of actual construction, and improvements to the AMT kit
USAC Sprint Car Roger McCluskey 1966 1/12 160 MC Scratchbuilt big-scale championship winner of a Jud Phillips-built sprint car owned by Clarence "Mutt" Anderson. Randy Derr
Blitzkrieg AA/FA scratchbuild 2010 1/8 160 MC Excellent detail! Almost completely made of RenShape polyurethane foam, aluminum, rubber or styrene stock. Based on a modern 125" wheelbase FC frame Dave Sherman
Looking Back: Hubley Plastic Kits - Part 2 1960-62 1/25 160 MC Renault Dauphine and Nash Metropolitan Dennis Doty
July-11 1/25 160 MC aluminum wheels-ProStock, BigRig, TopFuel, MonsterTruck; R&M Maryland Straight 8 Rat Rod engine #RM147; Scale Modeling by Chris 1965 Ford Falcon teardrop hood, part of Detroit Resin Automotive Group (DRAG) 4-way resin co-op; AMT 1955 Corvette, 1961 Ford Galaxie Hardtop; Monogram 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible; Revell 1967 Chevelle SS396 2 'n 1, 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo; 1963 Chevy Impala SS 2 'n 1; Dr Cranky plastic model how-to book  "Ratz, Rodz and Rust" pg17. start 9th subscription
CONTESTS 1/25 160 MC GSL XXIII - custom Ford van Steve Perry; 1966 USAC Sprint car Randy Derr; NASCAR Modified Gary Davis; 1966 Jungle Jim Nova FC Ron Ramsay; Ferrari 312T4 Kurt Wilson.
Ford Falcon A/FX Strip Teaser 1/25 160 MC sketchpad Brad Leisure
Scratchbuild a Magneto 1/25 160 MC Scott Colmer
Dodge Dart GTS 440 1968 1/25 161 MC Can be built from the same Revell Hemi Dart kit Len Carsner and Bill Coulter
Dodge Hemi Dart 1968 1/25 161 MC Building & Detailing the new Revell kit two different ways -"As-Delivered" and "Hustlin' Hemi" Len Carsner and Bill Coulter
Ferrari F40 GTE #27 Suzuka 1996 1/25 161 MC Model Factory Hiro detailed kit, with lots of aftermarket parts added Alex Kustov
Ferrari F40 GTE #44 Monza 1996 1/25 161 MC Model Factory Hiro detailed kit, with lots of aftermarket parts added Alex Kustov
Aug/Sept-11 1/25 161 MC Revell 1969 Chevrolet Nova COPO, Ferrari California (open top), Ferrari California (closed top); MPC Dukes of Hazard General Lee collector tin; Monogram 1985 Ford SVO Mustang, 1958 Ford Thunderbird convertible 2 'n 1; AMT White Road Boss tractor; Kyosho 1964 Austin Healey 3000 Alpine Rally 1/18 diecast; Automodella 1974-76 Bricklin SV1 1/43 diecast
How to Create Carbon Fiber with spray paint 1/25 161 MC Scratchbuilding School: Low-buck, Low-tech Carbon Fiber Mark D. Jones
How to Create realistic spark plugs with wire insulation 1/25 161 MC Scratchbuilding School: Low-buck, Low-tech Carbon Fiber Scott Colmer
Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland - the Inside Story 1/25 161 MC History and products of Norm Veber's company - 1962 Ferrari GTO engine; Boss 429 engine kit; Scott blower; wheels; brake calipers; brake discs; figures; bomber seats Darin Bastedo
Sketchpad Bubble-Tops 1/25 161 MC 1955 Chrysler C300. Jairus Watson
Trailers for display bases 1/25 161 MC Review of available model trailer kits; Surf Slab motorized surfboard found in AMT Drag-U-La kit Tim Boyd
Hudson Hornet 1953 1/25 162 MC Detailed buildUp & Review. Building and detailing the stock Moebius version 3 ways Len Carsner Sean Svendson and Bill Coulter
Ferrari 275P 1964 1/43 162 MC building the Renaissance resin kit Wayne Moyer
Jaguar XJ220 1991 1/25 162 MC Building, detailing and lighting up the Tamiya kit Sergey Torkhov
MEMI HYDRO Drag Boat 1960s 1/25 162 MC narrowing the hull for more streamlined look Tim Boyd
Oct-11 1/25 162 MC Revell 1/12 2010 Shelby GT500, 1968 Corvette L88 "Rebel Racer", 1997 Ford F-150 XLT; Danbury Mint 1955 Packard Caribbean diecast; AMT 2010 Nascar Chevrolet Impala COT snapkit; Lindberg 2006 Dodge Charger Police Car; MPC General Lee Charger 1/16; Monogram 1980 Ford Bronco 2 'n 1.
How to Create a Beehive Oil Filter 1/25 162 MC
Corvette C6R 2006 1/43 163 MC Building the Provence Moulage kit Wayne Moyer
Pontiacs of the 1950s 1950s 1/25 163 MC Comprhensive review of 1950 Pontiac model kits and parts availability Bill Coulter
Ferrari 275 GTB/C - Part 1 1/25 163 MC Detailed buildUp of the body, engine & chassis Alex Kustov
Historic Racing Miniatures 1/25 163 MC History and products of Harold Bradford's company - Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe; Cheetah; GT40 engine; 330P4 engine; FIA 289 Cobra;  Darin Bastedo
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 1 1/25 163 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE BODY Scott Colmer
How to Enter OnLine contasts 1/25 163 MC What to do and what NOT to do Drew Hierwarter
Nov-11 (arr'd 13JAN2012) 1/25 163 MC AMT/Rd2 Custom & Competition M&H Racemaster Dragster Slicks; Kitchen Table Resin 1933-54 Pontiac flathead straight 8 engine kit; AMT 1950 Chevrolet 3100 PickUp truck, 1962 Ford Thunderbird; Revell 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop 2'n1, Ferrari 458 Italia; Revell Germany Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Resin Casting HowTo - Part 1 1/25 163 MC Simple mold Gregg Hutchings
AMC Gremlin modified stocker #72 1975 1/25 164 MC Full metal scratchbuild Charlie Ryder
Henry "Hank" Borger 2009 1/25 164 MC Life & Times of Hank; display of his models Bill Coulter
Looking Back: Hubley Plastic Kits - Part 3 1960-62 1/25 164 MC Triumph TR3; Mercedes 300 SL; Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Dennis Doty
Dec-11 1/25 164 MC Hudson Hornet on cover, but not in mag!; AMT Diamond Reo C-116 Conventional truck; Fujimi Fiat 500; Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile (#POL837 is1/25 snap - no figures MSRP $28US), 2010 Ford Mustang GT, 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 1970 Plymouth Superbird; Academy 2009? Mini convertible 
Cheer Wagon 1/25 164 MC Monogram Beer Wagon redone in a Christmas Holiday theme Steve Perry
Ferrari 275 GTB/C - Part 2 1/25 164 MC Detailed buildUp of the interior and Final assembly Alex Kustov
Ford Model T  1/25 164 MC Netherlands modeler specializes in Model Ts: 15 millionth Ford; Fire Truck; 1923 Ford Model T Tractor; 1920 rail car; 1919 furniture van; 1925 hearse; 1925 dump truck; 1927 Frontenac speedster Anthony Hazelaar
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 2 1/25 164 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE CHASSIS FRAME rollbars; axle brackets and alum foil panels Scott Colmer
iHOBBY 2011 - car modelling news 1/25 164 MC coming models; Moebius interview
Resin Casting HowTo - Part 2 1/25 164 MC Two-Parts molding - convertible boot Gregg Hutchings
Sketchpad: Thames Drag Panel 1/25 164 MC Rommels Pies half-track; boulevard cruiser lead sled Brad Leisure
Hudson Hornet custom 1953 1/25 165 MC Moebius kit review and buildup as a mild custom lead sled Chuck Most
SketchPad: Meyers Manx 1964 1/25 165 MC Jairus Watson 
Freight Train twin engine dragster 1966 1/25 165 MC review of the scratchbuilt model Steve Perry
How to Alter the wheelbase for an early AWB Funny Car A/FX 1960s 1/25 165 MC HowTo article on a Thunderbolt (have D/L'd a Mar2005 Hot Rod magazine article on PC) Chuck Most
Jan-12 1/25 165 MC Scale Auto Jaguar XKR RSR GTS1/24 slot car; Hornby 1969 Ford Boss Mustang, 1969 Chev Camaro 1/32 slot cars; Trumpeter 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Contemporary Custom, 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero Custom Plus; Aztec latest airbrush kit; AMT 1925 Model T Ford (double kit), 1964 Meyers Manx; Revell 1973 Jungle Jim Vega Funny Car, 1956 Chevy Nomad 2'n1, 1963 Corvette Sting Ray coupe, 1940 Ford Custom PickUp truck; Monogram 1932 Ford 3-Window coupe street rod
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 3 1/25 165 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE CHASSIS FRAME Rod Ends Scott Colmer
Resin Casting HowTo - Part 3 1/25 165 MC Two-Parts molding - sleeper cab wall/roof conversion Part 1 Gregg Hutchings
Feb-12 2012 1/25 166 MC CONTEST ISSUE
Blower Bentley 1929 1/12 167 MC heaping scratchbuilt details onto MPC re-release of the old Airfix kit John Teresi
Ford 3-window Coupe 1932 1/25 167 MC review and buildup of the ACME trading Company (ex-GMP) 1/18 diecast Sam Tate
Ford Crestliner 1951 1/25 167 MC buildup of the AMT 1950 Ford using Modelhaus 1951 Ford Crestliner transkit Richard K. Blackmon
Allison V12 powered racing boat 1960s 1/25 167 MC Tim Boyd
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 4 1/25 167 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE CHASSIS FRAME brackets Scott Colmer
HowTo build a windshield installation tool 1/25 167 MC hold glass steady while glueing Scott Colmer
Mar/Apr-12 1/25 167 MC MissingLink 1971 Grabber Maverick; MotorCityResin 1953 Hudson Hornet Hollywood Hardtop; ModelCarWorld 1954 Hudson Hornet coupe; R&M Maryland 1932 Ford sport coupe; Revell 1998 Lamborghini Diablo VT roadster snapkit, 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 1/12, 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 1/25; Monogram  1998 Lamborghini Diablo VT; AMT Munster Koach; AMT Drag-U-La
Meyers Manx: Bruce Meyers interview 1/25 167 MC Gregg Hutchings
Resin Casting HowTo - Part 4 1/25 167 MC Two-Parts molding - sleeper cab wall/roof conversion Part 2 Gregg Hutchings
Texaco Tanker  1/25 167 MC Tim Ahlborn
Chysler 300 1955 1/25 168 MC building and detailing the new Moebius stock and NASCAR kits Len Carsner Sean Svendson Bill Coulter and David Metzner
Chevrolet Impala SS396 hardtop 1966 1/25 168 MC basic building techniques
Impala SS 427 die cast 1967 1/25 168 MC converting into a junk yard dog Manny Solano
Dodge Coronet Super Bee PickUp phantom - Pt 1 1970 1/25 168 MC building the Bee Camino like original Charger Camino - Body and interior Tim Boyd
early COE truck cabs 1950s 1/25 168 MC Tim Ahlborn
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 5 1/25 168 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE CHASSIS FRAME knurled reservoir caps Scott Colmer
How to create custom lead sled  hood scoops 1/25 168 MC side scoops on a 1949 Mercury hood
May/Jun-12 (arr'd 27Jun2012) 1/25 168 MC AIZU Micron Masking Tape (0.4/1.0/2.5mm); HobbyDesign Nissan GTR detail sets, Lexus LFA detail set; GOFER racing decals; Simil 'R Pescarolo Judd 01 LMP1; T2M Tuner Model Manufactory A/N fittings; AMT 2012 Corvette coupe, 2010 Camaro SS/RS, 1976 AMC Gremlin; Revell 2010 Ford Mustang convertible, 1948 Ford Custom coupe 3'n1.
Resin Casting HowTo - Part 5 1/25 168 MC Two-Parts molding - STEEL VW WHEELS Gregg Hutchings
International Payhauler 350 1969 1/25 169 MC mining-type dump truck weathered and detailed to the max Mike Randall
Dodge Coronet Super Bee PickUp phantom - Pt 2 1970 1/25 169 MC building the Bee Camino like original Charger Camino - Engine chassis and final assembly Tim Boyd
How to create Funny Car headers 1990s 1/25 169 MC double wall look exhaust headers made of brass and aluminum for funny cars Steve Perry
CONTEST NNL East   Apr 2012 1/25 169 MC 1932 Ford by Larry Booth; Mike Sullivan Fiat AA/FA by Ronald Bonczkiewicz; Ramchargers first car 1949 Plymouth by Nieil Van Zile; GT40 w/VRM engine by Chris White; Uncertain T by Darryl Peters
How to Build Scorpion (AMT kit) - Pt 6 1/25 169 MC Scratchbuilding School: kitbashing and spare parts use THE CHASSIS FRAME drilled butterfly steering wheel and control levers with wood handles. Scott Colmer
Improving Revell's Hard-tail / Soft-tail Chopper kits 1/25 169 MC modifying and detailing one of the new Revell HardTail chopper kits; plumbing oil tank; battery, control levers, brake calipers Evan Jones
Jul-12                   (arr'd 24JUL2012) 1/25 169 MC R&M Maryland VW engine hopup kit (Meyers Manx); Vintage Racing Miniatures VRM Midget decals w/engine turned pattern gold foil; Simil 'R 2010 Ford Focus WRC, Ford GT GT1; AMT Dirty Donny Vantasy Chevy van, 2011 Camaro convertible, 2012 Corvette convertible; Revell 1977 Chevy Van, 2010 Camaro SS, Audi R8 Spyder; Moebious Great Dane 53ft Reefer Trailer. start 10th subscription
modifying diecast models 1/25 169 MC 1953 ford pickup, 1949 Ford Custom, 1934 Ford PickUp, 1949 Ford PickUp, 1957 Ranchero, 1932 Ford 5-window
Sketchpad: Star Wars inspired  speeders 1/25 169 MC the open engine look of Anakin Skywalker's racing speeders. Jairus Watson 
Morman Meteor Duesenberg Salt Flat car 1935 1/43 170 MC Tin Wizard white metal kit Wayne Moyer
Type 0-5 US Air Force Crash Truck 1947 1/25 170 MC largely scratchbuilt from period photos and drawings made from them. Charles Rowley
CONTEST Santa Clara, Calif 11FEB2012 2012 1/25 170 MC VW Carman Ghia; 1940 Ford modified; Sox&Martin 66 Barracuda by Ron Ramsey; Mooneyes drag team by Tom Purcell; full fendered Fiat (from altered!)
Airbrush Basics - "The Method" 1/25 170 MC 5 Propers:  work environment - tools/paint (Pasche H + nailer pancake-style compressor with reservoir and THREE moisture traps!)- body preparation (wash & smooth) - application - polishing Don Yost
Aug/Sept-12 1/25 170 MC Badger Mini Sandblaster tool kit p5; Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile (#POL881 Deluxe version glue kit has seated unpainted resin figures & photoetch fret MSRP $43); Revell 1974-5 Tom Mongoose McEwan English Leather/Navy RE dragster, 1969 Camaro SS/RS convertible 2n1 #4929; AMT 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline #702 tin box, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door hardtop #741 tin box
Candy Apple Red Paint comparo 1/25 170 MC Testors Candy Apple Redf spray #1605; Ford T Candy Apple Red; Tamiya Clear Red #TS74; BlackGold/House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red thinned 200% over bases of silver, gold and champagne. Gregg Hutchings
Create realistic panel lines 1/25 170 MC scribers; MIG dark wash Marcos Cruz
Nissan R390 1/25 170 MC gobs of detail - impressive!! Lewis Gonzalez
RenShape dense foam 1/25 170 MC modeling truck cab parts from renshape foam Tim Ahlborn
Oct 2012  (arrived 5Nov2012) 1/25 171 MC Revell KS Pitman Willys Drag Coupe, 1978 Pontiac Firebird 3n1, Cadillac Custom Lowrider; Monogram 1970 Plymouth Road Runner; AMT1965 Chevelle SuperWagon; MPC Barnabas Vampire VanBestModelCarParts resin, license plates & gauge kits; Grumpy's Toys BOOK REVIEW; MotorCityResinCastors 1930s Henderson Excelsior motorcycle Doug Boyce
How to Make Ram Intake tubes 1/25 171 MC from pop rivets Scott Colmer
How to Make Detail Master seatbelts 1/25 171 MC need Johnson&Johnson heavy duty adhesive tape. Illustrates how to bend up the PE buckles and thread the belts for a 5-point racing seatbelt; includes seat detailing and molded seatbelt removal Scott Colmer
Plymouth Belvederes 1964 1/25 171 MC Collection of models built from 1960s vintage kits; recent Lindberg and ModelKing releases
Ford Mustang Mach i 1970 1/25 171 MC highly detailed box-stock type build; incredible engine detailing! Marcus Cruz
Keeling & Clayton digger dragster 1967-9 1/16 171 MC almost all made out of Aluminum Bill Davis
CONTEST: Caribbean Scale Auto Expo 2011 1/25 171 MC Nov 6 Puerto Rico - scratchbuilt chopper BestofShow; MFH 1953 F2 Ferrari by Rey Franco;  Ismael Gonzalez
White Western Star 4964 conventional tractor 1970 1/25 171 MC 1:1 trucks built in Kelowna, BC! Tim Ahlborn
Nov-12 1/25 172 MC ProTech Cirello magneto pg5; Trumpeter riveter tool pg7; Revell Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Tweety Pie, Orange Crate 32 Ford sedan, Tony Nancy 22 Jr Roadster and Dragster double kit; Monogram 1929 Ford Rat Rod 3n1, 31 Ford Model A 2n1; AMT Firestone Deluxe Champion tires pg6, Ghostbusters ECTO-1A  (1959 Cadillac ambulance)
Aligator clip spray painting parts holder 1/25 172 MC pg10 Gregg Hutchings
Spun aluminum MOON tanks scratchbuilding 1/25 172 MC How to make without a lathe Scott Colmer
Using Alclad tip 1/25 172 MC low pressure AND low angle Gregg Hutchings
Vintage Gas Dragster 1960s 1/16 172 MC Australian scratchbuilt 1960s gas dragster Dave Loye
Barber-Warnock Model T INDY racer 1924 1/25 172 MC Scratchbuilding the Barber-Warnock Frontenac powered Model T INDY racer the HIGHLANDER Ken Kitchen
Model T group build 1920s 1/25 172 MC Front Range Auto Modelers Club (FRAM) of Colorado Springs Ken Kitchen
Hudson Hornet 1953 1/25 172 MC Review & photos of nine modeler's builds from Moebius new kits Harry Pristovnik
GMC 2-Ton regular commercial truck 1946 1/25 172 MC built from Danbury Mint 1941 Chevy pickup (cab & fenders), Yat Ming 1941 GMC fire truck (grille, wheels, engine) and Danbury Mint 1937 Chevy box van (chassis & body sides) Cliff Read
Peterbuilt 352 Pacemaker CabOver  1969 1/25 172 MC Review of re-issued AMT kit and updating tips (same kit I won in Halifax 1971 - rebuild it) Tim Ahlborn
Ferrari 250GT SWB Spyder California 1961 1/25 172 MC Photo of underside CMC Die Cast pg57 - Excellent but $438 !!
Dec-12 1/25 173 MC AMT/R2 1/25 Scale Slot Car Kits: 1962 Pontiac Catalina, 1961 Ford Galaxie, 1966 Olds 442, 1971 Dodge Charger; AMT/R2 M&H Racemaster 11.75" x 16" drag slicks; MPC Fire Truck engine No13 custom; Monogram 1955 Chevrolet BadMan gasser, 1940 Ford coupe street rod, 1964 Pontiac GTO 2'n1, Dodge Viper R/T-10; AMT 1976 Ford Phantom Econoline custom van; Revell GMC pickup with snow plow; PremiumX 1971 Lancia Stratos prototype 1/43 diecast.
Motorcycle chain options 1/12 173 MC review of available aftermarket drive chain kits Evan Jones
Dash gauges and switches 1/25 172 MC How to make gauges and switches for the open cockpit of Scorpion Scott Colmer
Ford Mustang 1966 1/25 173 MC How to widen wheel wells to fit fatter tires inside body Gregg Hutchings
Paint repair: dust or dirt spot 1/25 173 MC How to fill and repair paint dots Gregg Hutchings
Ford coupe racer 1940 1/25 173 MC Currently running in East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association (non-contact vintage racing) Drew Hierwarter
Mack E-Series tractor & Gasoline tanker trailer 1941 1/24 173 MC Modified die-cast and scratchbuilt Sinclair semi rig (made by Canadian modeler Clint Read's twin brother!) Larry Read
Street Rod build ideas 1/25 173 MC Combine parts of existing kits to create new custom models (such as Orabge Crate, Lil Ciffin, Paddy Wagon, Ice T, Dragon Wagon, Mysterion, Cherry Bomb, Red Baron, Ala Cart, ZZTop, etc Jairus Watson 
STP Eagle Offy Indy #20 Gordon Johncock 1973 1/43 173 MC Indy 500 Winner amongst 9 finishers of longest (3 days), shortest (133 laps) and deadliest (Art Pollard, Swede Savage, and a pit crewman struck by ambulance were killed) Wayne Moyer
History of Salt Flats model kits 1/25 173 MC Summary of Bonneville racers from past to present Tim Boyd
Peterbilt 358 fully loaded with chrome plating 1/25 173 MC just like AMT's kits. Photos of 1:1 truck at Denton, Texas factory Annual Show Tim Ahlborn
Jan-13 1/25 174 MC MCW 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop resin body, 1950s Vintage stock car accessories; TDR Innovations 3D printing ( 1/32 Aston-Martin DBR1 body, 1/16 Offy engine kit; AMT 1940 Ford & 1932 Ford Tudor Custom double kit, 1927 Ford Model T & XR6 double kit, AMT 1969 Hurst/Olds; MPC 1969 Super Judge Funny Car Arnie Beswick; Revell 1950 Oldsmobile club coupe, 1999 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning pickup; Monogram 1970 Buick GSX dream ride; AutoArt 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 roadster (convertible) 1/18 die-cast;
Rotary sander from toothbrush 1/25 174 MC a $3 kids toothbrush and some velco (saved bristles and the package was a ready-made transmission tunnel) Scott Colmer
masking with rae-earth magnets 1/25 174 MC very strong magnets hold complex cut masks on side of vans Gregg Hutchings
custom tube headers for Scorpion 1/25 174 MC used flattened megaphone headers from Royal Rail, scratchbuilt header tubes and header flanges; prefers aluminum to solder for pipes. Scott Colmer
Red Bull Renault RB6 - Pt1 Body 2010 1/20 174 MC in-depth review & buildup of new Tamiya kit; Paint Blue Pearl TS-89 and chrome yellow  Gregg Hutchings
kitbash Hot Rod tubs 1/25 174 MC desimates two rare old kits Tim Boyd
Chevrolet Bel Air convertible 1957 1/12 174 MC restoration of a broken '90s build, using current aftermarket parts and scratchbuilding Steve Deisley
Revell Chevrolet Del Ray kit buildoff 1956 1/25 174 MC Don Yost (shiny) vs Dr Cranky (Weathered) - build style role reversal "competition". Don Yost & Dr Cranky
iHobby 2012 1/25 174 MC new stuff includes: 1970 Cuda; 1992 Mustang LX; 1949 Mercury wood wagon; 1962 Corvette; Mels Diner 1/43; 1971 Ford Ranger pickupHudson Hornet NASCAR; Chrysler 300C NASCAR; Round 2 49 Mercury, Petty Ford Talledega; Scale Motorsport GrandSport Ba-Ba-Bank...
Peterbuilt Pacemaker 352 cabover semi truck 1969 1/25 174 MC AMT reissues their old kit (same one I won in 70s model contest Halifax hobby store) Tim Ahlborn
Feb/Mar-13 1/25 175 MC CONTEST ISSUE 2013
Red Bull Renault RB6 - Pt2 Engine & Chassis 2010 1/20 175 MC in-depth review & buildup of new Tamiya kit Gregg Hutchings
Oakie Al's Model Show & Swap Meet March 2012 1/25 175 MC picnic style March & October since 1987; vendors tables and lunch. Dodge Revellion box-stock (Don Granada), High Plains Drifter front engine TF (Kevin Wright), Race Team Diorama - Best of Show Trophy Winner (Kurt Wilson)
Sunshine State Challenge March 2012 1/25 175 MC Pure Heaven II (Joe Evans), The Bug (Jimmy Key), Yellow Fang Dragster (Tim Kolanklewicz), 
Model Car Sunday May 2012 1/25 175 MC Uncertain T, Dragula (Laurie Tower), 1962 Thunderbird (Dave Holmes), Showboat (Buck Zimmerman), 2002 Thunderbird (Cierra Blades 8 yr)
Citrus Nationals #4 May 2012 1/25 175 MC Long John Dragster aka '1957 Cal Rice HRM Spl' (Art Laski), 56 Maserati F250 (Roy Sorenson)
IPMS San Diego June 2012 1/25 175 MC Howard Cams Rattler (Jim Frye), 49 Mercury (Glenn Day)
Lower Left Coast NNL Aug  2012 1/25 175 MC 53 Hudson Hornet custom (Glenn Day), Swamp Rat 30 (John Hilkert), 66 Chevelle A/FX Bruce Larson (Ron Ramsay), Fiat Altered (Tom Acosta), AMT/Model King 67 Mercury Comet Funny Car box stock (Glenn Day)
Three Rivers Automodelers Sept  2012 1/25 175 MC Testors Ford GT (Patrick Roth)
NNL Nationals #33   Oct 2012 1/25 175 MC Top Cat Mercury Cougar (Steve Perry)
Apr-13 1/25 176 MC QuickSkins 1980s Corvette GTP resin (new louvers), Late 1980s IMSA GTO Camaro, Late 1980s IMSA GTO TransAm; Scale Productions VW MicroBus flatbed (for Hasegawa single-cab donor kit); Revell 1957 Ford Custom 2n1, 1967 Dodge Coronet "Foose"; AMT 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery, 1963 Shelby Cobra "King Cobra"; MPC Bounty Hunter Funny Car; Monogram 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang convertible; Gladen Enterprises 1949 AeroCar;
How to scratchbuild a mesh radiator for older Monogram sprint car 1/25 176 MC Studio 27 FP0014 MESH-C rimmed with spark plug wire. Gregg Hutchings
Realistic butterflies for Revell blower hat 1/25 176 MC Scratchbuilding Scott Colmer
Nascar Olds 88 Club Coupe #87 Buck Baker 1950 1/25 176 MC BuildUp review of Revell's new coupe; Experts agree model is based on the cloned/recreated car; Testors European Green engine color; Testors Aircraft Interior Black detail paint under hood and front apron; detailing the Olds Rocket OHV 303 V8; altered gas cap/fill tube; Bill Lastovich RIP Bill Coulter (with stock builtups by Len Carsner, Lyle Willets & a Red Byron NASCAR builtup by Tom Mooty)
Ford pickup truck 1932 1/25 176 MC Build a stock 1932 Ford Pickup from AMT Connoisseur Classic cabriolet kit, a Vampire Van cab and a 41 Chevy (multi-piece) pickup bed Ken Kitchen
Falcon Hardtop 1964 1/25 176 MC Trumpeter kit Box Art creation Brad Leisure
CONTEST: NNL West Feb 16 2013 1/25 176 MC Predicta (Kurt Wilson); Big-T (John Teresi); 1929 Olds board-track racer (Carl Raitz); 1956 Vanwall F1 (Mike English)
International ProStar Plus semi truck 2000s 1/25 176 MC First test-shot review. Shares suspension, interior, glass, wheels & tires with previous LoneStar kit. Tim Ahlborn
May/Jun-13 end current subscription ? 1/25 177 MC Moebius Mel's Drive In 1/43; Slixx decals for "Young American" dragster: Howard Cams Rattler, Beebe & Mulligan Fightin' Irish; Xuron photoetch scissor cutters; Hubley Hot Rod 1932 Ford Custom die cast; Revell 1932 Rat Roaster Stacey David, Ferrari 599 GTO, Ferrari SA Aperta; AMT 1933 Willys Gasser George Montgomery, 1949 Mercury club coupe 3'n1, 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-350; Monogram 1941 Willys Street Rod; AutoArt 1955 VW Kafer Limousine Beetle 1/43; Ixo 2010 Audi R15 TDi LeMans winner 1/43
BlownFuelArt Drag Boats 1/16 177 MC Drag Boat hulls and Kit90 accessory kits
Heat forming windshield for the Scorpion 1/25 177 MC flame heating clear gift box and shirt collar plastic sheet and forming over a buck. Scott Colmer
WRC Rally Cars 2000s 1/24 177 MC Kits from Tamiya, Belkits, Heller and Simil'R
NNL East #27   Apr 2013 1/25 177 MC 1971 Plymouth Duster Mongoose II Funny Car (Ron Bonczklewicz); 66 Galaxie "Instruction Sheet"; Donovan Engineering Offy rail dragster (Todd Wingerter), Testors Alky Seltzer salt flat car (Brian Makosky)
Corvette roadster 1962 1/25 177 MC clean, professional factory stock build techniques Marcos Cruz
Studebaker Commando StarLight coupe Gasser 1951 1/25 177 MC Converted from Danbury Mint die cast. Hood front fenders hinged; NHRA interior and gasser suspension built Cliff Read
Studebaker Cammer Gasser  1953 1/25 177 MC Completing model Styled after Ohio George Mustang gasser, started 40 years previously. Tim Boyd
Dupli-Color Clear Effex spray 1/25 177 MC clear paint with a glitter added, can be sprayed over any other finish to impart a glossy metallic effect. Tim Ahlborn
July-13 1/25 178 MC Hobby Design 1/20 Redbull Renault RB6 detail kit; Patto's Place slot car decals sheets; Scale Modeling by Chris 1950-60s gas pumps start 11th subscription
Detail brake rotors with decals 1/12 178 MC Gregg Hutchings
hood pin scratchbuild part 13 1970s 1/25 178 MC pins; snap rings; tethers Scott Colmer
GSL XXIV May 2013 1/25 178 MC Ferrari 126C3; Mooneyes dragster; BackDraft Best of Show; MPC 1/16 1973 Petty NASCAR Charger, MonkeeMobile, Young American AA/Dragster; Revell Challenger I LSR, 1953 Corvette Roadster, Sox&Martin 67 Plymouth GTX; PremiumX 1964 Ford Country Squire 1/43 resin
BackDraft show rod 1960s 1/24 178 MC Details of actual construction, extensive scratchbuilding; Winner 7 awards including Best of Show. Greg Nichols
Heartbreaker rat rod 49 Merc 1949 1/25 178 MC what to do with leftover parts
Ford street rod diecast with matching trailor 1940 1/25 178 MC diecast conversions; scratchbuilt trailer hitch Cliff Read
Oldsmobile Fastback 1950 1/25 178 MC resin parts for Revell new kit; KitchenTableResins Olds Big 6 Straught 6 Engiune resin kit. Ken Kitchen
Peterbuilt conventionals 1/25 178 MC  378 setback, 359 setback, 359 shorthood, 289 singledrive, 359-27 longhood all built from Revell Snap-Kit  Tim Ahlborn
AutoCar U-Series cabover 1935-52 1/25 178 MC resin trans-kit from American Industrial Truck Models
Aug/Sept-13 1/25 179 MC Ebbro Lotus 49 1/20; MissingLink 1968 Ford LTD4D-HT; Atlantis 1950 Alfa Romeo Type 158, 1949 Talbot-Lago 4.7L Grand Prix; Fujimi Ferrari F12 Berlinetta; AMT SockItToMe 1962 Corvette, Opel GT Mini Musclecar; Revell 1937 Ford Panel Delivery; Model King/Moebius 1953 Marshall Teague Fabulous Hudson Hornet NASCAR; Monogram Boot Hill Express; Moebius International ProStar truck tractor.
Torino Talladega #43 Richard Petty 1969 1/25 179 MC Correcting the upswept front fenders; detailing tips; plumbing schematics; flushmounting rear window; wheel/tire upgrade Daryl Hutala
Tire Sidewall Decal HowTo 1/25 179 MC Gregg Hutchings
Scorpion scratchbuild part 14 1/25 179 MC deepen wheel rims; parachute pack detailing; push-bar; steering Scott Colmer
Diecast paint repair 1/25 179 MC age corrosion effects on diecast; repairing George Bojaciuk
Wheel&Tire Roundup - UPDATE 1/25 179 MC new stuff from Aoshima and OZ Racing Super Turismo
Uncertain T show car 1967 1/25 179 MC comparing models built by Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland owner Norm Veber
Ford Model A Phaeton street rod 1930 1/25 179 MC comparing models built by Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland owner Norm Veber
Detroit Resin Automotive group 1/25 179 MC meet Jeff Ballard (Motor City Resin); Kris Morgan (Morgan Automoyive Details); Kevin Lutz (Missing Link) & Paul Plum (Scale Modeling by Chris) Tim Boyd
Masscar 25th Anniversary  Mar 2013 1/25 179 MC
International ProStar 1/25 179 MC New Moebius kit; raised panel sheet metal cabinet doors Tim Ahlborn
Oct-13 1/25 180 MC MocroNitro machined aluminum parts 1/16; Profil24 Maseratti Birdcage Tipo63; ABC Brianza 1961 Birdcage Tipo61 longtail LeMans #24, 1961 Birdcage Tipo61 shorttail Sebring #23 Moss-Gurney; Revell Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (new curbside), 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 (new-good notchback with police details), 1965 Chevelle SS396 2D-HT (excellent 'Rat Motor' TurboJet 396 / Borg-Warner 4spd); AMT 2013 Camaro ZL-1 Coupe (curbside, replicates ZL-1 well), 1956 Ford Victoria 3n1 HT (really good Ford 352 Y-block with drag parts); Polar Lights 1969 Mustang Funny Car Tommy Grove (pad printed M&H slicks)
NASCAR Charger #43 Richard Petty 1973 1/16 180 MC Kit review and detailing buildup; comparison to original 1973 kit; modified reissues of original kit Mike Dowd
How to work with brass 1/25 180 MC tools materails and tips to getting started Charles Rowley
Studebaker M16 ramp truck 1948 1/25 180 MC Ertl diecast 1947 Studebaker pickup truck conversion; largely brass scratchbuilding Larry Read
Parnelli VPJ-4 Ford - Mario Andretti #27 1974-76 1/43 180 MC build a simple & cheap John Day white metal kit Wayne Moyer
Model T tow truck 1908-27 1/25 180 MC scratchbuilt details to convert the AMT 1925 Model T Double Kit; poseable steering; three foot pedals; aluminum gas tank; exhaust; door hinge; seat springs, barttery cables; hand brake lever; steering column; painting wooden spokes; functioning tow boom; photo in Masscar 25th Anniv iss 179. Alyn Loya
Transport truck tractor paint schemes. 1970s 1/25 180? MC prototype paint schemes for 1970s American built tractors (Peterbuilt, Western Star, Mac, Kenworth) Tim Ahlborn
Nov-13 1/25 181 MC LazyModeller Flame paint masks; FPP Models 1961 Ferrari 156 resin kit, 1961 Ferrari Dino 246 SP #23 LeMans resin kit; Promolite 1950 Olds resin engine & body parts; Revell Mini Cooper 998 Mk1, Original Mini Cooper, 1977 Pontiac Firebird Smokey & the Bandit, 1969 Camaro ZL-1; AMT 1972 Nova Beverly Hills Cop, 2009 Corvette convertible; MPC 1975 Chevy K5 Blazer Rescue Van; Pattos Place decals add p56.
Scorpion scratchbuild part 15 1/25 181 MC interior sheet metal Scott Colmer
iHobby Expo 2013 2013 1/25 181 MC Gerry Paquette
Mustang notchback Terlingua Racing Team #17 1967 1/43 181 MC Building the SMTS white metal kit Wayne Moyer
Bugatti Type 59 Grand Prix car 1934 1/16 181 MC Scratchbuilt; Winner "Best Civilian Vehicle" Award 2012 IPMS UK Scale Modelworld Noel Smith
New beetle panel van kitbash 1/25 181 MC combine Revell "Wheels of Fire" New Beetle & PT Cruiser snap kits. Ken Kitchen
Ford C-600 box van truck 1960s 1/25 181 MC basically a kit review Tim Ahlborn
Ford LN8000 Race Car Hauler 1970s 1/25 181 MC basically a kit review Tim Ahlborn
Dec-13 1/25 182 MC Dremel cordless rotary tool $130; R&MCoMd 1957 Ford resin intakes, bumpers, skirts; QuaterMileReplicas "Wizard" & "Flash Gordon" FC bodies & decals; Aardvark Maserati Birdcage; Aoshima 2010 Subaru WRX STI; Revell 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible, Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa; 1957 Ford Fireball Roberts; Monogram L'il Coffin; AMT 1970 Super Bee ProStreet Dirty Donny's; Minerva 1962 Ferrari Breadvan 1/43; Factory81 Rocket Bunny Toyota FRS/Subaru 86 resin transkit.
Gregg's Tips 1/25 182 MC Straightening warped resin; Scale wood; Masking body parts for gluing; Perfect circle punches 1/2" to 1" diameter - Scrapbooking stores; "Lupicia Hawaii Kuuipo" Tea bag paint strainers - fine nylon mesh; Simple body paint stand
Scorpion scratchbuild part 16 1/25 182 MC operating roof hatch escape panel Scott Colmer
Mercury Jade Idol - Gene Winfield custom 1956 1/25 182 MC Joe & Tommy Gibson Brothers
Gene Winfield shop visit 1/25 182 MC Darryl Gassaway
Big Mercury automobiles: 1939-1970 1939-70 1/25 182 MC kit sources and how to model them Bill Coulter
Model A hot rod 1950s 1/24 182 MC rebuilding a damaged diecast Cliff Read
Kenworth W900 long-hood conventional tractor 1981 1/16 182 MC basically a Revell/Monogram kit review Tim Ahlborn
Peterbuilt 359 Wrecker 1982 1/25 182 MC basically a Revell kit review (noit the box-stated 379, but actually a 359 with minor updates to "look" like a 379. Tim Ahlborn
Jan-14 1/25 183 MC TS Hobbies 1930 Ford Woody real wood panels; Tuner Model Company brake duct hoseMicroNitro Bornco wheels; Altered States 1940 Willys pickup resin; Revell 1970 Hemi 'Cuda, 1962 Corvette Gasser; Monogram the Slingster Customizing Dragster (ex-Sizzler 1/25th); ICM 1938 Opel Admiral Cabriolet; AMT 1966 Nova Jenkins "Grumpy's Toy"; Lindberg Bull Horn; AUTOart 1955 Jaguar D-Type 1/43.
Mercury Woody Wagon 1949 1/25 183 MC Body finish on new Revell '49 Woody. Painting Realistic woodgrain raised panels for decal inserts; get Dual Tip Paddle/Point MakeUp Applicators. Gregg Hutchings
Packing model kits for mailing/shipping 1/25 183 MC Gregg Hutchings
Scorpion scratchbuild part 17 1/25 183 MC ghosting effect paint discussion Scott Colmer
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1950s 1/24 183 MC Detailing the Hasegawa kit with the 250TR photoetched detail set; Harold Bradfords engine(#HRM307); hypodermic needle fuel injectors & spark plug boots; Rub 'n Buff and Hasegawa wire wheel inserts. Seat piping, steering wheel Marcus Cruz
Renault 16 TS 1968 1/25 183 MC Adding a ton of scratchbuilt detail to the ugliest car ever - why? Includes working under-hatch trunk cover. Fabrizio Fae
GMC COE fuel oil tanker 1942 1/25 183 MC Converting a Danbury Mint Coke delivery truck into a CabOverEngine fuel oil tanker; scratchbuilt tank and details Larry Read
Dodge D-501 1957 1/25 183 MC Detailed review of the Modelhaus resin kit; includes some 1:1 reference photos. Bill Coulter
Ferrari 250GT Breadvan 1961 1/43 183 MC building Minerva 43 white metal kit
Revell Ford Police Force 1/25 183 MC Review of Revell 1957 Ford Custom Police Car, 1990 Mustang LX5.0 2 'n 1 stock/police and Ford Expedition Police SSV snap-kit Chuck Most
Peterbuilt 358 wrecker "Big Stick" 1971? 1/25 183 MC AMT 359 wrecker kit (T522) with Clint Freeman Components resin Peterbuilt 358 hood conversion and modified wrecker. Tim Ahlborn
Feb/Mar-14 1/25 184 MC Contest Annual
CONTEST: Grand National Roaster Show 2013 1/25 184 MC Pomona, CA Jeff Miller
CONTEST: NNL West 16FEB2013 2013 1/25 184 MC Santa Clara, CA Darryl Gassaway
CONTEST: ValleyCon 2013    3Mar2013 2013 1/25 184 MC Pasadena, CA    Double Decker British 'Routemaster' bus;  Ford GT40 LeMans #9 Kurt Wilson
CONTEST: Texas MCMA Showdown   9Mar2013 2013 1/25 184 MC Irving, TX    Cobra coupe (Len Woodruff); Winged Express (Dave Matiko) Terry Love
CONTEST: Hawaii NNL    24Mar2013 2013 1/25 184 MC Honolulu, HI Gregg Hutchings
CONTEST: Desert Scale Classic    19Apr2013 2013 1/25 184 MC Phoenix, AZ    Two-Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy (Joe Murphy);  Sizzler dragster (Tim Pentecost); Stacey's Rat Roaster (Jeff Bowman); 56 Chevy Trike (Oscar Flores) Dan Baker
CONTEST: LowerLeftCoast LLC NNL     17Aug 2013 1/25 184 MC Carlsbad, CA    49 Merc sedan (Jorge Ramirez);  Stacey's Rat Roaster (Glenn Day); 67 Ferrari P330 (Danny Galgani) Jeff Miller
CONTEST: Route 66 Cruisin' Reunion    21Sep 2013 1/25 184 MC Ontario, CA   1965 Mr Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge Coronet A/FX (Ron Ramsey) Jeff Miller
CONTEST: Three Rivers Automodelers    29Sep 2013 1/25 184 MC Pittsburgh, PN    Hemi Sphere dragster (George Hunter) Harry Pristovnik
CONTEST: CAMS NNL Nats #34    5Oct 2013 1/25 184 MC Toledo, OH   70s Charger "Bad Cracker" funny car (Steve Perry); Offy-powered dragster (Todd Wingerter);  67 STP Indy Turbine (Terry Werner) Harry Pristovnik
CONTEST: TAMS   26Oct 2013 1/25 184 MC Norfolk, VA   50 Olds Mexican Road Race #52 (Donald Worley) Jerry Quick
Carrera carrying case 2013 1/25 184 MC Transport models safely in a modified slotcar case. Henry Trent
Roger Harney 1935-2014 2013 1/25 184 MC Obituary - Monogram model designer & VP of Engineering and Manufacturing Jim Keeler
Apr-14 1/25 185 MC Polar Lights 1966 Volkswagen Beetle "Spiderman"
CONTEST: NNL West 1FEB2014 2014 1/25 185 MC Santa Clara, CA
Scorpion scratchbuild part 18 1/25 185 MC FINAL INSTALLMENT - Creating ghosted graphics, Scorpion logo and repairing damage after fall to floor (rear wheels broke off and left front axle snapped. Color centerspread completes the project Scott Colmer
Buck Baker Chrysler 300 NASCAR GN #87 1962 1/25 185 MC Combine a Johan 'USA Oldies' series '62 Chrysler 300 Hardtop kit with Lindberg '64 Dodge 330. A Plastic Performance Products roll cage kit #RC Bill Coulter
Chevy El Camino model kit history 1959-91 1/25 185 MC Tim Boyd
Ford pickup truck 1940 1/25 185 MC Building replica-stock models from the Monogram 1940 Ford kits using MANY aftermarket parts. Bill Coulter & Tom Creeger
Gasser style Ford 1959 1/1 185 MC Inspiration file - typical graphics, period sponsor decals, lightening holes Chuck Most
May/Jun-14 1/25 186 MC AlphaAbrasives polishing kit; TDR Innovations 3D-Printing (at 1968 Camaro ProMod kit, SBC engines, 1/20 Chopper, 1/16 Navarro flathead; MENG 2008-10 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab Pickup truck$$; Revell 1953 Chevy Panel truck, Foose 1967 Dodge Charger, 1983 Camaro ProStock; AMT 1971 Chevy Rescue Van, 1970 1/2 Baldwin-Motion Camaro w/decals, 1976 Petty Dodge Dart sportsman.
How to build windUp windows on Chevy BelAir 1955 1/25 186 MC ref MC Nov08 #136 for door opening;  Bill Geary
Build AMT XR-6 a-symetrical roadster 1963 1/25 186 MC "Odd-Rod Roadsters" from AMT Part 1 - Eliminate unsightly body seams; detail the aluminum block Slant Six engine (Part 2 in #190) Tim Boyd
Oldsmobile woody conversion 1950 1/25 186 MC Conversion kit from Best Model Car Parts designed to work with the 1/25 scale Revell 1950 Olds Club Coupe Ken Kitchen
Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1970 1/25 186 MC Detailed build of the new Revell kit; adding a vinyl roof; woodgrain trim painted to match kit-supplied decals (no details given); improved tailights with paint Marcus Cruz
Ford fat fendered hot rod 1941 1/25 186 MC kitbashed Danbury Mint 1947 Ford into a 1941 with some styrene parts.
Peterbiult 359 1/25 186 MC AMT California Hauler rumours discussed
Jul-14 1/25 187 MC JDS Racing machined velocity stacks 1/16 scale; G-S Hypo Cement; AMT-R2 1936 Ford Coupe/Roadster, 1969 Chevelle SS396 convertible; Revell 2013 Mustang Boss 302, 1937 Ford Coupe Street Rod; MPC 1975 Dodge Dart Sport, 1978 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car start 12th subscription
Inter Model Car Builder's Museum Hall of Fame nominations 2014 1/25 187 MC Full list past & present
Ferrari Kurtis 500D-based Indy car 1956 1/25 187 MC Real engine 121LM (4412cc, 6cyl DOHC, 3 Weber 50 DCOA carburators; ref "Motor Racing Replica News" magazine May/June 1991 Bud Thon model building article.  Needs R&MofM wheels #P-129 and tires #T-25, IndyCals decals & TriMaster bonnet photoetched piano hinge. Clint Raitz
Mercury Eight Woody 1949 1/25 187 MC In-depth review/build of this new Revell kit. Only engine option is Cadillac V8. Michael Hanson of "Best Model Car Parts" has a stock 1949-53 Ford/Mercury flathead 8BA V8 engine auto transmission kit designed for this model. Bill Coulter & Tom Creeger
White 3400TD Tractor & Flatbed Trailer  1/25 187 MC mostly scratchbuilt from die-cast tractor Larry Read
CONTEST: NNL East Wayne, NJ 26Apr 2014 1/25 187 MC flaired Tiger; Jim Polli's Seaton's Super Shaker Corvair FC (AMT bodies; PolLts chassis, Slixx decals) Tom Valenta
Kurt Wilson hot rod  1/8 187 MC Darryl Gassaway organized build by John Teresi of his good friend's hot rod - serious health problems John Teresi
Model Truck engines source resource 1/25 187 MC where to get what engine Tim Ahlborn
Aug/Sep-14 1/25 188 MC AMT 1968 Camaro Z/28; Revell 1965 Chevy Impala SS396 Foose (good Rat motor), 1987 Glidden MotorCraft T-Bird ProStock, 1951 Thames Panel Truck Gasser; MPC 1982-3 K.I.T.T. Knight Rider; Polar Lights 1964 Pontiac GTO; AutoArt 1955 1/18 Jaguar D-Type
Scribers Tools 1/25 188 MC review of available panel scribing tools with photos of each; ref Marcus Cruz how-to in MC #170
KryBaby 1/25 188 MC Details of how hooded figure painting die-cast 1940 Ford fender came about; Display model at NNL East George Bojaciuk
"In The Beginning"    Book Review 1/43 188 MC Book Review - Early days of 1/43 Scale Modeling Wayne E Moyer
Race Car RampTruck & Trailer - Pt1 1/25 188 MC kitbashing a Race Car Transporter & Trailer  Tim Boyd
Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe by Brooklin 1958 1/43 188 MC Detailing DieCasts - Pt 1 Let There be Chrome.  How to Bare Metal Foil (BMF) a diecast. Fine chrome trim scraping paint to bare metal Wayne E Moyer
Thunderbird Custom 1962 1/25 188 MC Grafted on an early 1990's Firebird canopy; tailights from 1957 Fairlanefunctioning retractable doors (under the floor!!) Peter Lombardo
Anglia FireTruck 1948 1/1 188 MC Ford of England commissioned Dennis FireTruck Co to build 25 "warehouse" use firetrucks Brad Leisure
Studebaker PickUp concept 1947 1/25 188 MC sketchpad Brad Leisure
Datsun pickup Dirt Bike Hauler 1972 1/32 188 MC Resurecting a glue bomb; detail & weathering techniques; New Ray Honda CRF 450 diecast dirt bike Steve Perry
How to Paint with Nail Polish 1/25 188 MC useful tiups and techniques MCM Staff
Galaxie Trailer Contaest final results 188 MC
Photographing Models 188 MC intelligent use of real/photo backdrops; camera angles Tim Ahlborn
Oct 2014      15th Anniversary Issue 1/25 189 MC Aoshima PhotEtched Tool Chest kit, Aftermarket Wheel Rims & Tires (offset camber); Academy Hyundai Azera/Grandeur; Revival 1964 NART Ferrari 158 1-20 scale; Revell 1973 Hawaiian Funny Car 1-16 scale, 1950 Olds Custom, Jungle Jim Rail Dragster (from orig Garlits '74 car, sprang Jeb Allens Praying Mantis & Shirley Muldowney's '76 TF car; AMT 1965 Mustang 1-16 scale (really mid-64), 1925 Ford Model T FruitWagon Double Kit (roadster, roadster pickup, C-Cab pickup/wagon stock or rod), 1962 Chevy Bel Air 409.
Camaro SS/RS Police Car 2010 1/25 189 MC BuildUp review of AMT kit; no interior police extras Chuck Most
Fred Lorenzen Holman-Moody Galaxie NASCAR 1965 1/25 189 MC new re-issue AMT kit built with scratchbuilt/kit bash/aftermarket parts to create a fairly accurate mid-60s NASCAR Grand National stock car. Mike Dowd
Race Car RampTruck & Trailer - Pt2 1/25 189 MC kitbashing a Race Car Transporter & Trailer  Tim Boyd
Mercury Woody 1949 1/25 189 MC SketchPad inspiratiuon: Chjopped wood wagon "Orange Crate" & Woody PickUp "Black Wood" Mike Lomaka
TopFuel Motorcycle Larry "Spderman" McBride 2013 1/12 189 MC Scratchbuilt in big scale (amazing!!). Dirk had help from friends: Clay Kemp (deca;ls), Bob Dudek (billet alumin turnings); Mike Lawrence (CNC gears/rotors etc Dirk Joseph
Plymouth Belvedere Convertible by Brooklin 1955 1/43 189 MC Detailing DieCasts - Pt 2 Two-Tone Paint.  How to paint with masking of Bare Metal Foil (BMF). Detailing painted dash. Wayne E Moyer
Cadillac by Brooklin 1948 1/43 189 MC Detailing DieCasts - Pt 2 Two-Tone Paint.  How to paint with masking of Bare Metal Foil (BMF). Detailing painted dash. Wayne E Moyer
Tri-Axle Lowboy trailer 1/25 189 MC AMT soon to re-issue an old truck trailer kit Tim Ahlborn
Goose-Neck trailer with Peterbuilt hoods load 1/25 189 MC Scratch & kit-bashed truck trailer. Tim Ahlborn
Great Dane smooth side van trailer 1/25 189 MC new Moebius truck trailer kit soon to be released Tim Ahlborn
Nov-14 1/25 190 MC Southern MotorSports Hobbies (SMH-Ronnie Setzer) resin ProStock 1973 Vega, 1971 Pinto, 1967 Cougar, ProStreet chassis 2010-14 Camaro & 1963-67 Corvette, LateModel Dirt Race car body; TwoCatsModels-Brazil Maserati 250F resin; Fujimi Tools 3 diorama kits; AutoArt 1957 Corvette SS 1/18 scale diecast p58.
Tips on haveing plastic parts re-chromed 1/25 190 MC review of methods to prepare parts for Little Motor Kar Co and Chrome Tech USA
Ford Ranchero 1960 1/25 190 MC build review of non-stock modified AMT kit of Ohio George Montgomery "Little Eliminator" push truck, won in 1960. (has inaccuracies due to original issue as a '61 Street Machine with BigBlock Chevy engine - still present. Chuck Most
Build AMT Surf Woody roadster / Street Rod 1/25 190 MC Odd-Rod Roadsters from AMT Part 2 - Overview of other odd AMT Roadster hot rods: AMT Wild Dream & King T; AMT Mod Rod/Street Rod Series Model A Roadster; AMT Silhouette Street Roadster; AMT 1923 Street Roadster; AMT Surf Woody Roadster (c1965) - buildup detailed review.  (Part 1 in #186).  Kit has highly detailed Logghe FC type chassis, Ford 289ci engine & 4 wheel independant suspension with detailed disc brake rotors/calipers. Tim Boyd
John Deere all-wheel drive tractor 1918 1/16 190 MC mostly scratchbuilt utilizing rare 1/16 scale Hansen castings Bob Steinbrunn
Sketchpad on Woodies 1/25 190 MC inspirations from: Lil Coffin; 1967 Ford Fairlane wagon; 1950 Oldsmobile wagon; 1940 Ford Convertible. Jairus Watson
Gurnewy-Eagle ch#510 Formula 5000 Tony Adamowicz #7 Championship winner 1969 1/25 190 MC Built from MPC Olsonite Eagle with Detail Master DM3290 velocity stacks; R&MoM #t40 GoodYear SpeedWay Spl tires sanded to slicks, RM-79A distributor, #28 gauge black ignition wire Curt Raitz
Peterbuilt 359 California Hauler with Mercury sleeper 1969 1/1 190 MC Information and gallery of detail shots to help build AMT reissue kit. Tim Ahlborn
Dec-14 1/25 191 MC HobbyDesign Ferrari 430 engine kit; KA Models toggle switch; ScaleAutoDetails vintage drag race resin & decals; MAD 1957 Ford Custom 4-Door resin transkit; AMT 1969 Mercury semi-truck sleeper chrome plated PartsPack; Revell 1967 Camaro SS 2n1, 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible, Datsun Off-Road PickUp; AMT '33 Willys Panel Truck, 1967 Chevelle Pro Street; Lindberg Little Red Wagon stock+drag.
Datsun 720 Pick-Up truck 1980-83 1/24 191 MC Revell (ex-Monogram) Off-Road snap kit review in "Commercial Break". See update on engine in MC194 pg16. Chuck Most
iHOBBY EXPO 2014 2014 1/25 191 MC Shaumberg. Illinois Oct 2-5, 2014
Barracuda Pro Stock - Sox&Martin Hemi 'Cuda 1970 1/25 191 MC Detailing the new Revell 1970 Sox&Martin Hemi Cuda Pro Stock; scratchbuilt tube tunnel ram intake manifold; add venturis to the 4-barrel carbs; add Detail Master hood pins; metallic paint on decal stripesfix the oilpan hole; opening the grille Marcus Cruz
Willys Coupe hot rod 1933 1/25 191 MC Over-The Top scratchbuilt brass frame, suspension, driveline and steering; Ford rad/grille.  Tim Hoagland
Ferrai 412MI 1958 1/43 191 MC "Mysterious Ferrari 412MI Kit from Grand Prix Models. The car entered into special race at Monza pitting Indy vs F1 teams. Car was an older 275 F1 chassi with a new 4.1 Liter V12 driven by Musso & Hawthorne Wayne Moyer
Oldsmobile custom lead-sled 1955 1/24 191 MC Major restoration of a derelict die-cast toy show find wearing eBay 1/24 wire wheels
Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon 1997 1/25 191 MC Plastic version of the 2004 released diecast "Tomb Raider" Wrangler kit of a likely 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler Chuck Most
Jan-15 1/25 192 MC AMT PartsPack10 EnginePack-Corvair & Vintage Chrysler 392, PartsPack11 EnginePack Chevy 283 & Pontiac 421, 1953 Studebaker StarLiner; Revell 2014 LaFerrari hybrid, 1972 BRE Datsun 510 Pete Brock, 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo; MPC 1970 Don Garlits WynnsCharger SW12B; MPC 1974-76 NASCAR Pepsi Chevelle Laguna S-3 (like Cale Yarborough Holly Farms sponsored Laguna S-3 in JNJ Decals)
Chevrolet Woody / Depot Hack 1932 1/25 192 MC Kitbash/Scratchbuild combining MPC 1932 Chevrolet Roadster "Connoisseur Classic" with AMT 1929 Ford Woody/Pickup kits Ken Kitchen
Ford 4x4 PickUp 1978 1/25 192 MC Detail review of the AMT :Super Stones" 1978 Ford 4X4 PickUp kit, can be used to build a 1973 -> 1979 Ford PickUp with some aftermarket detail parts. The AMT kit reviewed is ac tually a 1973-76 Super Camper Special 140" WB truck with a 1978-79 grille and with 1977-79 cowl badging. The optional twin I-beam front suspension is included, allowing a standard rear wheel drive F-100 or F-150. There are aloternate kit parts allowing a 117 or 137" WB pickup conversion as well. Chuck Most
Duesenberg SJ LeBaron dual-cowl sweep panel phaeton 1929 1/18 192 MC Highly detailed build of a 1/18 scale Hubley Classic Metal Kit from 1963. Wheel spoke replacement with 0.015" steel wire; bolts/fasteners; removal of molded on tire markings; scratchbuilt  I-beam engine stand w/swivel casterspiano-hinged hood sections; flexible exhaust tubes of wire spring;   Bob Steinbrunn
Austin A35 Van "IPMS 50th Anniversary" 1/12 192 MC Combined left-over custom parts from a 1/12th scale Monogram 1957 Chevy kit with an Airfix Wallace & Grommet Anti-Pesto Van kit. Templated 1/32" plywood interior panels & floor; lartge flake metallic paint; frisket-stenciled lettering; decal collage side panelshood ornament; interior and diarama details include photoreduced magazines, banners, kit boxes, card table, books, posters, mugs, lanyards, lapel badges etc. Noel Smith
AERO ENGINES SketchPad 1/25 192 MC cars motivated by aircraft engines: (AMT) Allison V-1710 12-cylinder in-line powers an AMT 1957 Chrysler 300; (Trumpeter) Nakajima Sakae A6M 14-cylinder radial powers a Revell 1937 PickUp; (Airfix) Daimler-Benz db605 V-12 inline powers a T-bucket rod; (Airfix) Napier Sabre H-24 cylinder boxer sleeve valve powers AMT "Black Force". Jairus Watson
Mooneyes Dragster 1961 1/25 192 MC Combine current available kits & parts: Revell Attempt 1 (chassis & body), PartsPack Chevy 283 (Potvin blown engine), 1933 Willys (rear wheels), AMT PP01 M&H Racemaster drag slicks, BluePrinter or AMT PP011 (exhaust headers), Machined Aluminum Specialties (photoetched/machined front wheels), Scale Auto Details (decals). SEE jbwelda ARTICLE FROM MCM Forums FOR ADDITIONAL BUILDING INFO - MRD Darryl Peters
Dodge D-100 PickUp (Fargo in Canada, eh!) 1957 1/25 192 MC combined a Danbury Mint "Sweptside" cab & chassis with the MPC Little Red Express short box. Cliff Read
Peterbuilt trucks of Maggini & Sons fleet 1/1 192 MC photos from the 75th Anniversary All-Peterbuilt Show - Stockton, California Tim Ahlborn
Feb/Mar-15 1/25 193 MC 2014 CONTESTS ISSUE
South Carolina Modeler's Assoc 18JAN2014 2014 1/25 193 MC RatRod Semi (Quincy Bennett); 1974 Hornet ProStock (Robbie Meadows)
Grand National Roadster Show 24Jan2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 65th Annual. 1968 & 1972 SCCA Daytona AIR Corvette - James Garner (Art Laski); 1968 GTO FC Arnie Beswick (Roy Sorenson); 1956 Chevy Bel Air street machine (Roy Sorenson); A/FX Ford Falcon (Sebastian Rey)
ValleyCon 2014                               2Mar2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Mercedes Benz ramp truck w/300 SL roadster (John Teresi); Freak Show custom (John Teresi); 1970 Impala lowrider (Oscar Luna)
Milwaukee NNL                             12Apr2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1952 Mercedes 300 LeMans winner (Mike Klessig); 1957 Chevy ratrod (Bill Stalter); 1967 Ohio George Malco Gasser replaced front end & posable wheels (Mike Kollver
NNL East                                        26Apr2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Seaton Shaker Corvair FC (Jim Polli); Ferrari 250 TR (Marcus Cruz); Doyusha Sunny - Datsun 1200? (Ramon Quintana; 1954 Cunningham C4-R LerMans (Stephen Halmo)
Model Car Sunday                          4May2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1966 Batmobile (Steve Holmes)
SoCal NNL                                      4May2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 10th Annual.  1941 Willys (Art Laski); ChiTown Hustler (Ron Ramsay); AMT BugABoo (Rusty Price); Ed Lanarth's C&O Jeep Destroyer (Ron Ramsay); Matra MS5 F1 (Patrick Galleguillos);
SCMA Upstate                              17May2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Predator street rod (Gary Kulchok); vintage FE dragster (Ken Hamilton); 
Heartland ModCar Nationals      8Jun2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1949 Mercury Woody w/Teardrop trailer (Dan Cozine); Lil Stogie Death Valley Dragger (Jose Delgado); 1964 Watson Indy Roadster (Len Woodruff)
CKM Summer Classic                 23Aug2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1950 Ford COE art deco Ramp Truck w/ Black Force (Bill Stillwagon)
Lower Left Coast NNL                 16Sep2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Hawaiian FC (Paul Cadwell); 1970 Superbird (Glenn Day); Crusader chopper w/Sharpie pen graphics (Mike Sund)1962 Tommy Ivo quad (Bruce Snyder)
Route 66 Cruisin' Reunion         20Sep2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Engine Masters twin-blown VW FC (Bob Romero); 1992 Ferrari 126C FDS/Bosica kit (Michael Alvarez)
NNL Nationals                              11Oct2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1964 Aston Martin DB6 Bond modified (Evan Jones)
San Fernando Valley Fall NNL  11Oct2014 2014 1/25 193 MC Trojan Horse FC (Mark Killingsworth); Edelbrock V8 Midget (Art Laski); 1965 Mustang A/FX Gas Ronda (Ron Ramsey)
TAMS                                               25Oct2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1925 Ford Model T (Andy Goddin); 1933 Willys Malco Gasser (Scott Bregi); 1941 Willys (Bob Dudek); 1967 Ford GT MKIV LeMans winner (Eric Cole).
ACME Southern Nats NNL           8Nov2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1949 Mercury Surf Woody (Mike Dowd).
Motor City NNL                              16Nov 2014 2014 1/25 193 MC 1970s custom Dodge Vans (Tim Palko).
Ford Club Victoria                         SAE #1 Cover 1957 1/25 193 MC Project Car introduced; Model on cover of SAE #1;  Chassis dimensions detail drawing; 1:1 detail photographs; elevation line drawings. Mark S. Gustavson 
Apr-15 1/25 194 MC Style X Panel Scribers; Morgan Automotive Detail Boss 429 valve covers, Prewired distributors individual holes; Altered States resin bodies; Monogram Ford "T" Street Rod w/Trailer (old Little T), 1929 Ford Street Rod Blue Bandito (old Blue Beetle), Black Widow; AMT 1969 Chevrolet Corvair, Chezooom Corvair Funny Car (old Barracuda HUG mid-engine chassis under Corvair body); MPC 1970 AMX 1/20 scale
Chevrolet Van Rescue Van 1971 1/25 194 MC Building AMT van kit Chuck Most
Ford Panel Delivery van 1937 1/25 194 MC Building Revell kit Chuck Most
Ford van replacement grille 1979-82 1/25 194 MC "Models by Dave" part is meant for AMT Ford Phantom van. Slight mods makes it good for 1983-91 also! Chuck Most
Dodge van replacement grille 1990s? 1/25 194 MC "Models by Dave" part is meant for AMT Recue 911 ambulance &/or MPC Cannonball Run ambulance kits. ( Chuck Most
Ford F-150 pickup 1971 1/25 194 MC Gen 5 Ford F-series pickups ran 1967-72. A pre-release review of design and test-shots of new Moebius kit. Len Carsner
Ford early custom pickup - diecast 1958 1/24 194 MC a diecast kit-bash in metal and plastic Cliff Read
Ford C-Series cabover 1957-90 1/25 194 MC Inspiration for a new project. Review of full size evolution and kit sources; 1:1 detail photos Chuck Most
Ford pickup truck sketchpad 1957 1/25 194 MC Brad Leisure
Fargo FL60 Kik Cola delivery truck diecast 1947 1/24 194 MC Danbury Plymouth cab; scratchbuilt brass rear body; acrylic bottle tops & basswood cases Larry Read
Mack C-Cab semi and trailer rig called the Flynn 1926 1/25 194 MC Bent Road incident truck. Kitbashed from Monogram 1926 Mack; MPC 1914 Stutz BearCat & Entex 1907 Itala Bill Borgen
Mack DM600 tractor 1971 1/25 194 MC Tim Ahlborn
May/Jun-15 1/25 195 MC Tamiya 1936 Toyoda; River View Hobbies 1/12 resin wheels; QuikSkins 1988 Corvette GTP Budweisser; Mobius 1971 F-100 pickup; MPC Ramchargers AA/Fuel Dragster; Revell 1970 Ford Torino GT 2n1, 2013 Camaro ZL1 snap, 2013 Challenger SRT8 snap; AMT Piranha Super Spy Car, 1970 Chevy Blazer Crew Chief, 1970 Impala SS HardTop Custom Heavy Chevy; JerryReeter truck decals Peterbuilt&Kenworth chassis decals, Clairmont Transfer Macks decals ( END 12th Subscription
Ford convertible Woody 1940 1/25 195 MC Scratchbuilding a Woody - computer printed decal background and 1/32" birch plywood frame glued on Ray Ferguson
Ford F-100 Ranger XLT pickup 1971 1/25 195 MC Detailed review & build of new Moebius kit of the 1967-72 5th Gen "bumpside" pickup Chuck Most
Ramchargers AA/Fuel Dragster 1/25 195 MC building tips for MPC's classic Ramchargers Dodge kit  (Polar Lights FC engine and AMT pad-printed drag slicks). Also R&MoM front cycle wheels Tim Boyd
Rambler station wagon Gasser 1959 1/1 195 MC Detail photos from a car show give Inspiration for a new project Brad Leisure
Chevrolet 3-Window coupe - diecast 1935 1/24 195 MC Modify a derelict convertible Chevy by adding 1934 Ford roof, Chevy V8 engine and parts box/scratchbuilt suspension and details. Cliff Read
Citroen 2CV - sketchpad 1948-90 1/25 195 MC Info for the Revell-AG Citroen 2CV Charleston 1:24 kitCutaway of car; a Woody Estate Wagon idea. Jairus Watson
Chysler Town & Country 1942 1/25 195 MC Danbury Mint Diecast review Bill Coulter
Buick Estate Wagon Woody 1953 1/25 195 MC Danbury Mint Diecast review Bill Coulter
STP Lotus 64 Turbine IndyCar #2 Mario Andretti 1969 1/43 195 MC Build of the SMTS White Metal Kit. Not actually raced, it crashed out in final practice. Wayne E Moyer
Peterbuilt 280 Conventional 1949 1/25 195 MC winter builds Tim Ahlborn
Peterbuilt 351 1966 1/25 195 MC winter builds Tim Ahlborn
Paystar 1970s? 1/25 195 MC winter builds Tim Ahlborn
Model T Snap-On Sale Truck 1923 1/25 195 MC Modification of the AMT 1925 Ford Model T Roadster kit. Graphics created in PC and then converted to dry transfer using DecalPro FX software - see downloaded info & here: Anthony Hazelaar
Jul-15 1/25 196 MC Factory81 Mazda 2&3 rotor engines p5; Tamiya 1968 Lotus 49B p7; AMT 1969 Cougar Eliminator, 1937 Chevrolet Coupe; Revell 2014 Mustang GT, 1959 Cherolet Impala HardTop 2n1, 1957 Chevy Bel Air Ed Roth Shop Car; Lindberg 1938 Ford Van Custom. start 13th subscription
Gragg's Painting Tips 1/25 196 MC Mr Clean erasers; bondo; Dupli-Color Primers; GREX TG airbrush; Tack cloth; Ink Blending foam pads for facial scubber - polishing tool; GUM dental picks & brushes Gregg Hutchings
Snow Plows for pickups & 4x4's 1/25 196 MC Commercial Break - MPC and R&MCofM re-pop Chuck Most
CONTEST - GSL 2015 Apr30-May3
List of winners & photos at
2015 1/25 196 MC Unique7 Best of Show (Mark Jones); Ferrari 312T4 (Curt Raitz); Cougar II (David Knight); Jaguar C-Type (Mike English); Allison + dual V8s powered pulling tractor (Tim Pentecost); Isaac's 1969 NASCAR Daytona (Del Paone). Mike Siegman
Chevrolet Suburban - diecast kitbash 1958 1/25 196 MC NAPCO 4-Wheel drive conversiopn Cliff Read
Cadillac 1961 1/25 196 MC Sketchpad - true jet-like taillights. Convertible roadster and El Camino versions Brad Leisure
Dodge Coronet  hardtop  1965 1/25 196 MC fantasy Dave Strickler stock wheelbase drag car. Includes Larry Davis version of the 1965 AWB Coronets & Plymouths story. Sidebar on the actual 1964 Championship winning car & 1965 AWB cars Strickler actually drove. Bill Coulter
Porsche 911 Turbo 1985 1/25 196 MC very fine build of the Fujimi "Enthusiast Series" kit Marcus Cruz
Peterbilt 351 West-Coast transfer dump 1960s 1/25 196 MC 3 more winter builds Tim Ahlborn
Aug/Sep-15 1/25 197 MC Galaxie Ltd 1946,47,48 Chevrolet Coupe,  1946,47,48 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Aerosedan; Polar Lights Nelson Carter's Super Chief Charger Funny Car; Revell Porsche Boxster, Volkswagon Rabbit, Volkswagon Golf 1 Cabriolet, 1941 Stone Woods & Cook Willys gasser (1970svintage re-issue); AMT Super Shaker 1964 Chevy Impala 409; Lindberg 1966 Chevelle SS396
Ford Deluxe conversion 1939 1/25 197 MC Bill Coulter's resin conversion set applied to original AMT 1940 Ford Coupe kit Tom Creeger & Bill Coulter
Hobby Room 1/25 197 MC George's Basement George Bojaciuk
Ford F-150 XL 2010 1/25 197 MC conversion of a Maisto 1/27 scale diecast F150 STX 4x4 short Styleside box Chuck Most
Plymouth Satellite hardtop 1965 1/25 197 MC replica stock build kit review of the new Moebius kit Steve Goldman
Plymouth Satellite USAC #2 Norm Nelson 1965 1/25 197 MC 1965 USAC Championship winning car; used a Lindberg 64 Petty Hemi Mike Dowd
Salt Flat Altered Frame motorcycle 1976 1/25 197 MC Peter Breede's Bonneville Salt Flat 125cc record motorcycle. (See Curt's photos & Forum post on PC) Curt Raitz
CONTEST:  NNL East #29 - Wayne NJ, April 18 2015 1/25 197 MC Richie Evans modified (Ben Williams); Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (James Boulukos); 1963 Lotus 29 Indy #92 (Guilherme Rosa); Porsche 917K w/R&M engine; 1956 Jaguar D-Type #4 (Brian Makosky)
Dodge WC19 1/2Ton 4x4 panel truck 1941-42 1/25 197 MC Heavily modified Johnny Lightning diecast toy Larry Read
California Hauler variations 1/25 197 MC Examples built from White, International & Peterbuilt kits Tim Ahlborn
Oct-15 1/25 198 MC Aoshima/Bemax 2012 WTCC Chevrolet Cruze Mueller-Huff-Menu; Revell Germany BMW i8, 2005 Chevy Impala Police Car; Forward Resin wheels American 200-S, American Racing Torq Thrust, T70R, Magnum 500; ParaGrafix photoetch Man from Uncle Pirana spy car (gull wing door hinge); Revell Ford Crown Victoria Police Car; ICM 1913 Model T Roadster; Tamiya Mecedes-Benz 300SL gullwing; AMT 1932 Ford Victoria L'il Vickie; Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite; Galaxie Ltd 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Coupe; Monogram 1940 Ford Standard Coupe
Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder UV activated 1/25 198 MC pg11 - welded clear windshield without haze
Cars of THUNDER ROAD movie 1/25 198 MC 1936 Ford, 1940 Ford, 1949 Olds & Chevy Truck, 1950 Ford, 1957 Chevy, Ford (both), Buick, Pontiac Ken Kitchen; Terry Jessee; Tom Coolidge; Shawn Carpenter.
Ford Moonshine runner - Thunder Road 1950 1/25 198 MC Movie car is supposedly a real moonshine car the movie producers bought. Car seems to be actually a 1951 body with a 1950 grille and 1949 hood. Body created by modifying a 1949 kit body to a '51. Highly detailed build, many scratchbuilt details. Tom Coolidge
Buick Hardtop Moonshine runner - Thunder Road 1/25 198 MC A resin 1957 Buick sedan converted into a hardtop. Hard part was the dip & cove on top of the rear fenders behind the door. 
CONTEST: Derby City Shootout - Louisville Ky 2015 1/25 198 MC
DeKon Monza 1975 1/25 198 MC Automodelli 1/43 resin kit Wayne Moyer
California Haulers pt2 1/25 198 MC various Peterbuilt based trucks used as California Hauler Tim Ahlborn
Nov-15 1/25 199 MC Revell 2014 Corvette Stingray Coupe snapTite, 1929 Ford Model A Roadster 2'n1; Moebius 1954 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe; Moebius/ModelKing 1969 F-100 Custom Cab pickup truck; AMT TeeVee Dune Buggy; MPC Carl Casper Cosmic Charger fuel dragster; RB Motion Anodized A/N Fittings for 0.020" & 0.025" braid    pg5; Detail Master big rig grilles GMC & Mack R-600/R-700; Scale Finishes 2-part Urethane Clear; Gravity colors paint; Missing Link resin cast wheels and hubcaps.
NASCAR Generation 6 Sprint Cup Series cars 2013-15 1/25 199 MC Revell NASCAR new licensing agreement for Generation 6 Sprint Cup Series cars introduced in 2013 are coming. Ford Fusion; Chevrolet SS
Chrome Plating 101 1/25 199 MC Quick test of Caswell "Copy Chrome Plug 'N Plate" kit Brush Electroplating Sytem MCM Staff
PhotoEtch 101 1/25 199 MC Tips & Tricks to fold and solder a racing seat. MCM Staff
Pontiac Ventura 1961 1/25 199 MC New Moebius Models kit reviewed Jim Casassa
Chevrolet Laguna NASCAR Holly Farms #11 1976 1/25 199 MC Cale Yarborough Championship winning car - Highly detailed build thoroughly explained applicable to any period NASCAR stock car. Bill Coulter
Tucker 48 1948 1/25 199 MC Industry review of scale model Tuckers in diecast and plastic, all scales. Also see MCM Apr2010 for Brad Leisure Sketch Pad on Tucker, also CMR#11 Bill Coulter
Fisher body craftsman's guild 1930-68 1/25 199 MC A National design competition to win scholarships and cash prizes. Concept cars built in 1/12 scale from wood etc. Darryl Gassaway
Peterbilt 378-119 Classic  1994 1/25 199 MC Review and build tips for the new Italeri Peterbilt Daycab model kit p46. Tim Ahlborn
Dec-15 1/25 200 MC Revell 2014 Corvette StingRay prefinished glue; Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon2 'n 1; MPC Jawbreaker dragster, 1982 Dodge Van Bad Company; AMT 1923 T Delivery Van ; 1/25 engines from Canada (Ford 351, DOHC Ford 351, Tremec 6060 trans, GM LS6.3L, VW 16V DOHC w/EFI ITB's; globaltoy eBay metal&chrome transfer
Model bench tools of interest 1/25 200 MC MicroMark Micro Miter Box; Micro Saw, MicroLux 12V jig/scroll saw; Dremel workbench vice holds a Dremel tool for grinding/polishing; PanaVice mod# 201, 376, 301 with 308 baseplate addition.
Convert a crew-cab pickup to a single cab 1/25 200 MC scratchbuilding school - Convert the Meng F350 into a single cab pickup, leaving a long wheelbase frame perfect for ambulance/EMS body Gregg has his sketches full-size for download on his web site under "Current Projects" Gregg Hutchings & Gilbert Rodrigues
Dodge Grand Caravan LE 1/25 200 MC Review of possibilities for the Lindberg snap kit (worker's cargo van and a Taxi) Tom Geiger
Deuce hot rod 1932 1/25 200 MC Diecast modified model with 409 engione Cliff Read
variations of Deuce hot rods 1932 1/25 200 MC Phantom Vicky; Rat Roaster; Sedan; Victoria; channeled 5-window John White
History of 1932 Ford kits 1/25 200 MC Pictures of the earliest model kit (Revell 3/4" scale crude roadster), to "Highway Pioneers" of 1952-54, Monogram mid-50s Deuce Roadster, to AMT version 1961, and Strombecker's Chrysler-powered roadster of early 60's. Cliff Read
Plymouth Fury 1963 1/25 200 MC Johan produced a hardtop and a convertible. Tips and possibilities for building. Bill Coulter
Masda MX-5 Roadster 2010 1/24 200 MC Detailed review of the new Tamiya Miata kit
Trabant sketch pad 1/25 200 MC little East German orp[han car a gasser, station wagon or Kiddie Ride Brad Leisure
Peterbilt 281 from 1971 movie DUEL 1960s 1/25 200 MC modified a pre-built AMT Peterbilt 359 and scratchbuilt tanker Noel Smith
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1962 1/25 200 MC Fictional Beatles band car, decorated by hand painted graphics copied from album covers Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper & Yellow Submarine. Look for author's Monkeemobile. Jason Merrill
Outcast Model Builders Club 1/25 200 MC No contest, just build a donated Revell Chevy SSR or Mig 21PF jet for next meeting Mark Jones
Fruehauf Tanker Semi-Trailer 1960s 1/25 200 MC AMT kit build posibilities; tank halves re-tooled for this & subsequent re-issues. Tim Ahlborn
Jan-16 1/25 201 MC Revell Fast & Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse, BRE Datsun 240Z; Revell Germany BMW i8; AMT 1941 Plymouth Coupe, 1971 Dodge Charger Dirty Donny; MPC 1979 Pontiac Firebird T/A. Now all pages all color in future! 
Ford F150 Ranger pickup 1980-81 1/25 201 MC Revell re-issue of 1980 Monogram kit review Chuck Most
Little Red Wagon 1965 1/25 201 MC Reviews the Lindberg version of the old IMC kit Chuck Most
Pontiac Catalina Joe Weatherly #8 1961 1/25 201 MC Moebius/Dave Burket "Model King" issue kit revioew
CONTEST: NNL Southern Nationals 15NOV 2015 1/25 201 MC Revell 29 Ford (Matt Gedert); 1973 Barry Setzer Vega Funny Car (Roger Sitzes)
Traditional Hot Rods - historical accuracy 1/25 201 MC Tips for creating authentic miniature traditional hot rods with correct paint colors Tim Boyd
NHRA Museum Visit - the Models built by Barry Price of Great Britain on display 1/25 201 MC Dick Kraft BUG; Jim Lytle Jr 4-Allison engined FIAT; TV Tommy Ivo 1985 Video Liner  streamlined FED; Lloyd Scott Bustle Bomb; Ed Roth dragster: Jim Lackey Nash Metropolitan CompCoupe; Arfons Green Monster Allison V12; Jim McLennons 1962 Champion Speed Shop dragster; Mallicoat Bros 41 Willys gasser; Frank Pedregons Taco Taster; Greth-Fisher Maynard Modified Roadster; Dragmaster Two Thing; Hartlet-Dodd Calvin Rice winner 1st NHRA National race; Hugh Tuckers Ventura Motors Chevy roadster; Mickey Thompson dual engine dragster Jack Chrisman drove; Don Garlits 1963 SW5; Howard Cams Special Twin Bears Winter Nats winner with Jack Chrisman; Pollutionizer Allison powered rail; Cook & Bedwell 1957 dragster (use Mono Slingshot); Bean Banfdits first car; Carl Caspers Cosmic Charger; Dave Strickler Corvette Funny Car; Eddie Hills twin blown Pontiac powered gas dragster. Barry Price
Modeling ideas for new Revell 1929 Model A Roadster kit 1929 1/25 201 MC manufacture ceased shortly after first release over who would produce kits from original masters.
Dirt Bikes 1970s 1/25 201 MC How to build & detail these little bikes. Kit Sources: Husqvarna Revell 1979-issue Husky Hauler Chevy van; Yamaha DT250 Enduro 1974 issue MPC Chevy Step-Side Pickup; Suzuki TM400 Cyclone MX 1976 issue MPC New Dodge Pickup. Steve Perry
Ford F-1 Pickup Zombie Baiter 1950 1/25 201 MC extreme model weathering Virgil "Dr Cranky" Suarez
Kenworth W-900 long hood wrecker 1970s? 1/25 201 MC Revell re-issue Tim Ahlborn
Feb/Mar-16 1/25 202 MC 2015 CONTESTS ISSUE
Custom Clinic Contest 2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 1st Cliff Read (1955 Oldsmobile Conv); 2nd Shuichi Sakamoto (1931 Ford Tudor Sedan); Ryan Williamson (1963 Studebaker) Mark S. Gustvson
South Carolina Modeler's Assoc 17JAN2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Spartanburg SC   1956 Chevy Nomad (Fabio Witzi); Centurian roman-themed die-cast metal street rod pickup on R&D Unique 32 Ford chassis frame and running gear (Ken Hamilton)
Grand National Roadster Show 23-25Jan2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Engine Masters VW Funny Car Best of Show (Bob Romero)
BuckEye Classic 5                         22Mar2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Mono 40 Ford P/U Hauler (Tony Dean); early 1970s Hawaiian FC (Jason Foster); Datsun 510 (Dennis Caudell); 1915 Leyland WW1 aircraft hauler (Bill Borgen)
Cincinnati Challenge 20              11Apr2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 54 Chevy Sedan Delivery Best of Show (Bill Sansone); 1969 S&M GTX (Steve Shelton); MPC 1967 Olsonite Eagle Indy (Ed Powell)
Desert Scale Classic                   11Apr2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Fujimi Porsche 917 #20 (Paul Cadwell); 5-Engine Puller tractor (Eugene Curin); Jack Herndon's Hybrid Special museum display (John Teresi)
HMCA 35                                          2May2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Hoosier Model Car Association. AMT Bugaboo (Richard Smith); Chile Catallo's Little Deuce Coupe (Chris LaFuze)
SoCal NNL   XI                               3May2015 2015 1/25 202 MC D Harrell's 1967 Yenko Camaro Funny Car; Larry Fullerton's Trojan Horse funny carAMT box-stock (Mark Killingsworth)
SCMA Upstate - Simpsonville      16May2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 1966 Volkswagon Beetle (Tom Valenta); 1932 Ford rat rod roadster (Steve Linngren)
CKM Summer Classic  NNL       22Aug2015 2015 1/25 202 MC
Route 66 Reunion                        19Sep2015 2015 1/25 202 MC
NNL Nationals 36                         10Oct2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 1957 Thunderbird in swirladelic paint - too many colors (Richard Mikota); 1920 Frick steam engine (Bill Borgen); BMW Isetta 3-wheeler (Paul Johnston); 1960 Watson Indy 500 winner - Etzel kit  (Check Steinman): Salt Flats streamliner Hawk Alky-Saltzer kit (Brian Makowsky); 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa 250TR (Jim Drew); 1963 Gurney Indy Lotus test car (Evan Jones)
Ocala Pumpkin Run                     24Oct2015 2015 1/25 202 MC Mickey Thompson Challenger 1 (Jack Mugen)
TAMS  23                                         24Oct2015 2015 1/25 202 MC
NHRA Spirit of Speed                    8Nov2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 1966 Dark Horse 2 SWC funny car (Ron Ramsay); 1963 Chevy Nova fastback (Scott Kapellusch); Cheetah (Chip Mathewson)
Motor City NNL                              15Nov 2015 2015 1/25 202 MC 1976 Chevy surf van (Tim Palko)
Apr-16 1/25 203 MC AMT 1970 Monte Carlo SS454, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T Vanishing Point (a convertible!!); Revell 2013 Camaro ZL1, 2014 Mustang GT, Porsche 918 Spyder, 1966-77 Bronco; MPC 1960 Corvette; Round2/AMT 2016 Camaro snap kit, 2016 Camaro full detail; Model Trailways 1/12 scale laser-cut basswood kits 1800s Buckboard, 1850s Concord Stagecoach, 1890s Doctor's Buggy, 1860s Rucker Ambulance Civil War era, pre-1850s Conestoga Wagon; Missing Link resins 1961 Pontiac Catalina 2-door transkit, 1970&1971 Mercury Cyclone Transkits. Harry Pristovnik buggies 7 buckboards
Start of 6 issue/year but Contest issue separate. 
Studebaker Lark  1962 1/25 203 MC Chevy powered gasser
Buckboard 1800s 1/25 203 MC
Chevrolet street rod 1941 1/25 203 MC Transform a Testors glue bomb diecast Cliff Read
Stacey David Rat Roaster 1/25 203 MC Dr Cranky build a spiffy jalopy from Stacey's pristine version; ZZTop Billy Gibons "Gibson Bone" guitar & amp Virgil Dr Cranky Suarez
CONTEST: NNL East Wayne NJ Apr16 2016 1/25 203 MC Tom ValentaJim Harwood WagonMaster quad engine drag (Glen Skidmore)
Sketchpad: Ice Cream trucks 1/25 203 MC AMT 1950 Chevrolet Pickup; AAM International Metro Van resin Brad Leisure
Bronco 1966-77 1/25 203 MC Detailed kit build review; 13" wheels vs 14" on 1:1 Bronco
Ford Model A Roadster - part 1 1929 1/25 203 MC Kitbash a 29 roadster highboy on 29 Model A frame; hairpin fron radius rods; dual 4-barrel on Buick nailhead v8detailed brakes; matching frt/rr tires; plated firewall. Tim Boyd
Gravel Trailer big rig 1970 1/25 203 MC Build review of MPC kit; can be converted to straight dump truck body Tim Ahlborn
Genie Mk.8 Ford   - Dan Gurney 1963 1/43 203 MC Build the MEA kit Wayne Moyer
May/Jun-16 1/25 204 MC
1/25 204 MC
1/25 204 MC
1/25 204 MC END 13th Subscription
7/16/2016    Start sub #14 1/25 205 MC start 14th subscription
Aug/Sep-16 1/25 206 MC
Oct-16 1/25 207 MC
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Dec-16 1/25 209 MC
Jan-17    End sub #14 210 END 14th Subscription